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All You Need To Know About Traditional Bengali Wedding Menu

All You Need To Know About Traditional Bengali Wedding Menu

India is a land of vast cultures where the way of dressing, talking and eating varies from region to region. And when it comes to grand events like marriage ceremonies, the unique traditions of different ethnic backgrounds are clearly visible. But this uniqueness is not only limited to pooja and dressing styles, it also has a major impact on food items as well.

For example, let’s talk about Bengali weddings. As compared to the buffet menu at North or South Indian weddings, the food served in Bengali wedding festivities is poles apart. To give you a more detailed idea, we have curated a list of bengali wedding food menu ranging from starters to the main course to desserts.

Traditional Food Menu Of Bengali Wedding

Let us begin with the STARTERS!

Mocktails/ Cold Drinks: As the state of West Bengal faces hot and humid weather conditions, the wedding ceremonies are incomplete without an array of mocktails and cold drinks.

Mocktails/ Cold Drinks

Fish Fingers: These yummilicious fish fingers will steal your heart on the first bite. It is made using a white fish (as its available fresh in the local market) which is chopped into bite-sized fillets. These fillets are marinated in a delicious spice mix and later deep fried to give a crispy exterior with a juicy inside.

fish fingers

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Vegetable Chop: It is a vegetable cutlet which is made using a base of mashed potatoes. Various vegetables as per choice are added and then deep fried. A favorite inclusion in every bengali wedding food menu.

Vegetable Chop

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Puchka: Patashi or Gol-Gappa or Puchka, this dish is an all time favorite of every Indian and also an indespensable part of wedding ceremonies.


Crispy Baby Corn: Local bengali people love their vegetables a lot and this deep-fried baby corn represents that love for sure.

Crispy Baby Corn

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Prawn Pakora: A lot of seafood options are available in West Bengal, the inclusion of prawn pakora does not come as a surprise. Similar to regular pakoras, fresh pieces of praws are marinated in exotic spice mix and then deep fried. It is best served with lemon-mint chutney.

Prawn Pakora

Devil Chop: It is a favorite of all the egg lovers at a Bengali wedding. Devil chop is nothing but a whole hard-boiled egg which is rolled in a flavorful batter and deep fried till it gets a crisp golden exterior.

Devil Chop

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Now, to the MAIN COURSE!

Chingri Macher Malai Curry: Also known as Chingri Malai Curry, it is a delicious and flavorful mix of curry spices with prawn and coconut milk. It is one of the most important parts of the traditional Bengali wedding menu.

Chingri Macher Malai Curry

Begun Bhaja: This dish is made using eggplants or brinjal and is very rich in potassium, fiber and Vitamin C. Thick slices of eggplant are chopped, marinated in a spice mix and deep/shallow fried. A perfect accompanient with rice or roti.

Begun Bhaja

Mangshor Jhol: It is an authentic bengali mutton curry in which big pieces of mutton are cooked with potatoes in a spicy, flavorful curry. A favorite of every Bengali household and mutton lovers, it is best enjoyed with a plate of steaming basmati rice.

Mangshor Jhol

Cholar Dal: Indian cuisine, be it at a small party or big function like wedding, is incomplete without lentils. Cholar dal is basically chana dal which is cooked with ghee, coconut and a blend of other spices.

Cholar Dal

Muger Dal: Another lentil based delicacy, muger is moong dal which is an important part of auspicious Bengali festivities.

Muger Dal

Rice: Bengali’s love their rice like CRAZY! And it comes as no surprise that long-grain basmati rice is a part of every feast, no matter how big or small. There are various versions of it, like for vegetarians it can be plain white rice or saffron infused or mix vegetable rice. For non-vegetarians, the best option is mutton pulao.


Luchi: It is nothing but the bengali version of pudi, which is a wheat flat-bread fried in ghee. The most important side dish which is enjoyed with all the curries.


Bengali Alur Dom: It is nothing but the bengali version of famous kashmiri dum aloo. This dish is a flavor bomb in which potatoes are cooked in tomato-onion gravy. And to add richness, people often add cashew paste and thick fresh cream.

Bengali Alur Dom

Papor: It is the super famous papad which is consumed by Indians at the end of every meal. Due to its absorbing capabilities, papad helps in cleaning the oil and spice from the mouth and the food-pipe.


And we end the meal with Delicious SWEETS!

Mishti Dahi: One of the best ways to cool off the spicy after taste of Bengali wedding food menu, is by consuming sweet and creamy yogurt. Considered to be very good for health, it aids in digestion and neutralizing the spicy effect in the stomach.

Mishti Dahi

Gurer Rosogolla/ Rosogolla: We can’t talk about Bengali weddings without mentioning the wet and suggary rosogolla. There are two varities available in the market, one is plain white rosogolla and other is the jaggery (gurer) infused one.

Gurer Rosogolla/ Rosogolla

Rasmalai: It is an upgraded version of rosogolla, in which exotic flavors of pistachio, saffron, almonds, and cashews are added. You’ll surely swoon over the cool and sweet flavor of rasmalai.


Sandesh: Another local delicacy which is made using only 2 ingredients i.e. milk and sugar.


Mishti/ Masala Paan: Menu of Bengali wedding will be incomplete without this flavorsome mouth-freshener. Usually, two variants are available, one is the sweet (which has gulkand) and other is masala (without gulkand).

Mishti/ Masala Paan

Ice-Cream: As we said above, the weather in West Bengal is mostly hot and humid. So ice-cream is the best way to beat the heat.


Image Source - peerlesshotels || archanaskitchen || cooklikepriya || spicyworld || bellyovermind

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