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30 Sassy Mangalsutra Designs That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

30 Sassy Mangalsutra Designs That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

“The highest happiness on Earth is the happiness of marriages”-William Phelps Lyold

Marriage is an auspicious occasion which symbolizes the unification of two souls. Marriages embark the beginning of the journey of togetherness. Weddings in India are all about rituals and traditions. The cultural diversity of India adds more color to the weddings. Talking about marriages an Indian bride from any culture is deemed incomplete without her Solah Shringars or 16 beauty elements. One of the most essential elements of the Solah Shringars is the Mangalsutra or the auspicious thread tied around the bride’s neck by the groom on the day of the wedding.

A mangalsutra is the symbol of marital status, love, trust and commitment for hindu couples. It is made by stringing together 9 black and gold beads in a single strand. Gone are the days when the mangalsutra was considered as an auspicious ornament; rather it has become more of a style statement now. The black and gold threaded jewellery has undergone through lots of transformation over the years. Embedded in gold, silver and diamond mangalsutra design now has become more of statement jewellery that can be flaunted around on the D-day and thereafter. 

From sophisticated designs to dramatic designs mangalsutra nowadays are available in a variety of designs and sizes. The demand for offbeat designs that are studded with diamonds have sidelined the traditional mangalsutra designs. Knowing the importance of this black beaded thread the Indian market offers a wide array of mangalsutra designs to choose from. The style and length are two aspects that add versatility to the mangalsutra design. The long length of mangalsutra has more of a traditional vibe where the trending short length is popular for its sassy and classy appearance.

Are you a bride to be? Are you in search for mangalsutra designs latest in trend that would pep up your look? To brim you with utmost inspiration here are 30 elite mangalsutra designs that are taking the internet by storm.

15 Offbeat Mangalsutra Designs

Paisley Design

paisley Mangalsutra Design

From décor to outfits paisley has been an integral part of Indian designs. Adding a touch of traditional aesthetics the dainty paisley can be seen embossed in the Indian jewellery. If you’re seeking for an ethnic and modern look, then opt for a paisley design mangalsutra that embedded in an oversized gold square decked up with shimmery beads.

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Shinning Diamond

Shinning Diamond

Diamonds are forever! The shiny crystal costs a ton but is a girl’s, first love. Grace up your wedding by choosing mangalsutra designs short in length with a diamond pendant or a contemporary design with diamonds placed in a criss crossed or checkered pattern.

Flower Power

Flower mangalsutra design

Flowers are known for their timeless beauty and their charm never fades away. The new age brides can be seen drooling over this design. Add a touch of elegance to your bridal ensemble with the floral designed mangalsutra. Step out of the stereotypical zone with the incorporation of a floral pendant in gold studded with diamond in mangalsutra designs.

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Romantic Hearts

Hearts Mangalsutra Design

Have you always been fascinated by love stories? Add a romantic twist to the traditional mangalsutra designs with little heart gold pendants. The little hearts dazzle up your everyday look.

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon Mangalsutra Design

This offbeat design never fails to bewilder us with its charm. Embossed with floral and unique geometric patterns the design makes the design sure statement jewellery.

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Mystical Peacock

Mystical Peacock

The nature bird of the country has a charming effect. Sweep your onlookers off their feet as you sport a mangalsutra adorned with the pristine peacock design. The vibrant hues of blue and green of this design make it unique.

Spiritual OM

Spiritual OM

The spiritual aspect of this design makes the mangalsutra a sacred neckpiece. This design is a reminder of love and commitment between couples.

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Ethnic Choker

Choker mangalsutra design

Enhance the overall appeal of the mangalsutra with ethnic choker design. The trend of wearing a choker is back in fashion. A handmade choker mangalsutra embedded with gold and black glass beads works well with any traditional outfit. 

Glistening Gemstones

Gemstones Mangalsutra Design

Beautify your mangalsutra design long in length with a stunning gemstone like Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald as the centerpiece. Bewilder everyone with this spectacular design.

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Pretty Rose

 Pretty Rose

Give your mangalsutra design a dramatic look with pretty small rose designs. The design looks almost real and is sure to leave everyone awestruck with its charm.

Glittering Gold & Diamond

Glittering Gold & Diamond

A voguish mix of gold and diamonds gives a contemporary look to the mangalsutra design. Double tiered mangalsutra designs in gold with a half moon shaped pendant embellished with gold and diamonds looks appealing to the eyes. Embrace the design for attaining a traditional yet chic look.

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Intricate Shapes

Intricate Shapes

Stand out from the league as you sport a mangalsutra with intricate geometric pattern. Play around with shapes as revamp the traditional mangalsutra with the addition of a bold geometric pattern pendant. Make your special day of love memorable with this mangalsutra design.

Exquisite Micropearls

Micropearls mangalsutra

Some designs leave you spell bounded with their charm and this is one of them. A traditional mangalsutra design with oversized gold pendant engraved with floral emprints and decked with exquisite micropearls at the bottom is sure to work wonders.

Delicate Pearls

Delicate Pearls mangalsutra

Contemporary mangalsutra designs new in fashion are one with a crescent diamond pendant with white studs and delicate pearls. The design has an elite and elegant look. The design goes well with a both traditional and modern outfit.

Enchanting Sunflower

Enchanting Sunflower mangalsutra

Mesmerize you spectators with the alluring charm of the sunflower mangalsutra. A sunflower pendant with black beads as the center complemented with gold petals gives the mangalsutra a unique appearance.

Mangalsutra Design in Different Cultures

Owning to the cultural diversity of India the meaning of mangalsutra designs varies across the states of the country. Read on to find out more about the various cultural mangalsutra designs.

1.Sindhi Mangalsutra

The Sindhi community upholds the tradition of wearing a mangalsutra and gives it more importance as they consider it as a symbol of unison of two people. Sindhis love their gold and have mangalsutra designs in gold. The design is usually simple and sophisticated a black and gold chain with a pendant. Although the mangalsutra comes from the groom's end but the choice of design depends on the couple.

2. Bihari Mangalsutra

The mangalsutra of Bihari community is also known as ‘Taagpaag’ and conveys love and respect for a husband. The design encompasses a gold chain with black beads attached to a gold pendant.

3. Tamil Mangalsutra

Conventionally the mangalsutra in Tamil community is known as ‘Thaali Kodi’ or ‘Thirumangalyam’ and it conveys the meaning of union, commitment, respect and love between the couple. The design has a gold chain known as ‘ManjaKayiru’ or simply a thread dyed with turmeric. The pendant of the mangalsutra designs differs across the various castes of the community. The imprints on the ‘Thaali’ could be a leaf design or any symbolic representation of the families’ belief. The mangalsutra can also be worn with a black bead chain called ‘Nallapusalu’.

4. Kerala Mangalsutra

Kerala has a number of Christian population. Among the Syrian Christian of Kerala, the Mangalsutra is known as ‘Minnu’ whereas amongst the Hindus it is known as ‘Thaali’. The ‘Minnuu’ comprises of a cross on a gold medallion that is heart shaped to symbolize love. The cross is symbolic of the relationship between a husband and a wife. The ‘Thaali’ is similar to the Tamilian design with a difference that it includes a cross motif. The Hindus use ‘Ela Thaali’ Or ‘Elagu Thaali’ which refers to the traditional leaf motif design. Even the muslim community of Kerala wear a ‘Thaali’ on their wedding. Mangalsutra designs long in length is the traditional Kerala marital ornament.

5. Telugu Mangalsutra

The Mangalsutra in Telugu community is known as ‘Mangalasutramu’ or ‘Pustelu’ or ‘Maangalyamu’ or ‘Ramar Thaali’ or ‘Bottu’. It is similar in appearance to the Tamil mangalsutra with a difference that it includes a variety of precious stones like corals and pearls. The Telugu mangalsutra incorporates a traditional pendant with two round shaped discs or coins or cup motifs made of gold. The design is said to signify harmony between the couples family.

6. Marathi Mangalsutra

The Marathi gold mangalsutra designs comprise a pair of gold and black beaded chain with specific two bowl shaped ‘Vatis’. The chain comes in two variant designs-‘Nirgun’ with black beads and ‘Shagun’ with nine black beads separated by two gold beads. The gold vatis indicate the ‘Adishakti’-Shiv and Shakti. The dual strands are symbolic representation of husband and wife. The black beads in a mangalsutra are said to ward off the evil.

7. Konkani Mangalsutra

The Konkani Mangalsutra is known as Dhaaremani or Muhurthmani. The Konkani mangalsutra designs  has three neckpieces.

8. Karnataka Mangalsutra

Known with various names like ‘Karthamani Pathak’ or Maangalya-Sutra’ the Karnataka mangalasutra is crucial jewellery for any Kondava bride of the Coorg region. The design is similar to the Marathi mangalsutra with a difference that it has two separate pieces. Karthamani and Pathak are two separate ornaments. The ‘Pathak’ is a gold pendant that has a large gold with coin with Lakshmi on it. The circumferance of the coin is engraved cobra motif which symbolizes fertility and is studded with small round rubies. The ‘Karthamani’ which is the necklace or chain that supports the ‘Pathak’ is made of pearls and is adorned with gold.

9. Gujrati Mangalsutra

Brides in Gujarat wear a nose stud to indicate their maritial status. The Gujrati mangalsutra signifies love and respect between the couple. The mangalsutra is made of black beads adorned with an intricate gold pendant. Mangalsutra design short in length is what Gujarati brides opt for.

10. Bengali Mangalsutra

Bengali’s do not have the tradition of tradition of wearing a mangalsutra rather they sport ‘Shaka Paula’ which are bangles made from corals as a symbol of their marital status. Owning to the popularity of the mangalsutra Bengali brides can be seen sporting a contemporary design. The brides opt for short diamond or gold mangalsutra with a scalloped or crescent design.

11. Kashmiri Mangalsutra

Kashmiri Pandits have the tradition of tying a mangalsutra that is known as ‘Dejhoor’. These are basically ear ornaments that extend upto the chest. It is worn first on the left and then on the right on the day of the wedding by piercing the cartilage of the upper part of the ear . The ‘Dejhoor’ signifies the wellbeing and long life of the husbands.

12. Sikh Mangalsutra

In a Sikh community the bride’s family bestow upon the groom expensive gift items like gold kada, gold ring and gold coins known as mohre. It is these coins that are strung together into a black thread and worn by the bride around her neck as a mangalsutra. The chain is worn by the bride during special occasions as a mark of the blessing showered by the elders upon the couple..

13. Marwari Mangalsutra

Just like Bengali’s Marwaris too do not have tradition of wearing a mangalsutra but over the time they have accepted it as a part of their custom. The most important jewellery that symbolizes the marital status of a Marwari bride is the Chuda or wedding bangle and a sacred thread that is tied around the wrist of the bride during a wedding. A Marwari mangalsutra has a gold chain embedded with black beads and adorned with a gold pendant. Mangalsutra designs long in length is what Marwari brides can be seen sporting around their necks

14. Oriyan Mangalsutra

Similar to Marwari the Oriyan community also lacks the tradition of wearing a mangalsutra. Although the times have changed the trend and the Oriyan bride can be seen sporting a mangalsutra. The modern brides of Orissa opt for a gold mangalsutra with a traditional pendant or a one with a diamond pendant.

15. Rajasthani Mangalsutra

Rajasthan is known is the land of the Rajputs who are famous for their rich culture and traditions. A Rajasthani bride’s mangalsutra is a traditional one made of gold with a heavily embellished pendant studded with gemstones like Ruby and Emerald.These were a few trending mangalsutra designs that are on trend these days. Have you found your design? Tell us in the comments below. Also let us know if we have missed out on any other trending design. We would love to hear it from you.

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