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Punjabi Wedding's Ceremonies That Every Couple Loves, Lives and Goes Through When Getting Married

Punjabi Wedding's Ceremonies That Every Couple Loves, Lives and Goes Through When Getting Married

All are the ceremonies that we enjoy in a wedding, the whole ways in which they are performed, and fun and excitement that come with it. The more the ceremonies, the more the fun it is going to be your wedding. A Diaspora lives in India, and really we don’t know how vast and intricate it is. But yet we live in peace and harmony respecting one another’s traditions, customs, and rituals whether of weddings or others. And on festivals, we gather and greet. That is how India is, where everyone’s traditions and beliefs live and reside. Though India is famous for so many things when you read about it in a book but it is also famous for its illustrious and Punjabi wedding, and of course for food that is irresistible.

Although in the Hindu community, wedding ceremonies are almost the same but there is a little difference you find in them which is only by a thin line yet significantly the difference matters. Because all have their own ways and according to that one wants to do it. In this blog, we are going to talk and tell about Punjabi wedding ceremonies that are super jubilant and fun as Punjabis are. So see how many ceremonies are there in a Punjabi wedding because a wedding is a celebration that never ceases.

Punjabi Wedding Ceremonies

 Roka Ceremony

roka ceremony of punjabi wedding

This pre-wedding ceremony is in nearly all the Hindu communities performed when groom and his families go to see bride and her families. In informal language, we can say that it is the first meeting between going-to-be bride and groom, a casual one to see whether they want to be of each other or think otherwise. If everything goes fine, and going-to-be bride and groom like each other, they think that they have found their soulmate in them, then some packets of sweets and some amount of money is given to bride as Shagun. This is called Rokka ceremony. It is only with close relatives.

It is like “Humne Tumko Pasand Kar Ke Rokka”. That’s why it is Rokka ceremony. My words are not real facts though. Just creativity of words that are conjuring my mind.

 Punjabi wedding Sangeet Ceremony

sangeet ceremony in punjabi wedding

The mirth and joy undescribed when we hear the name of this wedding ceremony. Perhaps this is the only one for which young ones of the families both from the bride and groom side prepares. Making the song list, setting DJs and drinks, and what not.

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Traditionally folk songs are sung by ladies in the Sangeet ceremony which is just the inception of the ceremony. From the bride’s side, it is called Kori whereas on the groom’s side it is called Suhaag.  Besides DJs, which is the young generation’s swag, the old ladies of the families and men perform Gidda and Bhangra on the beats of Dholak.

Whole day it goes and as the evening approaches young ones come with their DJs and dance on it till their last breath and even oldies too. Food, drink, and dancing go hand in hand without bending and as with trends. This is the main fun and enjoying the ceremony of the whole wedding.

Choora & Kalire Ceremony

choora ceremony of Punjabi wedding

This ceremony begins with Pooja that is importantly performed by the elders of the bride’s family. Maternal uncle and aunt do Pooja or havan, which is lengthy and goes for long hours in which the whole family participates.

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A question might be erupting in your mind what is Choora? It is a set of 21 bangles that is gifted to the bride by lovely maternal uncle and aunt. It is not just any set of Choora. A special ritual is done for that in which the set is purified with milk and holy water, and draped in white clothes which is blessed by the whole family members and whoever who wish to give their blessings to the bride and groom. Bride needs to wear it for at least 40 days which is important traditionally and ritually. It is the mark of fertility, prosperity and wealth that a bride takes to the groom family when she finally goes there. After the Choora ceremony, Kalire waiting.

Kalire is like wind chimes, not making a clinging or clinking sound. A bride wears it in both hands that are usually adorned with rhinestones. In earlier times, it was with dried beetle nuts, coconut and dry fruits, and with other stuff. When a bride wriggles it on you and if any part falls on you, its means you are the next who is going to marry or whose wedding is near. In earlier times it was fun that if any dry fruit fell you could eat it! Ha, ha, ha……..So this is all about Kalire and Choora ceremony.

Ghara Gharoli

ghara ceremony

In simple words, you can say this ceremony a holy bath of bride. In this ceremony, wife of groom’s brother that we lovingly call Bhabhi fills the pitcher with holy water, and folk songs are sung by the ladies of the family. With groom, ladies and Bhabhi carrying the pitcher go to a temple where everyone prays for the bride and groom’s happy and prosperous married life. After it, the bride is showered with the holy water before commencing the other rituals. It is a cleansing type of ritual and then the bride can go for wearing her favorite wedding dress. It is only then after this ceremony.

Sehra Bandi

sehra bandi of groom in punjabi wedding

This ceremony is when the groom is ready to head towards bride’s home. First Puja is done when the groom is totally dressed. After that, whether groom’s sister or any elder member of the family ties the Sehra to the groom. Bhabhi then waterlines the groom’s eyes with Kajal provided no evil eyes could touch him. Sehra is a type of turban that varies community wise.

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Punjabi wedding Baraat

baraat in indian punjabi wedding

Bride and her all friends including family members all wait for groom’s baraat when he comes with his entourage to the bride’s home. For whom everyone eagerly waits at the bride’s place. Groom’s baraat comes with all the grandiosity and magnanimity. That’s what a baraat is known for.

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So these are all the ceremonies that are performed in a Punjabi wedding. In which some of the ceremonies are the same as the other Hindu community. A little difference everywhere you find but the core message is the same. Which is the prosperity of the bride and groom.

If any other Punjabi wedding ceremony we are missing on, then tell us we will include in our blog and if there are any funny moments that have happened with you during your wedding, you can share with us.  

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