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Impending Biye: Look the Oti Shundor Bengali Bride with These Makeup Tips

Impending Biye: Look the Oti Shundor Bengali Bride with These Makeup Tips

Are you a to-be bong bride impending biye? Bengali weddings are calm, serene and tranquil in nature. Just like other Indian weddings, Bengali wedding is an affair that last over days. What set the weddings to look different from others are the unique rituals and cultural norms. Rituals like Aashirbad, Gaye Holud adds on to the extravaganza of the wedding ceremonies. The pre wedding hours soiree is all about adorning the bride and the groom with the Biyer Shaaj.

With her bright red bindi, chandan dots on forehead, dramatic eyes, gobs of gold jewels, traditional mukut, aalta laded hands and feet and ever sharp features these are the attributes that make spotting a Bengali bride a cake walk. Amidst the myriad of Bengali brides the quintessential elements that are common in their makeup are big defined bold eyes with shiny eyeshadows, big kohl-lined eyes and the bold red lip color. The timeless beauty and simplistic charm of Bengali brides have enchanted the guy and left the girls to drool over their look. No matter which attire she dons or which look she opts for a Bengali bride’s killer look makes her the epitome of beauty and elegance.

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Bollywood’s Bengali bombshell Bipasha became an inspiration for the brides with her modern sophisticated Bengali bridal avatar during her nuptial with Karan Singh Grover. Are you one of those smitten with the sheer grace and elegance of a Bengali bride’s ‘Oti Shundor’ biyer shaaj? Then here we have enlisted a few Bengali makeup elements without which a bong bride is deemed to be incomplete. Check em’ out.

5 Essential Bengali Bridal Makeup Elements

A Bengali bride’s makeup is the true depiction of her rich culture. The vibrant, dazzling and sparkling makeup of a Bengali bride leaves the onlookers awestruck. The step by step makeup is what ensures the transition of a Bengali girl into a ‘Nababodhu’. Have you been drooling over Bengali brides look? Do you want to attain the look? Then here check out our guide on Bengali wedding makeup.

1. Chandan Bindi

chnadan bindi bengali make up

The red and white miniature chandan bindi adorning the forhead is a mandatory makeup element and distinctive feature of a Bengali bride. From a minimal makeup to a dramatic one chandan bindi known as ‘Chondon Fota’ hones up the look of the bride. The bindi also has scientific reason behind it, chandan or sandalwood is known for its cooling effect and weddings are a stressful time and a bride needs to maintain her calm. The chandan bindi helps the bride to stay cool and calm during the stressful wedding time.

The ornate, encircling dots or lines that emanate from the centre of the forehead and spread until the end of either side brow is one of the traditional bindi design. The look is pulled off with a red bindi placed in the middle part of the forehead and decorated across with a floral pattern. Red and white are the quintessential color that adds an ethnic touch to the look.

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2. Dramatic Eyes

dramatic eyes in Bengali make up

Bengali girls are blessed with sharp features and there is no second opinion in that. If you’re a bengali girl who is about to tie the nuptial knot then show off your sharp features by highlighting your eyes. ‘Potol Chera Chok’ a common Bengali phrase them signifies the big, expressive eyes act as true aesthetics of Bengali beauty. From goddess Durga to mural paintings the slayer eye makeup of Bengali brides is one that can make you to drool over them.

Doe eye makeup is what completes and enhances the overall look of the Bengali bride. The few essential elements that add charm to the look are eye primer, dark shade of eyeliner and kohl. Wondering how to achieve the perfect doe eyed look? It’s simpler than you think. Bengali bridal makeup tips states that a little dull gold or metallic glitter on the eyes, bold red lip color, heavy mascara, fake lashes does wonder in creating dramatic smokey eye makeup.

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isTake a cue from the glistening Goddess archetype wherein the aesthetics involve doe dramatic eyes, prominent cheeks and a perfect chiseled look. To make your eyes to appear prominent and nose to look sharper consider accentuating your cheekbones with lighter shade of blush.

3. Highlighted, Contoured Cheeks

highlighted contoured cheeks in Bengali makeup

A highlighted and contoured cheek is what gives you a prominent Indian Goddess look. A golden higher for the cheekbones with minimal contouring is enough to sparkle up and accentuate your features.

4. Bold Red Lips

bold red lips

Red the color of blood and love is considering an auspicious color for any Indian wedding. Bengalis take the auspiciousness way too seriously and henceforth try including a tint of red in each and every element of the wedding attire. Decked in bright red saree, doning a white mukut or ‘topor’ with smoky doe eye makeup, bright red bindi adorning her forhead, red alta on her hands and feet a Bengali bride’s look is considered incomplete without a bold red lip color.

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A bright red banarasi saree or a heavy embroidered red lehenga embellished with gold zari work complimented with ravishing red hot lips, is the key to ‘Oh Ke Shundor’. The Bengal tigress Bipasha no doubtedly floored down the onlookers with slayer look. Brides if your enchanted by her look then why not make it part of your wedding. Let your lips do the talking as you recreate the look using a bold red or a deeper tone even perhaps a lip color in a lighter hue.

5. Minimalist Makeup

minimalist make up

Minimalist or a no makeup is a unique and different approach to wedding. The minimalist makeup breaks the stereotypes of a heavy wedding makeup. The idea behind this is to keep the skin tone natural. A good makeup base with the right foundation tone evenly applied on the skin and blended in a manner that it hides blemishes without altering the skin tone works the best for attaining the minimalist makeup look. The no makeup look works best for Bengali brides as it highlights their naturally sharp features.

To attain the look combine traditional makeup with the latest trends and keep the focus on fewer elements. Let’s cite an example suppose you’re opting for smoky dramatic eyes with a bright red lip color then pull off the look by giving the cheeks a neutral tone. Prior to attempting this look it is recommended to go for natural skin care treats such as haldi or besan ubtan, application of aloe vera to add a natural glow. Psst.. if you’re planning to have a bengali bridal makeup for reception look a small suggestion use branded makeup products that are not flaky and blend seamlessly with your skin tone so that you do not end up with skin allergies and irritation.

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Bengalis have a rich culture and their traditions set them apart from the others. Show off your bong side as you experiment with your makeup to stand out from the rest. So brides are you ready to look ‘Oti Shundor’? Let us know in the comments below about the Bengali wedding makeup look that you’re attempting. Also let us know if we have missed out on any other Bengali makeup.

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