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Seven Things That "India Ki Janta" Feel A Newly Married Couple Should Not Do

Seven Things That

We all are victims of social media and often feel that undying need to share every moment of our existence with people online. Be it Instagram feed, Facebook walls, and stories on Snapchat; people are going crazy sharing everything with one and all. However, the most useless details are posted by Newly Married Couple Should Not Do feel the need to show the world how happy they are together. Before you rip us to shreds and fill our comment with constructive (read negative) feedback; all these feelings are shared by the pyaari desh ki janta on Quora. Below we’ve compiled a list of seven things, which single people feel the millennial couples should not do!

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Posting Check-Ins Of Every Place/ Activity On Facebook

post activities on facebook

Why do you feel the need to tell the world about your gym session with BAE? Or the day-one you both spend together at home? Please stop checking-in and captioning all these personal moments which interests no one other you and your partner. You’re planning to join a gym post-wedding, a great choice given the calories you both acquired with all that food. But please don’t post an image of your husband doing bicep-curls, and captioning it with a silly one-liner.

Self Discovered Anniversaries And Announcing Them To The World

don't announce anniversaries

There is nothing wrong in celebrating each day of the relationship, but others are not interested in celebrating them unless invited. The next time you post the 30 days or 6 months anniversary images, share on social media only if you plan to invite friends for free booze and food.

The Shaadi-Karlo Gyaan

Yes, we know how much you love the married life, but please stop telling all your single friends and family members to get married. Marriage will happen eventually happen for them, but till then, until specifically asked, please do not give unnecessary gyaan on shaadi.

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Posting Intimate Pictures On Social Media

don't share intimate moments

Agreed, we are becoming modern and open-minded, but that doesn’t mean you end up sharing, not-so sharable pictures on your social media pages. People, your parents and other family members are also on these platforms; why make it awkward for them and yourself?

Too Much Of Love (And Quotes)

don't post love quotes on social media

You found your soul-mate for whom you’ve been waiting since eternity. Great! Awesome! But stop declaring your love through best husband/ wife quotes; otherwise your friends and family will get diabetes. Tell your husband/ wife daily how much you love him/ her and not to people on social media.

My Hotty Husband/ Wife

hotty husband images

Everyone is health conscious nowadays, and when it comes to soon-to-be-Newly Married Couple Should Not Do, they all gym excessively before the wedding to achieve a drool-worthy figure. This point is for all those brides who’ve got a hubby with six-pack abs and superman’s biceps & chest; please stop boasting about him online. Why do you need to show the world your husband’s hot body? He is all yours now, isn’t he?

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The Sugary Sweet Names

don't call with names like shona, babu

Please stop calling your husband or wife; babu, shoona, coochi-coo, choco-pie, pikachoo, and what not! He or she has a name, and based on it, your kundlis were matched. So please call him or her using that name, especially when you’re out with friends or family. Private names are best for private moments.

Sharing Memories And Other People’s Stories

share memories and stories

The new and the most irritating trend opted by Newly Married Couple Should Not Do sharing age-old memories from their camera roll. We’ve seen them already; please not again. And we also do not want to see how many people have wished you a happy anniversary, so stop sharing their wish stories on your profile. It is irritating.

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So these were eight things which our jantaa feel that newly married couples should avoid doing. If you felt offended by any of the points and want to give a reply, share your views in the comment given below. And if you want to add another point, then again add your comments below, and we’ll make it a part of the list.

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Mayur Ghiya

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