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Trend Forecast: Spellbinding Wedding Trends That Will Stand Tall In 2020

Trend Forecast: Spellbinding Wedding Trends That Will Stand Tall In 2020

Indian Wedding Industry is ever-evolving and is the most unpredictable industry. Unlike other countries, Indian wedding trends are shaped by people’s exposure to western media and the changing lifestyle choices.

The modern couples are becoming more aware of the fashion trends and want their weddings to be personalised as per their taste. According to me, what we are witnessing now, is new India that’s not just there to follow the trends with western roots, but is evolving into the country that’ll take the lead in driving the trends.

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I have seen that tech is one factor that has greatly impacted the wedding industry in the past few years and will continue to do so for coming years as well. Indian sensibilities relating to decor, fashion, and eating habits are continuously evolving and transforming the wedding markets.

What Trends Will Shape The Weddings In 2020?

If you too are getting married in the year 2020, then it is time that you incorporate the trends that’ll surely create a buzz next year. With less than a quarter of the year left before we step into the year 2020, it’ll be a great time to look at the changing trends of the Big Fat Indian Weddings.

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So let's roll up the curtains and reveal what all trends year 2020 will bring for you

Comfort Is The Way Forward


The major big shift that I am quite sure of is the rise in the trend of casual, laid-back wedding ceremonies. I believe that the brides will give the heavy lehenga a slip and will choose something that’s more comfortable.

Up until now, the wedding attire, particularly te bridal wedding attire, was far from being comfortable. But, 2020 will be the year when the brides can break free of the centuries-old trend and dance around on the stage wearing the capes and jackets.

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The trend that’s on the rise is of the minimalism. A new and modern approach to the traditional design patterns like the embroidery is something that you must definitely consider for your 2020 wedding attire.

Informal Ceremonies


It is one thing I am sure about, that the year 2020 will see more of informal wedding gatherings than the traditional ones. The recent trend suggests that as we are going nearer to 2020, more and more couples are opting to have an intimate wedding rather than elaborate ones.

The main reason behind the shifting focus is because the couples are now looking forward to adding some personal touches to their wedding. The smaller guest list also allows for allotting more budget per head to make things lavish.

By shifting to informal ceremonies I don’t mean that the traditions will totally be set aside, but 2020 will be the time when we’ll see the modern take on the traditional ceremonies. The fusion of modern and traditional will be something that you must definitely look forward to if you are getting married in 2020.

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Combining The Rituals


Another trend that I think will be on the rise is the combination of different rituals that go before and after the wedding. An Indian wedding is not just a day’s affair but there are many different ceremonies that are celebrated before and after the actual wedding ceremony.

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I strongly believe that 2020 will witness the wedding ceremonies to be cut short and the different rituals shall be combined into a single day event. It’ll be much more convenient for the guests as well as the couple getting married, as they don’t have to go out of the way to plan the events on different days.

As we see the boundaries that separate people of different castes and religions getting faded away, there is no place left for the terms like “socially correct”. India is a land of diversity and the beauty of it is that there are varied cultures that can be grinded together to form something that’s totally new.

‘Bleached Coral’ Is The New Black


Each year all the experts at the Pantone Colour Institute decide on a colour that’ll become a trend. For 2019, Pantone picked ‘Living Coral’ (Pantone 16-1546) as the Colour of the Year, that’s a shade between pink and red. The colour was basically picked to draw attention towards the environmental crisis that’s affecting the aquatic life.

Following the footsteps, and reflecting the climate change, the Colour of the Year 2020 was chosen to be ‘Bleached Coral’ (Pantone 115-1 U), that’s a slightly off-white colour that resembles the colour of the dead corals.

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Pantone also released a colour palette for Spring/Summer 2020 that infuses the heritage and tradition with a colourful youthful update. The forefront shades of the primary hues are Flame Scarlet(Pantone 18-1662), Saffron(Pantone 14-1064, Classic Blue(Pantone 19-4052) for red, yellow and blue respectively. Other colours in the palette include the shades of aqua, denim and grape.

Inclusion Of Tech

The next ‘Big Thing’ that’ll become an inseparable part of the Indian weddings will be the inclusion of the different techs. From some bizarre things to something that’s cute and adorable, I am sure that the year 2020 will see it all.

Making your wedding futuristic is something that’ll give your guests something to talk about and make your wedding memorable. From setting up a classy fog-screen magic curtain at the entrance to making the wedding cake eye-catching using the projection mapping.

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As per my opinion, I sincerely think that the days when the wedding ceremonies used to bore are gone, and the technology in modern weddings will bring in a lot of fun activities and enjoyment.

Sustainable Weddings


India is one of the frontrunners when it comes to accepting that there is a need to be eco-conscious. The climate change is very real and if not today, tomorrow it’ll affect us all in the worst way possible.

So, as the humankind is running towards the brink of collapse, it is important to slow down the pace, look back on the actions that made it worse for the environment and if possible, try to fix it. It is never too late to go green and your wedding will be a great start.

As the people are getting more aware of the carbon-footprint that a wedding leaves on nature, I believe that in 2020 more and more people will be going to implement a zero-waste policy at their wedding.

Digital Invites


With technology getting more popular and reaching everyone’s hand, India has truly evolved into a digital nation. I firmly think that people will be switching to sending out the digital invites instead of the paper ones that are a liability to nature as well.

In the busy schedule, no one has the time to be in the long queues at the post office. What’s the need to endure all the hassle it brings along when you can send off the invites with just a button from the comfort of your home.

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Indeed the digital invites are a great way to invite the guests, but to some, it may come off being cold and generic. What the guests want is something that’s modern and chic and creating a wedding card as a GIF or video is an amazing way to convey your invitation whilst also saving your money and the environment as well.

Serving Healthy Food


Serving delicious food is the soul of any Indian wedding. 2019 has seen couples experimenting with many different food trends but the one trend that I think will be carried forward to the year 2020 is to include healthy food options.

Sticking to the basic food menu with butter paneer masala, chicken tikka etc. is the thing of the past. Having regional delicacies is a new way forward. But In order to not make the buffet boring, adding diversity is really important.

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I think that a perfect wedding buffet in 2020 will include a mix of some regional delicacies, international cuisines and healthy food options for the diet-conscious guests. Setting up live counters where guests can see their food being prepared is another food trend to look out for.

A Conclusion To Sum Everything Up

The year 2020 will witness a great change in Indian weddings, as the elders in the family will take the back seat while the couple themselves drive the whole wedding planning process. The weddings will become more personalised and unique based on the choices made by the couple.

Coming out of the comfort zone, and designing a wedding that’s a mix of traditions and convenience in a manner that it serves everyone right will be a new way forward.

I hope that our forecast for the trends that’ll cause all the buzz in 2020 do help you out in planning your wedding and make it trendy. However, the one thing that you must remember is that the most important factor is personalising. It’s best to take an idea from the trends and improvise it into your own way.

What do you think about all these trends? Do tell me in the comments section down below.

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