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Best Blouse Designs 2021 For Indian Wedding Seasons: Trendy Designer Blouses

Best Blouse Designs 2021 For Indian Wedding Seasons: Trendy Designer Blouses

Outfits, tops, designer tops, a simpler one; what top do you want to wear on your wedding? A bride has so many choices for it. There is an abundance of blouse designs 2021, from which you can select your damn one and wear on your wedding. There can be a certain trendy customisation also that we saw of a blouse, though it was not really blouse and not customisation also but it looked like a blouse. So the case was; instead of a blouse, a bride wore a T-shirt combining it with her lehenga on her wedding and wrapping sari around it. She was looking nice and gorgeous.

A blouse is a traditional, normal top that is worn by women in India. There are several patterns of it including designer blouse patterns and others. You can see blouse designs 2021 latest images where you find many patterns and designs of it.

Especially on weddings women can be seen wearing various different designs of a blouse as deep decolletage or high neck including sleeveless or rough sleeved and others. Some brides prefer high neck blouses accompanied with sheer bodice. Ruffled-neck blouses are also popular in women with a cape sari. You have seen women also dressed in ballooned sleeved variant blouse, not good for chubby brides. In high-neck blouses brides look more traditional type of, and reserved. This kind of feel high neck blouse gives though totally elegant on the other side. Skin blouses are for bold brides that can wear it with authenticity and sleeveless blouses too. Kangana Ranaut is often seen in sleeveless blouses.

New trends and styles are always popular among brides. This wedding season in 2021, corset-style and strapless bandeau blouse designs have come back. And you brides can combine these blouse styles with net sari and your others favorite. These are the fashionable and die-for wedding blouse designs 2021. Have a glance on them brides, wear your designs with pride, see how you want to be look like in your wedding and remember comfort is the only thing fashion styles.

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Blouse Designs For 2021 Wedding Season

Elegant Long Sleeve Blouse With Round Neck

latest round neck blouse designs

It is simplicity and elegance that brides always look for. Best for every occasion round necks are, whether musical patterns or leaves dotted ones, round necks blouse designs always look ethnic. 

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Back Slit Blouse Designs Are A Real Classic

back slit blouse design

You want to show little but not from front side but from the backside, then back slit is the perfect choice and in summer, one of the best. Wind passes through! Simple or with pattern designs, every style is available in them. Though floral prints look classic.

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Fashionable, Bold & Trendy Blouse Design That’s Perfect For Any Function

beige backless blouse design

Best for those brides who don’t shy away from showing, flamboyant they are, who always want to carry themselves with fashion. In a party, function or wedding, you can wear it wherever you want to.

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Chinese Collar Blouse With Long Sleeves Is Perfect For A Modern Look

Chinese collar blouse design

Another Asian addition in your collection it can be. From upside, it is close to your neck as Chinese women used to wear in old times, still popular though. It is the main feature of Chinese color blouse designs. There are many cuts that make it awesomely different. 

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Modern And Chic Halter Neck Blouse

halter neck blouse design

Halter neck blouse designs are held by a strap around the neck. Modern and best for urban super cool women. 

Bold And Strapless Blouse Will Make You Stand Out

tube style blouse design

The only word that can be associated with this type of blouse design is bold. It gives you strapless appeal but definitely holding you from the backside! Heavy embroidery works look appealing on them and you too when you wear. It is one of the oldest styles of blouses. 

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Heavily Embellished See-Through Sleeve Blouse Design

shree sleeves blouse design

It is simply see-thorough but with sobriety. Hot but yet elegant. Every woman can wear this. Those who always wear full covered blouse designs should go for sheer sleeve blouse style. 

Flaunt Your Back With A Backless Blouse

backless blouse design

Backless: oh you have a tattoo something carved on your back and you wanna flaunt it, then go for backless blouse designs whether hold by a single strap or by a single Dori, backless is for fashionistas. Go bold, go backless!

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A Shirt Blouse Looks Classy And Elegant

shirt style blouse design

Shirt Style: It is a combo of a shirt and a blouse design. Shirt style blouse designs are one of the best options for those women who are very much conservatives and yet want to go for style. It is a professional women’s pick, elegant, classy and available with various patterns and prints.

A Frilled Blouse Design Is Great To Amp Up Your Look

cape style blouse design

It feels like you can fly with these blouse designs! Looks a little bit shabby and old, confusing also, drape you whole. Girls with a totally different taste. Though many Bollywood divas have worn it. 

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Ramp Walk Your Way Through The Aisle In A Blouse That’s Bold And Sexy

bra style blouse design

You want to style yourselves like a model, bold, sexy, hot with the appeal. Then it is the style that you must go for. Best for perfect figure girls, and for those who want to set everyone on fire and want to make everyone dire!

Laced Blouse That’s Unique And Trendy

everything in lace blouse design

Simple unique normal width laces, variations are always there, this blouse design type is. Accumulation of various laced blouse designs daintily shines on you. Nowadays it is in trends! So hold your laces tight!

Rectangular Back Design With modern Sleeves

Sometimes, simplicity is all you need to become the center of attraction wherever you go. This simple blouse design is one fine example of that.

A Velvet Blouse With Traditional Embroidery

sample blouse design ideas

This simple blouse design in Velvet fabric and beautiful traditional work on sleeves can help you achieve the perfect bridal look.

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Plain Blouse Design With Tiled Up Traditional Motif

plain blouse design

The name explicitly describes this blouse design type, plain blouse designs. You can wear it with any saree you want. You can combine them with tassels or any hangling/dangling design patterns that can adore it well. 

A Metallic Work Blouse To Add In Glamour To You Looks

metallic blouse design

ok, it is not like an armor so don’t worry about its heaviness. These types of blouse designs look metallic in color and little bit use of mettle especially in small tubes and beads used in blouses. 

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Sheer Netted Blouse With Metallic Design Will Make You Sparkle

pop colour sarees with embellisged and shree blouse design

It is like “you want to show but you don’t want to show too”. Sheer is the new name for sexy girls. It depends on you how sheer you want. There are variations in it and you can choose yourself from where you want to go sheer. 

Contrasting Bodysuit Blouse For Brides Who Want Comfort Over Anything

body suit blouse design

One of the well-fitted blouse designs these are. Bodysuit blouses can be worn with printed sarees, comfortable in fitting and completely a new idea. A detailed, simple, sheer, choice is yours.

Multi-Layered Blouse Will Be A Mix Of Ethnic And Sexy

one side off shoulder blouse design

Sassy, stylish and if you want to flaunt your swag, this blouse design type is for you. one side sexy and one side ethnic. You can wear them with chiffon, floral printed sarees and with jeans too wrapping a saree around it. 

A Jacket Blouse Is Perfect If You Are Bored Of Normal Designs

jacket blouse blouse design

If you want to change your wearing style, this blouse design type for you, again a combo of a blouse and a jacket. Best suited with Kanjeevaram, Banarasi silk, and other traditional sarees. And one of the right options for professional women if they have bored of normal ones. So chic, classy and elegant. 

A Blouse With Neck Work That Resembles Like A Jewellery

jewelled neck blouse design

Some brides hate wearing heavy jewelry, for them jeweled neck blouse designs are the best option. Embellished with jewelry work, these designs are like elegantly royal. These can be customized also as you require. Jeweled with silver or gold or both you want!

A Modern Cut Blouse That’ll Be A Headturner

modern saree blouse design

For those who are craving for chic look, add modern saree blouse designs in your wardrobe to keep your fashion game up and turn some heads in the parties.

An Appealing Blouse That’s Fastened Using A Back Knot

knotted saree blouse design

It is only held with a knot that you dot behind your back. Omph and sexy, nothing on your back, just a knot. Super appealing these are, that wherever you go, people only see you. 

A Victorian Blouse That’s Elegant And Stunning

corset blouse design

If you want to go Victorian and vintage too, then this blouse design is for you. It looks elegant. You can pair these with net sarees, chiffon, georgette, and with any brocade stuff. Embroidery and patterns work are also popular in them. And there is no lackness of any pattern designs. 

Asymmetrical Blouse With Gota Patti Work

asymmetrical blouse design

Though it fits well but when you look at them, they look asymmetrical like here and there they go. You can see asymmetrical cuts and designs in them. 

Flattering And Comfortable Peplum Blouse

peplum blouse design

Oh you have love handles, wear peplum blouse designs, which look sexy, enough cleavage there and royal also. The word peplum means ‘tunic’ in Greek. Suited best on married women, just a think and nothing else!

A Metallic Work Blouse Coinciding With A Metallic Lehenga

plain & metallic blouse design

The matching metallic work blouse along with similar design bridal Lehenga is all you need to slay everyone with your drop-dead gorgeous appearance.

A Captivating Metallic Blouse With Stone Work

plain blouse designs

The much coveted luscious and raunchy look is just a step away with this stunning metallic work blouse design. 

A Simplistic Single Shoulder Blouse

one hand blouse design

Yeah, as its name suggests, you only have to put your one arm through it. Available with various patterns and prints, this style can be paired with any saree. 

Lace And Floral Patterned Blouse Design

long sheer blouse design

Various patterns of laces whether in embroidery or in simple. You can go sheer, you can go full. Lace patterns are universal. 

Experiment Your Look In A Buttoned Up Blouse Design

back button blouse design

No, you don’t need to button up from behind. It is only the design that you can flaunt with sheer or any other. Wearing your shirt from the back side. Latest in fashion trends. Whether you go with big buttons or small buttons your choice. You can try this style with traditional sarees, though totally unauthentic but can be a fashion experiment.

A Half Shoulder Blouse To Add In A Pinch Of Drama

 half and half blouse design

An array of full blouse designs you have worn, but this one when you wear it, you feel like whether you have worn it or not. Cut from the shoulder side, you can also call it half shoulder blouse. 

A Loose Ruff Blouse That’ll Help You Look Like A Queen

ruffled neck blouse design

Loose ruffling around the neck side like in west queens wore these kinds of style. It is in craze among girls and brides. There are only a few blouse designs that look royal and it is one of them. Printed and in many patterns available. 

An Off-Shoulder Deep Neck Blouse That’s Fashionable And Bold

sweetheart blouse design

A little deep in cleavage, held by Doris backside, this is the sexy yet elegant blouse design that you can pair with lehengas and sarees. 

Spruce Up Your Look And Slip In A Printed Tube Blouse

strapless blouse design

Available in both printed and simple designs, these blouse designs types are bold. Just hook them and they hang forever. Upper bodice shows and pretty much like a tube with a little difference. 

Sheer Blouse With Heavy Embroidery Patterns At The Borders

embellished blouse design

Embellished blouse designs are heavily embellished with different types of works including beads, embroidery, jewels, and other stuff. 

The Criss-Cross String Blouse That’s Chic And Modern

criss cross blouse design

These blouse designs are with criss-cross patterns from the backside. Inspired by various old block pattern art in Rajasthan that goes zig-zag and criss-cross. 

The Off-Shoulder Blouse That’s Elegant And Traditional

mirror blouse design

These are the simple blouse designs only embellished with mirror beads especially around the neck side and arms’ sides and a little bit on front bodice. A thousand faces you can see in it!

Intricate Off-Shoulder Blouse That’s Contemporary And Beautiful

contemporary blouse designs

This swoon-worthy contemporary style blouse design is giving the woman a scintillating look. The work on blouse design is super-intriguing!

Set The Bar High Up By Sporting A Fabulous Collared Blouse

contemporary blouse designs

Want to take your fashion game a notch higher? Quickly add this contemporary style blouses with collar in your wardrobe and make a rock-solid fashion statement in any event.

A Traditional Blouse With Intricate Thread Work

traditional work blouse designs

Isn't this traditional work blouse is looking awe-inspiring? For such an ethereal bridal makeover, give a shot to traditional work blouse designs.

Shimmery Long-Sleeve Blouse That’s Elegant And Ritzy

traditional work blouse designs

If you are looking for something low-key but dazzling at the same time, this astonishing traditional work blouse can do the wonders for you!

Simplistic And Sleek Rounded Collar Blouse

peter pan blouse design

These blouse designs are different from the collar’s sides like a smooth and curved collar without any edging. Simplistic and suited best to professional women and girls.

A Dual Tone Jacket Style Blouse With Heavy Embroidery Work

angrakha blouse design

Ethical and fashionable, classy, dainty, never-fading, so many adjectives can be added to this blouse design. From the front side, it looks like wrapping from both side on each other. It can be paired up with button style also from the front side. 

Traditional Yet Modern Backless Blouse With Strings For Fastening

tier blouse design

There are three types of tier blouse designs including one tier, two-tier, and three tier. They differentiate in a way that in one tier, there is one Dori, and in two, there are two Doris. It is especially for those women who consider themselves divas. At the end of this blouse, if you don’t want to go with a strap, you can go with Dori too attached with a pair or large latkans. Definitely sexy you look. 

Long Sleeve Blouse With Leaf Shaped Neck Line

full sleeves blouse design

Cover your whole arms, oh traditional brides, these blouses are for you and best for traditional function and ceremonies. Best option for the winter collection. Simple, pattern, embroidery, with beads, you can go with anything. 

A Blouse With The Patterns Extending Up To Only Quarter Sleeves

quarter sleeves blouse design

They are same like full but with quarter sleeves. You can wear them in any weather and in any function. 

V-Neck Off-Shoulder Blouse With A Mix Of Patterns

draped blouse design

It is criss-cross draped blouse designs that you can go without covering anything on your upper body holding your chunni on your hands flaunting your swag without bragging it. 

Blouse With Crossed Halter Straps Will Look Pretentiously Elegant

hot backless blouse design

Blouse and saree are attached in the long cross backless blouse designs. The additional straps crossing in opposite directions used as halters giving a perfect fit. 

Puff Shoulder Blouse With Gota Patti Work At Borders

boat neck blouse design

Mostly seen with Bengali brides these blouse designs types, puffed at the shoulder corners look like heat up popcorns. Puff sleeve blouse designs are ethnically stylish. You can wear them anywhere whether in a party or on any other occasion. 

An Elegant Blouse With The Self Roller Print Patterns

boat neck blouse design

You perhaps not yet travel in a boat in the water but you can definitely wear the designs of boats. Boat neck designs are embellished from the neck sides shouldering the shoulder corners.


A Graceful Blouse With Embroidery And Sitara Work

elbow length blouse design

They are just at your elbows’ length and normally elbow length blouse designs are worn by every woman and girl. And you can wear them anywhere wherever you want. No dearth of variation in them. 

A Traditional Blouse With Bell Sleeves Adding In A Hint Of Modernity

bell sleevess style blouse design

Their design patterns are like a bell from the arm side opening wide and bit loose and hanging. Small tassels can be added with them too. Loose you want to go and stylish you want to go, then go for bell sleeve blouse designs. 

Deep Neck Cut Blouse That’s Bold And Beautiful

princess cut blouse design

One of those rare blouse designs that always stay in the fashion. Prince cut blouses can make even the boring sarees look regaling!

Slit Neck Blouse Design With Heavy Embroidery Work

keyhole neck blouse design

A small keyhole from the backside or front side or just around your neck. You can have it wherever you want on your blouse. Keyhole neck blouse designs have a keyhole around the neck side. It can be in many patterns and in any number. 

Caped Blouse Will Surely Make Things A Lot Sassier

attached dupatta style blouse design

You don’t want to carry extra dupatta with you, you can rely on attached Duptta style blouse designs. These are the blouse designs with disguise. 

Printed Cropped Collar Blouse With Zip-Up Fastening

cropped collar neck blouse design

Just as you crop the images in your computer, these are the cropped collar blouse designs, with sheer, floral prints and with any other prints you want.

Graceful And Trendy Blouse With A Knot At The Back

bow detailed blouse design

In the gigantic ocean of trendy blouse designs, bow detail blouse adds the much-required grace. The simplistic round neck design with thread work will never make you feel short of fashion sense.

Modern Blouse With Unique Neckline And Heavy Embroidery

embroidered blouse design

These are the heavily embroidered blouse designs. They are available with various types of embroidery including sliver and gold beads. Small tube works are also in them. you can wear them in weddings, ceremonies, small function and your choice, wear wherever you want to. 

A Webbed Blouse Will Seriously Amplify Your Wedding Look

cut work blouse design

Along blouse with a long cut in the middle of it with various designs patterns of your choice.

Dual Contrast Zig-Zag Patterned Blouse

Zigzag Blouse Design

Designed from the back side like zig zag halted by Doris in zig-zag style. It resembles the zigzag patterns in old regional art and inspired by various zigzag patterns of nature. 

Colourful And Vivid Floral Patterned Blouse

graphic blouse design

On graphic blouse designs there are various graffiti of art of your choice whether in different shades or in different patterns. They can be customized also according to graffiti you want. 

A Highneck Blouse Looks Neat And Fashionable

high neck blouse design

Super hot in trend these days. The latest design high-neck blouses are perfect to attain a Bollywood diva look.

Sizzle Your Way Through The Aisle Sporting A Leather Blouse

leather blouse design

The best part about considering leather blouse is you don’t require additional accessories to sizzle your look. Pick the right blouse design that resonates with saree and you are good to go everywhere.

Rock An Off Shoulder Blouse With Colourful Embroidery Patterns

off shoulder blouse design

The key to get a rocking and desi traditional look is here. Try Off shoulder blouse in varied neck and patterns to turn heads at the wedding.

A Deep Square Neck Blouse Is Another Great Option For A Traditional Look

square neck blouse designs 2020 images

Feeling bored of wearing the same old round neck blouse? Add square neck blouse design in your closet with a deep square neck to get the unique traditional look.

A Woven Blouse That’s Unique And Stylish

sweater blouse designs 2020

If you are sick and tired of all the mainstream blouse designs, sweater blouse will help you to grab the eyeballs and achieve scintillating appearance.

Lustrous Velvet Blouse That Is Comfortable And Soothing

velvet blouse designs 2020

Velvet blouses are stretchable and easily available in some of the best designs and patterns. Velvet blouses are Comfy and splendid at the same time.

Tasseled Deep Cut Blouse

trendy & evergreen blouse design

Back blouse design with tassels is riding high on trend these days. Just look at how ravishing this back blouse design is looking in the image!

Beaded Off-The-Shoulder ‘Veere Di Wedding’ Famed Blouse

trendy & evergreen blouse design ideas

Kareena Kapoor Khan aka Bebo is known as the maverick when it comes to setting fashion trends. See, how she is rocking the bridal look in this trendy off shoulder blouse design.

We have provided you latest trendy blouse designs that you can try in any function whatever you like. So many designs we have put for you and with variations. The designs that we have showed you worn by many Bollywood actresses. It is really the case with girls and women, when they see any bollywood actress wearing something new and out-of-the box, they also want to try it whether it is lehenga design, blouse design, sari design or any other outfit design, especially bridal ones. And yeah, girls who are getting married, copy the actresses worn outfits and dresses. The blouse designs that we have showed you, you can buy from credible online stores. So what you’re waiting for?

If you think we have left any prominent style of blouse design in the blog post, feel free to drop the comment below. We do love to hear from you!

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