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Top Destination Wedding Trends Of 2021 That You Must Watch Out

Top Destination Wedding Trends Of 2021 That You Must Watch Out

The trend of the destination wedding came like rage and is still quite popular among the millennial couples. Getting married at the picturesque and exotic locations under the presence of near and dear ones, it sure seems like a dream come true for many bride and grooms.

But the big question mark here is if you do what every other couple is doing, how will it make your destination wedding stand apart from the pack? To avoid the potential risk of doing the same as everyone else, you need to induce something novice, sterling, and sumptuous to your destination wedding.

If you have done scratching and banging your head to find something new to make your destination wedding unique but didn’t land up with a single idea, no need to stress out. After doing rigorous research, we’ve jotted down some of the most sought-after destination wedding trends 2021 that will dominate the trend chart throughout the year.

Read them, contemplate over them, and utilize as many ideas as you can.

11+ Top Destination Wedding Trends 2021

1. Comeback of the Heritage

Heritage return destination wedding trend
Image Credit -

A popular saying fits well to this context ‘what goes around, comes around’. Its all started with the ‘Heritage Return’ and now we have returned to our roots again. This one trend is topping the destination wedding trend chart for many weeks and we were keeping a close eye on this trend.

Wedding function is a perfect opportunity to celebrate this sacred event at one of the ancestral lands of the couple. This trend gained the momentum in late 2018 but now it is spreading to the everyone corner of the country with blazing speed.

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2. Couples Pre-Wedding Trips to The Destination Wedding Venue

couple pre wedding destination wedding trend 2019
Short By - dipak_studios

When destination wedding is in your checklist, you need to ensure that the venue you are going to book is worth your bucks or not. To inspect the venue and also to spend some quality alone before the big day, couples are planning pre-wedding trips to experience the venue prior to the wedding dates.

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3. Rising Popularity of Bachelorette Destination Trips

bachelorette trip destination wedding trend 2019
Pic Via - keertikelkar

We guess girls have taken this statement ‘why should boys have all the fun’ quite seriously. More and more brides-to-be are planning an exotic destination trip along with their friends or bridesmaids to enjoy one last ride with the dearest ones. They usually prefer to start the trip by mid-Thursday and return by Monday morning. Destinations like Mussorrie, Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala are witnessing the arrival of flocks of girls because these destinations are quite close to Delhi and easy to reach.

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4. Theme Based Buffet

Theme Based Buffet

When it comes to the wedding buffet, theme-based buffets truly stand out from the pack. Imagine having a fun wedding where everything is picture perfect and resonating. For the wedding dinner with the fam jam, theme-based buffets are becoming the prime choice of the couples.

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5. Drone Videography over Traditional Photography

drone videography destination wedding trend 2019
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The significance of photographs is inexplicable in words. But what if you could relive those moments again and again with the help of immersive done videography?

Destination wedding venues are packed captivating backdrops and landscapes which make them ideal to capture the 360-degree view of the whole venue. The spectacular videos that drones provide are making them a top-notch choice among the couples to opt this trend.

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6. Eco-Friendly Wedding

eco friendly wedding-hottest destination wedding trend of 2019
Image Credit -

This is definitely one of the most fabled destination wedding trends of 2021. Couples are opting for more and more ways that cause minimal or no damage to the environment and make their wedding eco-friendly.

Some of the most preferred ways are E-invites, natural decoration, using bio-degradable stuff etc. This destination wedding trend 2021 is going to sustain for a long time.

7. Caricature Wedding Invitation Cards

caricature wedding invitation card
Pic Via - quirkyinvitations

2019 was the year when most of the couples started to switch off from traditional and lengthy wedding cards to super creative and adorable caricature wedding invitation cards which encompass all the details of the destination wedding. In 2021, this trend has become a raging thing.

Caricature based cards are highly appealing, more personalized, and make the guests’ feel like they are an integral of the wedding function. We personally recommend you to give a shot to this amazing destination wedding trend.

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8. Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

unplugged wedding ceremonies- destination wedding trend 2019
Image Credit -

Cell phones and other gadgets have become an indispensable part of our life. Surviving without them even for a minute seems quite ghastly. All thanks to the cell phones and social media that we’ve have stopped living in the moment and focus on capturing the moments only.

With the phones out of sight, every guest will savor the fun of wedding ceremonies and may remember it tillages. An unplugged wedding can make your wedding function truly memorable and a huge success.

9. Personal Wedding Vows

personal wedding vows destination wedding trend of 2019
Image Credit -

Repeating the same age-old vows which you actually don’t understand or even don’t mean is gradually going out of the trend. Couples are choosing to utter their personal wedding vows which come straight out of the heart and display the love and commitment to each other. Quite an intriguing destination wedding trend of 2021.

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10. Smoke Bomb Entry

smoke bomb entry destination wedding trend 2019
Pic Via - israniphotography

Who doesn’t love a grand and larger than the life entry at the destination wedding venue? Couples are heavily preferring smoke bomb entry to make their entry kickass and wedding photographs astonishing.

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11. More Couple Wants Bespoke Honeymoon Package

bespoke honeymoon package destination wedding trend of 2019
Image Credit -

Even though a pre-packaged Honeymoon trip saves the couples from the hassle of planning everything but gradually it is becoming a lackluster thing for the couples. The key reason behind the dwindling popularity of pre-packaged trip is couples don’t want a ‘cookie-cutter’ experience anymore.

Bespoke honeymoon package satiates all the cravings of the couples who are looking for a truly enchanting experience at their honeymoon vacation.

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12. Blend of Traditional & Modern Music

blend of modern and traditional music- 2019 destination wedding trend
Image Credit -

When it comes to wedding music, you will find a group of extremists. Some are die-hard lovers of traditional music, while others prefer contemporary music to a great extent.

In 2021 destination weddings, couples are opting the perfect blend of modern and traditional music which caters to every mood and fit all occasions.

Feature Image via - altair_decor

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