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Latest Food Trends For Your Wedding : Your Guests Are Waiting!

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Latest Food Trends For Your Wedding : Your Guests Are Waiting!

Everyone likes to eat varieties of cuisines and wants to savour the new trendy dishes that are being cooked in a restaurant, hotel or somewhere in a gali, where a food stall owner might be showing his culinary and cooking skills. Food, without it we cannot live but definitely leave anyone for it! And when any chance occurs for wedding, we never want to leave it because there we find so many dishes and who doesn’t want to eat them?

It is perhaps true that more people go in a wedding for great food rather than anything else, yeah definitely they give blessings to bride and groom but it is more about food. Wedding is a good event where you can eat, meet, greet and eat. There are latest wedding food trends that are popular nowadays that people are using in their weddings to make them feel exotic and dashing. We are listing them here so you can see that you also want to have them or one of them in your wedding.

Latest Wedding Food Trends 2018


Smaller In Size But Big In Bite

wedding food trends


Smaller niche cuisines are getting popular for weddings. They are small in size but big in bites and varieties of items can be served in them and with them also. They are treated like main course but looks snacks when you see them. People who are used to eat big meals might find small niche cuisines not fulfilling their stomach desires. But they are getting trendy.

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Trying Videshi Food In Deshi Weddings

wedding food trends 2018


In Indian weddings, nowadays it is not necessary that you find only Indian food. If you are lucky, you can also find foreign dishes of other lands and different countries. People are preparing exotic menu for their wedding. Their palate wants to taste something Mexican, Thai, American, Sea foods and many more. Tell us what you are serving in your wedding?

India Regional Food Getting Hit

latest indian food trends for wedding


Though it is always that you can find Indian regional cuisine in a wedding or some dishes of it but this trend has gotten out of edge and couples are giving more goals to their guests by serving them totally regional, not of their native state but of different. Regional varieties of foods are awesomely tasty.

Celebrity Chefs

 late night wedding food trends


You can see in someone’s wedding when you get there that certain type of dish is being cooked by a celebrity chef or perhaps  all wedding menu. It is about extra edge or out edge that you give to your wedding where guests are eating a tasty menu by a celebrity chef.  

Desserts Getting Diverse

best food trends 2018


This section of wedding menu is getting diverse because we have it in our country diverse variety of desserts, perhaps we cannot count in our lifetime. International desserts are also being included like candies of sweets and many more.


latest food trends 2018


DIY counters are also there in weddings, where you can go and cook and make your own type of chaat, coffee, fried vegetable mix and others. Settings up these stalls give freedom of making your own ingredients’ dish, and who doesn’t want to test whether they are good cook or not! At least all want to give it a try.

Customized Beverages

latest food trends for marriage


All you have eaten and greeten! Now comes the time of drinks where you can also taste customized like ginger tea, zalzeera soft beer, crunch lassi and others.

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