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Top 8 Bridal Jewellery Trends to Watch out in 2018

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Top 8 Bridal Jewellery Trends to Watch out in 2018

No Indian wedding is complete without shopping for bridal Jewellery as it is the main element of any bridal makeover. In every wedding season, new designs and statement pieces are showcased in Jewellery shops which are getting quite popular among modern brides. But, if you want to wear something new and out of this world, then you must shop wedding Jewellery in India where you will get lots of options to choose among.

Latest bridal Jewellery trends for 2018

1. Ethical wedding rings -Choosing a perfect wedding ring is not as easy as it sounds, both environmental and human demand have to be considered. Diamond rings are one of the few options to go with, but they are quite expensive. So, if you are a socially conscious and environmental friendly bride to be, then an ethical engagement or wedding ring is best for you.

Diamond Bridal Jewellery

They are available in wide range of designs and most importantly are an affordable option to go with. Ethical wedding rings are made of fair trade or recycled gold and have conflict free or vintage diamonds. There are so many brands and reputable jewellers out there in the market that can provide you with the best ring as per you like. So, this bridal trend for 2018 seems to gain wide popularity.

2. Unique temple Jewellery - There is no doubt in saying that, South Indian brides are dying heart fan of temple Jewellery and in fact, due to its uniqueness and eye-catching designs it is becoming hottest bridal Jewellery trend in India. It is made of gold and looks chunky with red and green precious stone attached to it.

In fact, many of them also feature motifs of god and goddesses and this is one of the main reasons why people prefer gifting these intricate pieces during the pregnancy period. So, if you want to look traditional on your wedding day then pair it with Kanjeevaram saree and this look will definitely take you back to the royal time.

Bridal Jewellery

3. Oversized nose ring - With the passing of time, the fashion of wearing nose rings over years started diminishing slowly especially among modern brides, but the oversized nose ring worn by Sonam Kapoor on her red carpet appearances brought this trend back.

Although a huge variety of nose rings are available in the market, big nose rings made with gold and kundan is becoming favourite among bridal Jewellery in this wedding season. Along with enhancing the bridal look, they also add a glow to the face of the bride. However, you must consider your face shape and be careful while shopping for oversized nose ring for the best bridal look.

4. Jhumkas - It is basically a traditional earring set and is something that will never go out of fashion. Jhumkas can give you an ethereal look when paired with something traditional. You can also pair this earring set with modern bridal dresses such as gowns, Lehenga saree and all that.

5. Floral Jewellery - Another great Jewellery trend for 2018 is floral Jewellery. As you all know that flowers and wedding have the great connection and no wedding is complete without flowers. Flowers can add beauty and elegance to anything, so why don’t incorporate them in Jewellery.

Bridal Jewellery

By incorporating flowers in Jewellery, it will make you look beautiful and refreshing. You can have floral Jewellery matching with your dress and it is the best option for Mehandi, dance and cocktail party.

6. Maharani style necklace - Inspired by ancient Jewellery, Maharani Style necklace has been made. Most of these pieces are multi-layered and will give royal look on your special day. It is a perfect combination of tradition and fashion. In fact, it comes in the variety of patterns all beaded together giving an antique look.

7. Kundan Mathapati - Mathapati is becoming the trend among modern brides as they are lightweight and look eye-catching. They can be single sided or double sided and even some of them are embellished with pearls and stones. They are available in so many designs and colours which you can buy matching with your neckpiece.

Bridal Jewellery Shops

8. Sabhyasachi inspired choker - This is another upcoming trend of 2018 and modern brides will definitely love it. Sabhyasachi inspired choker is awe inspiring and has already gained so much of attention.

From modern to traditional and from classic to contemporary, Sabhyasachi bridal choker is just awesome. In fact, it seems to be most blessed bridal Jewellery of this year. The choker can be preferred by any bride no matter whether it is a Gujarati or Punjabi; its trendy and royal look will surprise everyone.


Jewellery is something which cannot be afforded to miss at all especially if you are getting married. So, if you have already decided your wedding dress then above mentioned are few best and latest trends for 2018 which you can opt for your bridal look, but make sure that you should buy Jewellery according to skin tone.

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