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10 Riveting Rajasthani Wedding Traditions That Are Gist of A Royal Rajasthani Wedding

10 Riveting Rajasthani Wedding Traditions That Are Gist of A Royal Rajasthani Wedding

Rajasthan, the land of legendary personalities like Maharana Pratap and Rani Padmavati, the land of fearless and rampant warriors, the land where magnificence meets the rich cultural heritage, and the land where wedding functions are celebrated with utmost zeal like a grand festival.

Though there are different intriguing wedding traditions in different cultures of India, However, it's the royal, enticing, and meaningful wedding traditions of Rajasthan that fascinates us the most.

Many individuals have curiosity at the pinnacle to know and understand Rajasthani wedding traditions and rituals. How about if we take you on an exuberant tour of Marwari wedding traditions that are the gist of a royal Marwari wedding?

Brace yourself to read the vibrant and historically significant Rajasthani wedding traditions and learn all that you want to know about Royal Rajasthani weddings.

1. Bhaat Nyotana

bhaat nyotana

Bhaat Nyotana is the first and one of the foremost pre-wedding traditions in a Marwari wedding.

In this custom, the first invitation of the wedding, the bride and groom families send to each other. They send invitations along with a couple of gift items and give assurance to support each other for upcoming wedding functions.

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Both the sides bear the wedding expenses and render gifts to guests on a special day. The Nyotana part is conducted later in the Bhaat Bharna ceremony where the bride's side feed maternal uncles with jaggery and rice.

2. Nandi Ganesh Pooja

nandi ganesh pooja

For a hassle-free and scintillating wedding function, bride and groom side perform Nandi Ganesh Pooja separately before the big day.

It is a belief among Rajasthani people that they should make Lord Ganesha an integral part of the wedding function as he is the lord of happiness and good omen. This is the reason, in all Rajasthani weddings, you will find a young boy(Binayak) accompanying the groom-to-be in various pre-wedding and wedding rituals.

3. Palla and Janev Ceremony

Palla and Janev Ceremony

Palla and Janev are two of the most fascinating traditions of Rajasthani weddings.

In Janev ceremony, a groom wears a saffron color robe and a holy thread known as the Janev while performing the Havan for a seamless and happy nuptial life. While in the Palla ceremony, the groom's side visits the bride home with a myriad of stunning clothes and jewelry which the bride has to wear on the engagement or wedding day.

4. Tilak Ceremony

tilak ceremony

The Tilak ceremony is an indispensable part of every major Rajasthani occasion, be it a wedding function or festivals.

In Rajasthani weddings, Tilak ceremony is quite similar to the Roka ritual which actually means the official announcement of the wedding ceremony.

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In Rajput and Marwari weddings, a male member from the bride's family take gifts (sweets, clothes, and a sword) for the groom and his family. That male member( mostly it's the bride's brothers) puts a Tilak on the forehead of the groom.

5. Ganpati Sthapana

ganpati sthapna

No wedding function is considered as complete without worshipping the Lord Ganesha.

In Marwari weddings, Ganpati Sthapana is done to receive the blessings of Lord Ganesha and invoke him to shower happiness and opulence in the wedding.

6. Nikasi


Nikasi is one of the most enticing ceremonies in Rajasthani weddings. In this ceremony, the groom's sister ties a holy golden thread around the groom's head and then apply Kajal in the side to protect him from vicious vibes.

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7. Thamb Puja

thamb puja

The Thamn Puja is a quintessential part of Marwari weddings. On the big day, a Pandit from the groom's side performs a traditional Pooja of one of the pillars of the bride's house.

The Pooja of the pillar exemplifies the consolidated bond between the bride and the groom and a rock-solid foundation of the future.

8. Panigrahan


This Rajasthani wedding tradition is all about the groom's accepting the bride's responsibility. This intriguing wedding ceremony represents the union of two souls.

9. Aanjhala Bharai

aanjhala bharai

Aanjhala Bharai is one of the most captivating traditions among all the Rajasthani wedding traditions.

In this ritual, the groom's father drops down a bag full of money into the bride's lap which symbolizes that he has passed the financial responsibility of the house to her.

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10. Korath


Here comes the quirkiest one in the list. In the Korath ceremony, the Baraat from groom's side proceeds to the bride's home after they receive a welcome from the other side. The elder members of the family and the priest invite the groom's side, after the invitation they begin their journey.

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