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7 Stunning Pre wedding International Photoshoot Destinations For Picture Perfect Moments

7 Stunning Pre wedding International Photoshoot Destinations For Picture Perfect Moments

‘Photography is the beauty of life captured’-Tara Chisholm

People say that you get married only once, then why not make the moment memorable? A hyping suave trend for this year’s wedding season that is on every couples bucket list is getting a prewedding photoshoot done. Pre wedding shoots hold a special place in our hearts as the pictures tell the saga of your love. Traditional wedding photoshoot has become the talk of the past, young couples have warmly embraced the trend of a pre wedding photoshoot. Be it old school romance or a fairytale theme shoot a prewedding photoshoot is simply heartwarming and captures the true essence of your love story. Tired of the traditional photoshoot locations? Looking for uniqueness? Why not give prewedding international photoshoot destinations and locations a try.

Nothing spells love more than exploring the world exotic romantic locations with the love of your life as you go on an excursion tour to discover the hidden gems of the foreign lands. Make the excursion memorable by documenting it with a prewedding photoshoot to create a memory of a lifetime. The photoshoot pictures would be keepsakes of your journey and act as a reminder of the happy times that you had together. However, before hitting the road and embarking on the journey deciding the international prewedding shoot location proves to be a dainty task. Whether you’re in quest of some exquisite prewedding shoot location or just some quaint spot to spend some alone time together before you say ‘I do’, these destinations provide the perfect romantic setting. Beautified and amped by picturesque views these destinations are ideal for prewedding photoshoots.

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7 Trending Pre wedding International Photoshoot Destinations And Locations

1. Australia

International Photoshoot Destinations

A land of dramatic landscapes, the beauty of Australia never ceases to amaze the onlookers. From stunning beaches, great wildlife to bustling urban cities Australia is packed with the wonders of nature. If your dreaming of a pre-wedding getaway or photoshoot packed with adventure and fun then lovebirds trust us Australia is your destination. For those couples looking for a luxurious pre-wedding getaway and photoshoot should visit Melbourne which is home to edgy restaurants and bars strewn along the Yarra River.

If you’re looking for beachy vibes then you can consider visiting Sydney that attracts the crowds with its buzz and picturesque beaches. Indulge in a rejuvenating spa session or stay in style at the high-end hotels overlooking the Sydney Opera House. For those couples in quest of tranquil setting can explore the Hunter Valley wine region, Blue Mountain. Australia boasts of multiple pre-wedding shoot locations that are renowned for their bespoke beauty and serene ambience. If nature is your cup of tea then the scenic Perth with the picturesque Crawley Edge Boatshed serves as the perfect location for a natural pre-wedding photoshoot. Fly to Tasmania to indulge in the island vibes, explore the Great Barrier Reef or simply delve into the Aboriginal culture in the Australian Outback.

2.  Bali

bali pre wedding location

Renowned for its volcanic mountains, enthralling rice paddies, scenic beaches, Bali comes as a natural pick for couples seeking for a budget prewedding shoot location. Whether you choose to make memories by the sublime cliffs of the island or capturing the romantic moments by the beach with the backdrop amber hue of the setting sun, Bali is the perfect international prewedding shoot destination. Celebrate love as you have your prewedding photoshoot done in Bali.

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3. Japan

Prewedding International Photoshoot Destinations

Japan is a seamless blend of old-world charm and modern-day aesthetics. The city boasts a blend of ancient culture and cutting edge modernity along with offering breathtaking landscapes. Japan is a country that is a land of dreams. Traverse back in time as you visit Kyoto which features traditional wooden homes, ancient Buddhist monasteries and Shinto shrines for your prewedding jaunt. If your visiting the place during April-May than you would be lucky enough to witness the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

For those couples with a love for the historical places can get their prewedding shoot done in the historic city of Osaka and Nara which are rife with castles, temples and old-world charm. If you’re in quest of a natural setting than you can consider visiting Hokkaido which features rolling hills, primeval forests and lakes of bespoke beauty. Pamper your senses as you indulge in a relaxing spa session at the Onsen or rejuvenate in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of zen.

4. Iceland

iceland pre wedding shoot

Imagine a prewedding photoshoot under the blue skyline with the backdrop of snow-covered grounds. The contrasting colours of blue and white would add oomph to your prewedding photos. Iceland serves as the perfect prewedding international photoshoot destination for those couples in quest of adventure and beautiful landscapes. The breathtaking scenic beauty of Iceland paired with stunning glaciers, dramatic landscapes comprising of natural jet springs, geysers, volcanoes and the most sought after Northern light makes it a picturesque location for the prewedding shoots.

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5. California


California is a sprawling city by the bay that features the thriving Silicon Valley which is the best venue for a romantic pre wedding photoshoot. From scenic landscapes, cliffy beaches to undulating hills the scenic beauty of California serve as splendid backdrops for prewedding shoots. For those ardent movie buffs Beverly Hills which is the home to famous celebrities and Rodeo drive serves as an ideal shoot location. California offers more just shoot locations; it serves some great line up of activities like a visit to Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, surfing at the beaches of Santa Cruz, drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and way lot.

6. Santorini

Popularly known as the ‘Island of love’, Santorini located in Greece on the coast of Aegean sea is the perfect prewedding getaway destination. The iconic blue domes, white pristine walls, blue skyline, sparkling waters make for the perfect scenic backdrop your pre-wedding shoots in Santorini.

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7. Paris


Talking about love and not mentioning Paris is a faux pas. Known as the city of love Paris is the ideal pace for proposal, prewedding shoots and a destination wedding. Paris is well known for its iconic landmarks like Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc De Triomph and Versailles Palace that are perfect for the prewedding snaps. If historical places are not your thing then worry not as the city of love has something befitting the likes of everyone. The café culture of Paris is famous you can get your prewedding shoot done in a beautiful café of the city.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, let your prewedding pictures do the talking and tell your love story. Which prewedding international destinations and locations are you bookmarking? Tell us in the comments below about your choice.

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