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6 Must-Have Ethnic Sarees for Every Bengali Bride

6 Must-Have Ethnic Sarees for Every Bengali Bride

Are you a to-be bong bride impending biye? Are you gearing up to be an Oti Shundori Bengali bride? Draped in a red Banarasi saree with heavy zari work, with her bright red bindi, Chandan dots on forehead, dramatic eyes, gobs of gold jewels, traditional mukut, aalta laded hands and feet and ever sharp features a Bengali bride for no doubt is considered as an epitome of beauty and grace. No matter how much westernized we might become but the timeless six-yard long saree is what brings out the true beauty of an Indian woman.

Remember the evergreen Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya starrer Bollywood flick Devdas which portrayed the beauty of Bengali women and characterized Parvati in the iconic Bengali saree. The rich look of the saree and the timeless draping style is what makes Bengali sarees the most sought after in the market. Coming to weddings one simply cannot ignore the significance of a saree and the manner in which it makes a bride to appear graceful and of bespoke beauty.

The very mention of a Bengali wedding and the imageries that strike the mind is that of beautiful women clad in the ethnic Bengali sarees. The Bengali girls are blessed with naturally sharp features and a saree is what brings out their natural beauty thus making them the centre of attraction. A variety of Bengali sarees are available in vibrant hues and patterns in the wedding market. Here are some of the exclusive Bengali sarees that every bong bride must have in her wardrobe.

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7 Traditional Bengali Sarees For Every Bride

1. Korial Saree

korial saree

Korial lal pari saree is one of the most sought after Bengali saree. Korial sarees indicate to a spotless piece that has a rich and opulent weave. Korial Banarasi saree in white with a red border with deep red or solid colour in it is a timeless piece that is of bespoke beauty and grace. A korial saree in cream and peach combination is like a match made in heaven. The korial saree is perfect for a wedding reception.

2.  Taant Saree

bengali bridal saree

Tired of heavy silk sarees? Give the traditional, crisp, soft cotton Taant saree a try. Taant sarees are the best handloom sarees in Bengali cotton varieties. Taant sarees are extremely lightweight and are available with subtle motifs present all over the body and with ornate designs spread over the pallu and border. The taant sarees are ideal for work and casual wear.

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3. Baluchari Saree

Baluchari Saree

The traditional Baluchari saree derives its origin from a village named Baluchar in Murshidabad. Baluchari saree is one of the finest weaves that displays the skills of the artisans. Baluchari sarees are silk saree made of Tusshar or pure silk with floral imprints running across the body of the saree and remarkable scenes from the Ramayan and Mahabharat inscribed on the pallu. Turn heads towards you as you don a Baluchari saree on your D-day and reception.

4. Murshidabad Silk Saree

murshidabad silk saree

Who said that only south India specializes in silk sarees? Even West Bengal offers a plethora of exquisite silk sarees. Murshidabad silk sarees are lightweight and comprise of beautifully printed designs. For those ardent art lovers, there is no other better pick than a Murshidabad silk saree with elaborate designs. Murshidabad silk sarees are best suited for those evening parties and cocktail hour soiree.

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5. Garad Saree

garad saree bengali

Garad Saree is like the twin sister of Korial saree. For a non-Bengali spotting the difference between the two sarees is a dainty task. What sets Garad saree apart from the Korial saree is that it has a lighter red border with flower-shaped symbols and motifs spread across it that gives it a more feminine and attractive look. Garad saree is best suited for engagement and other small scale functions.

6. Tussar Silk Saree

tussar silk saree

Tussar is widely produced in several places but it is majorly produced in Malda of West Bengal. A bit coarse in structure Tussar silk is available in two styles namely Patta and Butti. Steal the limelight at your reception as you flaunt a tussar silk saree in vibrant hues.

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