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Lip-Smacking Gujarati Wedding Dishes That Are Quintessential At a Gujju Wedding!

Lip-Smacking Gujarati Wedding Dishes That Are Quintessential At a Gujju Wedding!

Gujarati weddings are renowned in the entire country for their exuberance, magnificence, and tongue-tickling food items.

Hop on to any Gujju wedding, and you will find a colossal selection of flavorsome Gujarati dishes which you have never heard of, but they are scrumptious in the taste.

Be it a Gujarati, Punjabi, or Rajasthani wedding, no wedding function is complete without the fine array of mouth-watering local and international cuisines.

Gujarati Wedding menu has such a gargantuan range of cuisines that it becomes difficult for couples to select the best ones for their event. The essence of a perfect wedding menu is the balance of local flavors to satiate the taste bud of guests.

To pull off a grand feast in your Gujarati wedding, we've rounded up the best of Gujarati wedding food that you can't afford to miss. Let's savor the fine detail of each Gujarati dish to the fullest.

Lip-Smacking Gujarati Wedding Dishes

1. Dhokla

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This signature dish of Gujarat has every right to be at the top of our list. 

Not only this damn fine delicacy is extremely mouth-watering, but also it is equally healthy. We recommend a separate live counter for this dish if you are planning to include it in the wedding.

To spice up the flavor of Dhokla manifold times, pair it with green Chutney or serve it with Tartar sauce.

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2. Handvo

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Here is the low-calorie dish for all fitness-freak Gujjus out there in the wedding function.

Though it looks like a pie, this dish is quite tongue-tickling in the taste. Handov is prepared by mixing the various pulses, and the best part about this dish is you can mix up vegetables to augment the flavor.

The handvo dish is a smash hit among Gujarati people. You can eat this either with chutney or without chutney.

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3. Patra

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If you want to render a dish to guests which has the perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness, this must have Gujarati dish will never disappoint you.

Prepared with steamed leaves and gram flour filling, this utterly toothsome dish is a subtle combination of crunchiness and melt-in-the-mouth texture. 

To amp up the appearance and flavor of this dish, serve it with a range of dips and grated coconut.

4. Lilva Kachori

Lilva Kachori
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Well, the name itself of this dish is making us gulp the saliva. This dish massively resembles with momos. However, it is way spicier than momos.

Lilva Kachori is completely packed with crushed and spicy green peas and it is served with Amchur chutney to balance the spiciness. Give this dish a separate live counter, and we bet all of your guests would eat Lilva kachori more than once.

5. Methi Pakoda

Methi Pakoda
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Getting hitched during the Monsoon season? This melt-in-the-mouth and tongue-tickling dish is mandatory to include in the wedding menu.

Methi pakoda is filled with Chickpea batter with Methi, and the uncooked balles are marinated in the mixture of gram flour. Make this dish the tastiest item in the wedding food menu by serving it with coriander chutney.

6. Sev Tameta

Sev Tameta
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Sev Tameta is a dish with humongous popularity among Gujju people. When the crunchy sev soak up in the sour tomato gravy, the result is delectable Sev Tameta dish.

It is best enjoyed with either Poori or fried rice. An exemplary wedding dish for Gujarati wedding in every sense.

7. Rasawala Aloo

Rasawala Aloo
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Though this tongue-tickling dish in an integral part of many Indian wedding styles, however, it a rage in Gujarat. No wedding meal is complete without the flavorsome Rasawala Aloo dish.

In this dish, potatoes are cut in bigger pieces and marinated in the flavorsome tomato gravy to make this lip-smacking dish. It can be eaten with tortillas, poori, or any type of bread.

8. Stuffed Okra or Bharela Bhinda

Stuffed Okra or Bharela Bhinda
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Another signature dish of Gujarat which you will surely spot on at Gujarati weddings.

Bharela Bhindi is a stuffed version of normal Bhindi. You can prepare this dish without much of a hitch and can serve it on any occasion. You can make a lot of variations in fillings by adding different vegetables and make the dish more mouth-watering.

The above-mentioned wedding dishes are competent enough to satiate the taste bud of Gujju people. Give a cultural twist to your wedding menu by including some of these flavoursome dishes!

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