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6 Awe-Inspiring Indian Wedding Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

6 Awe-Inspiring Indian Wedding Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

“The highest happiness on Earth is the happiness of marriage”-William Lyon Phelps

A wedding is a blissful occasion. It is the celebration of the union of two souls in the bond of togetherness. Every couple desires to get hitched in style; they want their special day to be a trendsetter. Talking of trends owning to the hype generated by marriages every year new Indian wedding trends are being roped in. Keeping in the line with the trends of the year the wedding services are customized to keep up with the theme. The wedding trends are what separate the celebration apart from the league. No matter whether you’re a couple getting hitched or are into the wedding business the trends are to influence bound you.

Indian marriages are big fat weddings full of pomp and splendor. Right from film fare themed sangeet, filmy baraat entry to dramatic vidaai the modern Indian weddings are no less than Bollywood extravaganza. The inclusion of the trends in the wedding is what spices up the gala celebrations. Looking for wedding trends that would add oodles of charm to your special day. Then you have arrived at the right place for we have brought for you the latest Indian wedding trends 2020. Scroll down to find out more about it.

6 Swoon-Worthy Indian Wedding Trends For 2020

With the passage of time wedding trends are undergoing through transformation. Finding a soulmate is easier but picking a trend for your D-day proves to be a dainty task. Following the right trend can take the charm of your wedding to seventh heaven. The wedding trends are what adds to the grandeur and magnificence of the wedding. Stand out from the crowd as you include these trends in your wedding ensemble. So here are some of the latest Indian wedding trends for 2020 that you need to follow.

1. Eco-friendly Wedding

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The increased awareness about the environment has caused the couples to get conscious of Mother Nature. The environment consciousness has sprouted up the concept of sustainable weddings. Eco-friendly wedding decorations of late have become the latest Indian wedding decor trends 2020. Eco-friendly weddings have made rustic wedding themes popular. So don’t get startled if get invited to a wedding and find wooden benches instead of the normal wedding seats as it would mean that the couple is having an eco-friendly wedding

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2. Offbeat Décor

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Floral and drape décor has become a talk of the past. Offbeat décor which uses pamper grass, feathers, tassels have become the talk of today. The soft and wispy quality of the grass and feather has made the decorators do away with fresh blossoms. So if your looking for some unique décor ideas for your weddings then simply opt for offbeat décor accessories as they not just look classy but also prove to be economical.

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3. Serene Photoshoots

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The millennial generations are more conscious about their social image and they can go miles to leave their footprint on the digital platform. Keeping in mind the taste of the modern generation the concept of distance photoshoot has been roped in. The couples to make their wedding album instaworthy travel to places to get their wedding photoshoot done. Serene locations, distance photoshoot, quirky poses that is what sums up the wedding photography trends 2020.

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4. Unconventional menu

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Weddings are solely not limited to their décor rather the grandeur of it is judged from the array of gastronomic delights served. The weddings of this year have raised the bar of the food served and have made an unconventional menu popular. Nude cakes with fruit décor under the unconventional menu have become the latest wedding cake trends 2020So get ready to taste some nontraditional cuisines this wedding season.

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5. Intimate Weddings

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Gone are the days of big fat weddings. Modern-day couples prefer to have an intimate micro wedding in the presence of their close kith and kin. The trend is being embraced by the couples as it keeps the traditions alive and enables them to have their dream wedding on a budget. Why get your wedding venue flocked by hordes of relatives of relatives and friends of friends and over expend your budget? Simply embrace this trend to celebrate your D-day in the presence of your near and dear ones.

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6. Illustrated Invites

Pic credit - Pink-Whistle-Man

Pic credit - Pink-Whistle-Man

Tired of the boring old fashioned wedding invites? Then the custom illustrations wedding invitation trends 2020 is meant for you. The customized illustration of the invites gives it a personal touch. Right from caricatures of the bride and groom to sketching map of the wedding destination the illustrated options are many. Bring out the artist in you and surprise your guests with your wedding invite.

So these are some of the latest Indian wedding trends 2020. Which one are you bookmarking? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.

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