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23 Eye-Catching Simple Indian Wedding Décor Ideas: Magnetic and Captivating Ideas You Mustn’t Ignore

23 Eye-Catching Simple Indian Wedding Décor Ideas: Magnetic and Captivating Ideas You Mustn’t Ignore

This thought of dream wedding is always associated with girls rather than men. Men perhaps don’t think about their dream wedding, that how they want to do it but girls definitely. Yeah, men definitely think about their dream girl, to whom they want to marry. 

Girls think that they do this, they do that, entrance would be enchanting, stage would be marvelous, everywhere would be flowers hanging in the venue, girls and boy dancing, this dish is going to be, and innumerable thoughts they imagine about their wedding. 

Indirectly, if we talk technically it is all related to, girls’ dream wedding thoughts, to their wedding décor. Indirectly we are saying. We know that you are definitely able to think this way as we are saying. The whole thing is about wedding decoration ideas, like how your wedding venue is decorated with starry, crystallous , shimmering, flowering, eyes-popping décor that your guests might think that they have come into a heaven when they come into your wedding. 

So to all those girls who are imagining about their dream wedding, we are providing them some simple Indian wedding decoration ideas by which they can decorate their wedding venues, or instruct others to do so. How you do it or make it do it, your choice. 

Here Are Our All The Best, Creative, Out-of-The-Box, Never-Seen Wedding Decoration Ideas for Wedding Ceremonies:

Feel-Full Hanging Kites

Feel-Full Hanging Kites best wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

 Though flowers look traditionally good, but not always flowers are the choice.  You can use kites hangings making a layer of it. Different and various colors of kites look cool when they are used for wedding décor. It is a low budget Indian wedding decoration idea, and one of the best, we think. 

Beautiful Colorful Tassels

Beautiful Colorful Tassels wedding decor ideas

Shoot By - Photowale

Whether it is your Haldi ceremony or just some evening wedding ceremony functions, beautiful colorful tassels hanging look photogenic, and when matched with twinkling lights, they are so awesome. Your Sangeet ceremony can be done under it, what you think?

Unused Sarees

Unused Sarees wedding decor ideas

Decor By - eventology

You can use those unused colorful sarees for wedding décor which are not used by your family’s females. If they are not wearing them anymore, you can definitely use them. For mandap decoration, these colorful sarees are the best choice, that if you don’t ignore, then guests would certainly praise you. 

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Flowers Garlands

Flowers Garlands wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

A wedding is a week-long going event in Indian families. And in Indian weddings, they are traditionally always used. When the final day of your wedding has come, on that day, use various flowers garlands at the entrance. When groom will come with Baraat, he and his friends certainly get blown out by the soothing garlands décor. Or you can use it anywhere wherever you want to use it. 

Creative use of Gota Patti

Creative use of Gota Patti wedding decor ideas

Those who have a creative mind they can use anything creatively. Where there are trees in your wedding venues, you can there hang golden color or other colors’ Gota Patti wherever you think you should. Golden color Gota Patti look attractive when hung with trees. 

Illuminating Glowing Lanterns

Illuminating Glowing Lanterns wedding decor ideas

Decor By - Amantran Weddings

We all have lanterns at homes. And when the electricity goes, rarely anyone uses them. In your wedding, you can illuminate your whole wedding venue with them. Put them here and there in a glass box in the wedding venue, lighting them. Especially when evening will approach, they definitely change the whole wedding atmosphere. One of the best simple Indian wedding décor ideas for wedding, small glass jars can also be used for keeping them. 

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Under the Umbrellas’ Shadow

Under the Umbrellas’ Shadow wedding decor ideas

Decor By - Amantran Weddings

For Mehndi ceremony, the colorful umbrellas décor will be best. Hang a bunch of colorful umbrellas altogether covering a certain space. Designers ones can also be used especially Rajasthani ones. Whether you dance, or banter with your friends, or do Mehndi ceremony under the colorful umbrellas’ shadow, your choice.

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Round Splendid Photobooth

Round Splendid Photobooth wedding decor ideas

Decor By - Amantran Weddings

Whether a bride sits, or a groom sits or any other relative sits, when pictured with this splendid photobooth, you gonna love it for your whole life. So soothing, smoothing, flowery this photo booth with the backdrop of water. 

Memorable Forever Quotes

Memorable Forever Quotes wedding decor ideas

Decor By - royalaffairweddings

Quotes décor ideas are in vogue. Quotes written in weddings like “collect memories”, “these moments never gonna come” and others are drool-worthy. It can be anything whatever you want whether for friends, guests, family or for individual persons. If these are in your wedding, it is going to be soulful. 

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Balloonous Serene Comfortable Sitting

Balloonous Serene Comfortable Sitting wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

Whether you want to play Antrakshari or just want to banter, or want to flirt fairly with bridesmaids, it is the perfect sitting idea with a few balloons in the air. Any color of it you can have. Whether in the mid-air or just a little bit more high in the air, all would look perfect. It is one of the fascinating simple wedding décor ideas for weddings. Just choose the calm, serene and right space for it. 

Various Emotions Kathputlis

Various Emotions Kathputlis wedding decor ideas

Decor By - dilliwaleweddings

The play of Kathputlis was our culture and still is but it is perhaps now a rare sight where kathputlis show is held. But you can still use Kathputlis buying from the market for your wedding décor. Whether you put them somewhere, or hang them or use it in another style. It will attract the guests’ eyes and perhaps it could be the center of attraction of your wedding. Everyone appreciating it. 

Florally Decorated Rickshaw

Florally Decorated Rickshaw wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

A sight or spot in your wedding where everyone can be pictured together. The florally decorated rickshaw is the best photoshoot idea. Whether bride and groom or whole family can be shot together with it. 

Dhaba Style Sitting Arrangement

Dhaba Style Sitting Arrangement wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

Rather than putting chairs for guests’ sitting, you can put Charpai (a four-legged light bed) for them. If you do so, you are going to create a Dhaba style sitting arrangement in your wedding, which guests will tremendously enjoy. 

Melodious Wind-Chimes Music

Melodious Wind-Chimes Music wedding decor ideas

Decor By - theweddingsalad

When wind-chimes chime as the breeze comes, their melodious sound feels so soothing and calming to the ears. You can also have them in your wedding hanging somewhere whether at the all entrances or just a bunch of them around every corner of the venue. They will bring melody to the wedding. 

Starry Twinkling Entrance

Starry Twinkling Entrance wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

“The first impression is the last impression.” It is always said. So wedding entrance decorated with twinkling lights supported by poles or bamboos leaves a unique magical experience to your guests. You can have different colors of light also. 

Uncomparable Bulb Décor

Uncomparable Bulb Décor wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

Don’t mind they are not for lighting your memory! These unique bulbs are for your wedding venue décor that can easily be bought from the market.  They look like golden bubbles dropping from the sky.

Comfortable Necklace Canopy

Comfortable Necklace Canopy wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

Canopy tents attract children a lot and one of the best-sitting arrangements for drink party in the wedding. Drinking, singing and enjoying can go all hand-in-hand with it. 

Woven Bangles

Woven Bangles wedding decor ideas

Shoot By - thesnappatch

Various colors of bangles of different sizes woven by a thread can also be used for wedding décor. It is one of the simplest wedding décor ideas that anyone can do it. Don’t need much hard work, just some unused bangles and a colored thread, knot it and hang the layers of them wherever you want to.

Colorful Laces Everywhere

Colorful Laces Everywhere wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

You must have used colorful laces when you were a small kid in making crafts during your school time. These laces you can also use for the wedding décor, whether you wrap around trees or poles or hang them by something, just use several of them. With the use of colorful laces, your wedding venue is going to have a rainbow effect. 

Flowers Zhoomars/Chandeliers

Flowers Zhoomars/Chandeliers wedding decor ideas

Decor By - dreamzkrraftweddings

Flowers zhoomars in wedding look traditional and aesthetical, like creating a templous feel, giving the idea like so many traditional wedding ceremonies going to take place. 

Kettles, Musical Instruments & Paraphernalia

Kettles, Musical Instruments & Paraphernalia wedding decor ideas

Decor By - Mark1DecorsandEvents

Say your wedding decorator to bring kettles, musical instruments, matkis, and other unique stuff to bring together and weave it all together except heavy stuff. This gonna be one of the cool, eye-catching spot in the wedding.  

Origami/Paper Art

Origami/Paper Art wedding decor ideas

Decor By - royalaffairweddings

Origami is the art of paper folding and creating unique shapes with them. We all have done in our childhood. So creating various shapes, it can be anything whether of boats, your favorite cartoon characters or any other, can be used for wedding décor. This Origami art décor is one of the easiest and low budget wedding décor ideas, though time taking.

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Real Leaves Clipped/Eco-Decor

Real Leaves Clipped/Eco-Decor wedding decor ideas

Pic Via - pinterest

Trees’ leaves whether yellow or green, pick all fallen leaves and clip them with thread or with thread. There can be different and various size of leaves. A green, eco wedding décor idea it is. Artificial leaves can also be used. 

Hence these are the some of the best, drool-worthy, enchanting, luxury Indian wedding décor ideas that you can implement in the wedding or ceremonies. These are the low budget and creative and don’t need any manual hard work. And remember, your wedding photos come only resplendent when your wedding décor is as gorgeous as you are.!

Apart from that if you have other creative wedding décor ideas that you have used in your wedding or have photos of them, then share with us and we will feature them if they are beautiful and eye-catching.

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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