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Creative Vidaai Ceremony Ideas: Vidaai Aise Jaise Kissi Ki Nahi

Creative Vidaai Ceremony Ideas: Vidaai Aise Jaise Kissi Ki Nahi

It seems so strange, a strange kind of feeling comes when the daughter whom you raise you up your whole life, after the wedding, goes with her love to his place. In a wedding, there are a number of different ceremonies, fun and entertainment all there in a wedding but there is only one ceremony which is happy sad, and it is Vidaai ceremony where your daughter finally gets escorted to her new home with all relatives, friends, and parents waving her for a new life.

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As all wedding ceremonies in every wedding are given a modern touch, then how Vidaai ceremony can get escaped! These days Vidaai ceremony is not like old days where a bride just sits in a doli and goes. We tell you how nowadays’ Vidaai ceremony is being given a modern creative touch where a bride doesn’t vidaai in a car but could be in anything.

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The Royal Savari

vidai ideas

You know in the times of Maharajas and Maharanis when they get wed how their vidaai ceremony was done? Definitely on an elephant or with a caravan of elephants and horses. This type of vidaai looks super awesome, royal and enchanting. Though it is your choice whether you want to add a caravan or not but savari on an elephant gives a royal touch.

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The Ride together

ride together

In weddings, a groom comes on a mare, so when the vidaai ceremony comes, the bride can go with the groom on the same mare sitting with him, seeing the world with him.

Aaja Meri taxi main baith ja

aaja meri taxi mai baith ja

You must have wandered your city in a taxi and must have felt the bumps on roads that give you the jumps many times. But this time during vidaai ceremony in your wedding, ride with your groom as he the driver and you the customer. “Aur meter chalu karna mat bhulna.”

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The old charm, palanquin (Bhaiyo ki lag jaayegi)

send off ideas

This you must have seen in many Bollywood movies where a bride during vidaai goes in a palanquin carried by brothers and groom going on a mare holding a sword in his hand, instructing all, directing to his land.

On bikes, it looks so strike…king

wedding exit ideas

Bike chalana kon pasand nahi karta…. Whether you ride together on one Harley, any your favorite or on two if your bride knows how to rein the beast, then your vidaai looks brumm…..rocking.

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Decorate your bicycle

bicycle decorate

This is also one of the old-time fads when a boy chases a girl on a cycle. But on your vidaai you don’t need to chase, just sit and paddle it to the destination where you want to go. “Bus cycle main hawa bharana mat bhulna.”

Vintage car……….kher daha degi

vidaai ideas

Rather than decorating a new car for vidaai, use old vintage and decorate it with so many flowers provided it looks like a heavenly sail.

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Leisure pleasure vidaai ride in a Rickshaw

wedding exit ideas

A rickshaw can also be your vidaai ceremony vehicle. Decorate it as you want, give the message behind creatively.

On a boat that looks hot

vidai in boat

If you have done beach wedding, and want to reach your destination through water then for vidaai, boat is the best choice. It can be decorated with flowers if you want to, otherwise, with just your names it will look cool.

Vidaai also with baraat

vidai with barat

 Groom goes to bride’s house with baraat, friends, guests, relatives dancing, drinking and doing all the fun. Then why not bride’s vidaai should be with a baraat also? Rather than shedding tears, dance, drink and cheer. 

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His arms, my original chariot

bidai ideas

He holds you in his arms, you feel warm, loved and charmed. He taking you in his hands, it looks you don’t need any car, bike, boat, and any other thing for your vidaai. It is one of the best ideas for your last wedding ceremony.

So much comfortable on golf-cart

golf cart exit

We don’t know how many of you play golf but must have ridden a golf-cart, which is so smooth and a cute buggie type that gives you a comfortable ride. And your closed two-three friends can also sit.

Rain of flowers

rain of flowers

It is definite that when you came into your parents’ life, you spread the fragrance in their life of a beautiful flower. Then why not on your vidaai, there should be a rain of flowers, where you just step out from one stair with your groom, and flowers get poured down.

A video of your childhood – a perfect vidaai

chidhood videos

Yes, after your wedding, you are going with your husband finally to a new home and new life. But to make your vidaai special, why not play the video of your childhood time of how you grew up, what you did, with whom you played, and when you went to school with your two braids hanging tied with ribbons. Whatever you did in your childhood, it can be the best vidaai, always and ever remembering.

When your all brothers dance for you or the whole family

brother dance on vidai

Brother and sister relationship is always like fire and water. But it is your brother only that on your wedding manages it whole and does all the work in it provided no any lack remains and your wedding becomes so special that you could never forget. And what can be more special when on your vidaai, your all brothers, from your mother and father’s side, dance for you, just to please you that you don’t shed a single tear on your vidaai, rather laugh seeing your brothers unwavy, incoherent, abnormal dance moves.

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Among and through the sparkles

creative vidai ideas

All your friends, relatives and guest holding sparkles for you during your vidaai, and when you go through it with your love, it feels like heavens have come down for you.

So many vidaai ceremony ideas we have told you. Now it is upto you what you select for your vidaai ceremony. They are all creative. On the other hand, if you have gone through different vidaai idea then share with us.  

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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