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7 Insta-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Big Day!

7 Insta-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Big Day!

Can you recall the most exciting moment of your childhood birthday parties? It was the cake cutting time, where you and your little buddies used to surround the cake, eagerly waiting for the sweet delight. But nowadays, taking inspiration from western weddings, Indian couples too are adding a sweet moment to their big day by having a wedding cake cutting ceremony. Hence it won’t be wrong to say, kids or adults, everybody loves cake!

Now you may think that choosing a cake is an easy-peasy task. All one has to do is, find a baker, choose the flavor, design and voila, its done. But we wish it was that uncomplicated. With endless options of cake design and flavors available in the market, you will get confused in deciding the perfect wedding cake for the big day. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 7 not so traditional wedding cake designs, which will make all the guests go WOW!


7 Unique Wedding Cakes Images For Your Inspiration


Gold Foil Cake: Yes, you read it right! We are talking about a cake decked up with 24K gold foil. If you have no qualms in spending a good amount of money on the wedding cakes, then we highly recommend adding golden sparkle to the function with this sweet and luxurious delight.

gold foil cake for wedding


Light Cake: Who could’ve imagined, an admixture of cake and electric lights could create such a marvelous and breathtaking visual? And if we take a closer look, this concept is nothing but a smart play of aesthectics using small lights. A very new concept for the Indian market and one which you should definitely try for the wedding. 

lights cake for wedding function


Flower Cake: Simplicity is the ultimate sophisitication, and this statement holds cent percent relevance for a cake decked up with gorgeous natural flowers. Trust us, this no fuss cake will surely cost way less than any other complicated design. You just need to pick up seasonal natural flowers, and ask the baker to place them gracefully so it merges with the wedding cakes design.

flower wedding cake


Cupcake Cake: We all love cute little cupcakes! They come in so many scrumptious flavors and appealing designs. You can create a perfect cake for the wedding by arranging cupcakes of same or different flavors on a cake stand. The best part is, they are comparatively cheap and can be easily customized as per personal preferences. 

wedding cupcake-cake


Pancake Cake: If you love pancakes in breakfast, which are dripping in honey with a dollop of sweet cream, then why not have it as your wedding cake? You will be delighted to know how creatively bakers are designing custom made pancake cakes for couples and making their wedding day super special. Top it with fruits or honey or cream or all, whatever you like! 

pancake wedding cake


Fruit Cake: We are not talking of a fruit flavored cake, rather we are talking about a cake which is entirely made up of fruits. A delight for the health freak, fruit lovers – a wedding cake made up different fruits is an ideal choice. A pro tip, you should pick fruits by keeping the season in mind, and avoid selecting non-seasonal ones as they will not be fresh. 

furit wedding cake


Mini Cake: Similar to a wedding cupcake, this design usually comprises of identical miniature cakes, based on the number of wedding guests. So what you have is one big wedding cakes with names which becomes the centre piece and is surrounded by mini versions of the main cake.

wedding mini cake


Choosing A Quintessential Cake Topper

The cake is important but an eye-catching topper work wonders and give a charming look. You can easily surf internet for calligraphy cake toppers, and also order them online. Here are some ideas for your reference.


wedding cake


wedding cake toppers funny


wedding cake toppers fun


wedding cake toppers unique


wedding cake toppers personalised


wedding cake toppers personalized


wedding cake toppers rustic


wedding cake toppers custom


wedding cake toppers vintage


best wedding cake toppers


wedding cake toppers bride and groom


wedding cake toppers 50th anniversary


wedding cake topper ideas


wedding cake topper lovely


couple wedding cake topper


best wedding cake ideas


wedding cake toppers


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