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Auspicious wedding dates in 2020 Shaadi Ki Taarikh Pakki Kar Lo!

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Auspicious wedding dates in 2020 Shaadi Ki Taarikh Pakki Kar Lo!

Shaadi Keval Chehra Dekh Ke Nahi Kari Jaati, Chaand Sitare Bhi Dekhe Jaate Hain”. It simply means that weddings are not done only by seeing each other’s faces, while stars play the important roles, especially in Indian weddings. Auspicious wedding dates and Muhurat are considered important in Indian culture whether you are doing marriage or any other work like buying a bike or building a house. It is always like that in India. We consider always a pundit first about what are the auspicious dates whatever big and important we are doing in our life. So if you are going to marry in 2020 or planning to or thinking about it, then for you here are the auspicious wedding dates in 2020 that you can consider on which you want to get into wed-lock.

Now your love has matured enough and it is time to get married guys. You still want to meet secretly without telling your parents for your whole life? Yeah, there is a great fun in it but every time being secretive about relationship is not good. Declare your love to all, to this world that you love each other and cannot live without each other. Say your parents that you love someone, someone is in your life. Don’t shy and if it is arrange marriage then no worries. “Aapke Mummy Papa Aapki Kundali Mila Lege”! Aur Shubh Vivah Muhurat in 2020 Main Dekh Lege. You just carry on talking on your phones love birds. 

Marriage always or sometimes feels, we exactly can’t say this whether it is sometimes or always, but it feels a great kind of happiness in heart that you are now getting married to someone to whom you dearly love with all your heart but it also seems a bit strange, a kind of nervousness, you can understand what we want to say. There is no exact description for the feelings. These can only be understood and felt. 2019 has almost gone and slowly going as you are sipping the cup of coffee planning ahead for it. New Year is just few months ahead, and with coming New Year, new life is coming. Some love birds will get married in 2020, some start to chat or beat for each other. Coming year will be filled with all new possibilities and of course auspicious marriage dates in 2020 for you. Get married and start a whole new, pious prosperous journey! Wish you all the best, all the luck and all the life! 

Wedding Dates in 2020 for all months according to Hindu calendar


Wedding Dates In January 2020

Wedding Dates In January 2020

Auspicious Nakshatra
15 January, 2020 (Wednesday) 07:19 to 31:13 Uttara Phalguni Panchami, Shashthi
16 January, 2020 (Thursday) 20:32 to 26:31+ Hasta Saptami
17 January, 2020 (Friday) 25:12+ to 31:18+ Swati Ashtami, Navami
18 January, 2020 (Saturday) 07:18 to 12: 26 Swati Navami
20 January, 2020 (Monday) 07:59 to 23:30 Anuradha Ekadashi
29 January, 2020 (Wednesday) 12:13 to 31:14+ Uttara Bhadrapada Panchami
30 January, 2020 (Thursday) 07:14 to 31:14+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Panchami, Shashthi
31 January, 2020 (Friday) 07:14 to 11:25 Revati Shashthi


Wedding Dates In February 2020

Hindu Wedding Dates In February 2020

Auspicious Nakshatra
3 February, 2020 (Monday)  24:52+ to 30:13+  Rohini Dashami
9 February, 2020 (Sunday) 25:03+ to 31:07+ Magha Pratipada
10 February, 2020 (Monday) 07:07 to 11:32 Magha Pratipada, Dwitiya
11 February, 2020 (Tuesday) 26:52+ to 31:06+ Uttara Phalguni Chaturthi
12 February, 2020 (Wednesday) 07:26 to 23:37 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Chaturthi
16 February, 2020 (Sunday) 07:03 to 11: 49 Anuradha Ashtami
18 February, 2020 (Tuesday) 14:32 to 30:06+ Mula Ekadashi
25 February, 2020 (Tuesday) 19:10 to 30:53+ Uttara Bhadrapada Dwitiya, Tritiya
26 February, 2020 (Wednesday) 06:53 to 30:52+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Tritiya, Chaturthi
27 February, 2020 (Thursday) 06:52 to 17:27 Revati Chaturthi

Wedding Dates In March 2020

Bengali Marriage Dates In March 2020

Auspicious Nakshatra
2 March, 2020 (Monday) 25:26+ to 30: 47+ Rohini Ashtami
3 March, 2020 (Tuesday) 06:47 to 30: 46+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha Ashtami, Navami
4 March, 2020 (Wednesday) 06:43 to 11: 23 Mrigashirsha Navami
8 March, 2020 (Sunday) 12:11 to 27:03+ Magha Chaturdashi
11 March, 2020 (Wednesday) 08:12 to 18: 59 Hasta Dwitiya, Tritiya
12 March, 2020 (Thursday) 16:15 to 24: 04+ Swati Chaturthi


Wedding Dates In April 2020

muhurtham dates 2020 in April

Auspicious Nakshatra
14 April, 2020 (Tuesday) 19:41 to 29: 59+ Uttara Ashadha Ashtami
15 April, 2020 (Wednesday) 05:59 to 21:04 Uttara Ashadha Ashtami, Navami
25 April, 2020 (Saturday) 20:57 to 29:48+ Rohini Tritiya
26 April, 2020 (Sunday) 05:48 to 23: 55 Rohini Tritiya, Chaturthi

Wedding Dates In May 2020

Telugu Wedding Dates In May 2020

Auspicious Nakshatra
2 May, 2020 (Saturday) 06:43 to 23:40 Magha Navami, Dashami
4 May, 2020 (Monday) 08:36 to 29: 40+ Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Dwadashi, Trayodashi
5 May, 2020 (Tuesday) 05:40 to 16: 38 Hasta Trayodashi
6 May, 2020 (Wednesday) 13:51 to 19:44 Swati Chaturdashi
8 May, 2020 (Friday) 08:38 to 28: 56 Anuradha Pratipada
10 May, 2020 (Sunday) 08:03 to 28:13 Mula Chaturthi
12 May, 2020 (Tuesday) 05:36 to 28: 54+ Uttara Ashadha Shashthi
17 May, 2020 (Sunday) 13:58 to 29: 32+ Uttara Bhadrapada Ekadashi
18 May, 2020 (Monday) 05:32 to 29: 32+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Ekadashi, Dwadashi
19 May, 2020 (Tuesday) 05:32 to 13:09 Revati Dwadashi
23 May, 2020 (Saturday) 11:45 to 29: 29+ Rohini Pratipada, Dwitiya
24 May, 2020 (Sunday) 05:29 to 29: 29+ Mrigashirsha Dwitiya, Tritiya

Wedding Dates In June 2020

shubh muhurat for marriage in june 2020

Auspicious Nakshatra
9 June, 2020 (Tuesday) 05:26 to 11:27 Uttara Ashadha Chaturthi
13 June, 2020 (Saturday) 21:27 to 29:27+ Uttara Bhadrapada Ashtami, Navami
14 June, 2020 (Sunday) 05:27 to 29:27+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Navami, Dashami
15 June, 2020 (Monday) 05:27 to 16:29 Revati Dashami
25 June, 2020 (Thursday) 18:11+ to 29:29+ Magha Panchami
26 June, 2020 (Friday) 05:29 to 11:25 Magha Panchami, Shashthi
28 June, 2020 (Sunday) 13:44 to 20:13 Hasta Ashtami


Wedding Dates In November 2020

shubh vivah muhurat in November 2020

Auspicious Nakshatra
25 November, 2020 (Wednesday) 06:56 to 15:54 Uttara Bhadrapada Ekadashi
30 November (Monday) 07:00 to 31:00+ Rohini Purnima, Pratipada

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Wedding Dates In December 2020

Auspicious Wedding Dates In December 2020

Auspicious Nakshatra
1 December, 2020 (Tuesday) 07:00 to 31:01+  Rohini, Mrigashirsha Pratipada, Dwitiya
7 December, 2020 (Monday) 07:19 to 14:32 Magha Saptami
8 December, 2020 (Tuesday) 13:47 to 31:06+  Uttara Phalguni Ashtami, Navami
9 December, 2020 (Wednesday) 07:06 to 26:06  Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Navami, Dashami
11 December, 2020 (Friday) 08:48 to 15:51 Swati Ekadashi, Dwadashi


So pack your bags, book hotels and wedding venue, and start your wedding planning as soon as you can. If yours is destination wedding, then you need to pay more attention because it is going to be hectic and tiring. But you don’t need to worry about 2020 wedding dates. They are all here; in which month and on which date you want to marry, you only need to pick your date and fix it. Shehnai Walo Ko Bulao!

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