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How To Plan An Intercultural Destination Wedding

How To Plan An Intercultural Destination Wedding

Planning an intercultural wedding is way too complex. When two cultures come together to celebrate the love story, the blend of traditions and rituals looks magical. It is the best time to understand the diversity of cultures, but combining the traditions of different cultures requires a lot of planning. Here are some points on how to plan an intercultural destination wedding. So let's get started, but first, understand what an intercultural destination wedding is? 

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What Is an Intercultural Destination Wedding?

A blend of two different customs that involves multiple ceremonies, different cultures, and traditions. The wedding is magical as partners from other cultures celebrate their love story at a different destination. You can also bring together your friends and families from various backgrounds. 

The mix of rituals is fun if planned properly. So, let's start planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Tips To Plan An Intercultural Destination Wedding

Communicate With Both Families

Communicate With Both Familiessource: pinterest

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The first step in a multicultural wedding is a conversation between the bride and groom’s family. Communication is the key, as you want both parties to be on board. This is necessary as different cultures have various rituals and traditions, and both parties have different expectations for the wedding. 

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Communicate with your partner and both families on how to combine traditions. As both families have to find a compromise to make the wedding smooth and fun, communication is essential. It will also help you ensure that both cultures feel respectful at the wedding. At last, it is your special day; do not waste it on cultural complications. 

Start Planning Ahead

Start Planning Aheadsource: pinterest

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If you combine two cultures, you must start planning early. Start working on things six months before so you have enough time to adjust. Obviously, you need time to execute things correctly. 

From proper cultural ceremonies, catering, decor, and entertainment to the guest list, food menu, destination, accommodation, and transportation, everything requires a lot of attention. As things are a little delicate between intercultural destination weddings, a slight mistake can make your guests unhappy. So, plan wisely. 

Involve Both Cultures

Involve Both Culturessource: pinterest

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Involve Both Culturessource: pinterest

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Just taking one side of the family into consideration will make your wedding dull and unhappy. Plan things differently to engage both cultures. 

The best way to celebrate diversity is to involve the traditions of both sides. Combine both cultures’ traditions and food with music and rituals. Involve everything. 

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Try to communicate with the families and plan accordingly. Respect what others and the bride and groom are wearing instead of making them uncomfortable. Consider involving both cultures' elements, like the mehendi artist, makeup artist, food, and music, in a way that feels meaningful to you. Presenting a fusion of food from both sides will let you explore a new cuisine. 

Consider Two Ceremonies

Consider Two Ceremoniessource: pinterest

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If your families do not agree on which one to choose, you can have two ceremonies. Separate wedding ceremonies can be a way to celebrate the backgrounds of different families. However, budget and logistics are a few things that require your attention while planning. 

Also, consider the comfort of guests, as a load of two ceremonies in a day can irritate your guests, so make sure to give a proper gap so they can have enough time to rest and get ready for the event. As different cultured ceremony calls for a themed outfit, so add themes and costumes to your wedding itinerary.    

Add Your Style

Add Your Stylesource: pinterest

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Add Your Stylesource: pinterest

Do not let the focus get shifted from you in the hustle and bustle of combining two different cultures. After all, it is your special day, so you must look amazing. 

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As you plan to have two different ceremonies, you have a chance to wear both traditional outfits. For the first ceremony, you can wear something romantic and elegant with a touch of modernization, and for the second event, go for a traditional outfit with bright colors that beautifully describe your culture. Add styling of your choice and indulge your taste in the outfit selection. 

Stay Organized And Get Help

Stay Organized And Get Helpsource: pinterest

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What does an intercultural destination wedding actually mean? Simply put, it is like a bride and groom living in two different places and planning their dream wedding in India a completely different city without any idea of hotels, food decorations, or event planning. 

Take some time to visit the destination and check its services, amenities, rooms, indoor and outdoor space, and interiors. Get help from your friends, family, and nearby relatives. Organize things properly to have a peaceful and smooth wedding. Select an experienced and top-rated wedding planner company for your dreamy wedding.

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Regardless of the city you choose to begin your new chapter of life, choose Shaadidukaan to manage everything. From event planning to mandap selection and decoration, we are your one-stop destination. 

Stay Focused On The Budget

Intercultural weddings are a bit more expensive than normal ones. From food, events, and outfits to ceremonies and festivities, everything costs double, resulting in budget disturbance. So, it is important to have a clear understanding of how to divide expenses so that everything stays within the limit. 

Keep Things In Perspective

Wedding planning may vary from culture to culture, with different traditions for exchanging rings and taking vows; hence, it requires a lot of planning. Some brides feel they need to have the most unique, best, creative, and stunning wedding ceremony, like a movie, while others may want a simple and elegant wedding with minimal affairs. 

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It is easy to shift your mindset in a completely different direction, from the perfect shade of pink to looking for fresh lilies, and refuse to rest until you find the ONE. 

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Although there is nothing wrong with focusing on intricate designs, always remember that details are secondary to the reason you are doing this in the first place—just to unfold a new chapter with the person you love. So try not to be influenced by temporary things and remember that you are going to witness the day of your dreams. 

Manage Family Expectations

Manage Family Expectationssource: pinterest

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It is your special day, and while you must be looking for everything focused on you, do not forget about the people who made it possible. It is special and vital for your family, too. Your parents are going to witness the celebration of love they have been waiting for their entire lives. 

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It is common for families to have strong expectations about how everything should happen. So try to be transparent about tiny details to family members. Inform and discuss with them and take advice when needed. Incorporating their ideas and setting boundaries will be helpful in the long run. 

Involve Attire Of Both Cultures

Involve Attire Of Both Culturessource: pinterest

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Involve Attire Of Both Culturessource: pinterest

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While planning an intercultural destination wedding, it is essential to accommodate both parties in every detail. However, this can be challenging because of differences in cultures, rituals, attires, and traditions. 

One of the most happening and fun ways to make both sides feel involved is through attire. Plan an event for the groom’s side attire to be worn by the bride's side and vice-versa. This will make them not feel left out and have fun in various wedding festivities. Families and couples can celebrate the diversity of different backgrounds and plan a meaningful and enjoyable wedding. 

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Weigh Your Options

There are various ways to celebrate the union of different cultures. As far as your budget and time allow, you can manage two ceremonies or have a particular cultured one. It is your choice how you are going to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime moment. 

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Either fuse different elements of two cultures and traditions to create your unique ceremony or hold two different ceremonies in one day and have a joint reception afterward. The decision depends on time, budget, and location. If you get a fantastic deal with the destination wedding hotel, it makes sense to host two ceremonies in a day. However, if your funds are limited, find the best vendor and shift your focus to a single ceremony. 

A Perfect Destination

A Perfect Destinationsource: pinterest

With the involvement of two different cultures, finding a perfect destination is a daunting task. Maybe the best destination in your budget is not liked by them. So plan and see a list of various destinations with the availability of modern amenities, interiors, decor, catering, availability of different cuisines, lighting, and entertainment. Also, you can select all-inclusive packages because they come within your budget and offer various services. 

One thing that involves your focus is deciding on the city. Planning a wedding way too far away can be expensive as it involves arranging transportation, so look for the hotel or resort closest to both sides. If your family lives in close proximity and one side has a huge guest list, then it is ideal to host one multicultural wedding. 

Do Not Forget Entertainment

Do Not Forget Entertainmentsource: pinterest

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Do Not Forget Entertainmentsource: pinterest

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An intercultural destination wedding is a great way to introduce your guests to different forms of entertainment. Arrange wedding festivities that involve both families, as it will be a great time to bond with each other and make this wedding memorable. 

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Hire dancers and musicians who can depict the customs and traditions of both cultures. Ask the hotel and team to arrange the entertainment activities so both parties feel involved. Also, do not get caught up in expectations; after all, it is your special day, and giving importance to yourself should also be on your priority list. 

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Do What Feels Correct And Celebrate Your Love Story

While planning an intercultural wedding, it is essential that your guests are heard and informed about different traditions. Still, sometimes it is necessary to understand you can do what you feel. 

Make sure everyone is enjoying and feeling respectful, but do not forget it is you and your partner’s special day, and it should depict your commitment and love to each other. Celebrate your love story as you like and make this day memorable for life.  

Have Food Options For Both Sides

Have Food Options For Both Sidessource: pinterest

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Have Food Options For Both Sidessource: pinterest

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After the bride and groom, one thing that guests pay attention to is food. The choice of cuisines and catering services can make your wedding happen. As an intercultural wedding blends two different traditions, do not forget to add that blend to the food options. 

Ask your hotel to add the cuisines of both sides. Have a balanced menu throughout the wedding festivities. Ensure that the caterers have various food options to satisfy the taste, and this becomes more important in a destination wedding. 

Select The Best Wedding Planner

Select The Best Wedding Plannersource: pinterest

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Working with an experienced and high-class wedding planning company can ensure a fairy-tale wedding. At Shaadidukaan, we understand your different cultures and backgrounds and bring your imagination to life. We help you navigate the complexities and ensure that all details are perfectly designed. Regardless of which city you plan to host the wedding, we are always available. 

The Bottom Line

Planning an intercultural wedding is all fun, but it comes with various challenges for the bride and groom. With a little planning and management, you can create the wedding of your dreams. 

For the best results, hire the best event management company for a dream come true-wedding and enjoy the day as you begin the new phase of your life. 

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