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15 Cringe-Worthy Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Say "What The Heck"

15 Cringe-Worthy Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Say

Asking your love to marry you is one of the most remarkable moments in life that you surely won't want to forget.

Most people strive to make their wedding proposals as creative and flabbergasting as possible, regardless of the responses of proposals.

Sometimes, in the quest to make the wedding proposal stand apart from the rest, people literally look after bizarre and edgy ways in a hope to get the positive response from the other person. However, things always don't turn to be the way as you plan out them. 

When carving a wedding proposal you have to ensure your proposal is well-prepared, free of typo errors, and doesn't sound cheesy. Below, we have compiled some of the trashiest and most cringeworthy wedding proposals that will make you say, what on the earth is wrong with these people. 

We genuinely hope you haven't or you don't have to face terrible marriage proposals like these. Savor the fun!

15 Cringe-Worthy Marriage Proposals

1. When Digital Way is Your Way

Pic via - funnypicsonly.com

This happy-go-lucky fella chooses Wi-Fi as a source to radiate this utterly cheesy wedding proposal to all single chics in that area. So quirky yet so desperate at the same time.

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2. Ninja Technique of Wedding Proposal To Get Rejected Instantly

Pic via - funnypicsonly.com

This guy literally put his creativity to test by using his SUV, which primary function is to roll out on roads to ask the girl for wedding. Well, the result turns out to be heart-shattering but millions get a lesson on how not to propose a girl.

3. Too Cheesy To Reject

Pic via - funnypicsonly.com

If your girl is a big-time foodie, man you are going to hit a jackpot with this idea. Otherwise, straight rejection is ready all the time.

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4. Not Sure If This one Count as Trashy or Too Nerdy

Pic via - funnypicsonly.com

Was that guy in the Pokemon hangover when planning for this out-of-the-box and way too nerdy proposal? If the answer is yes, she chooses you. If no, the game is over dude!

5. We are Pretty Sure Girl has said Yes Just To Save The Life of This Guy

By far the most cringe-worthy and trashiest wedding proposal we have ever seen. 

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6. Spare Siri for God Sake

This is what happens when every girl in your circle rejects you. Life is no more than a waste when even a virtual assistant like Siri kick step down your marriage proposal.

7. As they say, Master Swimmers always Die in Ocean

You better don't propose a girl when the waves are in full rage, otherwise, you won't ever get the chance to propose her. What a terrible and nasty location to propose your better half.

8. A Bibliophile Definitely Would

What a preposterous way to create a marriage proposal. Somebody or even the girl you were going to propose could have read that book. 

9. Somebody is One Heck of A Philosopher

If your rock is not costly, forget about your wedding plans.

10. That's Quite Overboard

The bed where your dreams die if you are an Indian and asking a girl out in that way.

11. Bill That Must Be Saved Till Eternity

How on the earth that guy convince the hotel to induce marriage proposal in the bill?

12. Mind-boggling

From all angles, this proposal is a sheer mind-boggling thing. Either she will get this, or brace yourself to find another girl for this proposal.

13. The Garish Punjabi Marriage Proposal

Buraah!!!! Is there anything Punjabi don't do without showing off?

14. Backup is Quintessential

This cheesy wedding proposal clearly exemplifies the value of having a backup. Girls will come and go, life is one!

15. Because Somebody Dreamed of Proposing Inside a Barn

Pic via - funnypicsonly.com

Not sure if she had said yes to this proposal, but hails to hard work and curse to poor handwriting.

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