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Invite Your Guests With Some Strikingly Beautiful Personalised Wedding Invitations

Invite Your Guests With Some Strikingly Beautiful Personalised Wedding Invitations

The new trends suggest that the traditional invites are a thing of the past and the various couples are now considering the personalised wedding invitation as the first option. Custom made invites are truly amazing and will represent your wedding in its true form. This blog is not about DIYing your own wedding invites but is about working with a designer to have some really great Wedding invitation that’ll leave your guests awestruck. Here I have listed out some steps that’ll help you out with the whole process and help create a wedding invite that represents your personality.

8 Steps That’ll Help You Design Your Very Own Personalised Wedding Invitations

Step 1. Visualize What You Want


It is important to dream up about what your Wedding invitation should look like. Having a rough idea of what you want the end result to be will really help you out to avoid wandering around the different ideas.

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Remember to talk about how the card should look like with your spouse-to-be as well and try combining the elements that you both desire to form a personalized wedding invitation that truly represents your wedding.

Step 2. Do Research & Design A Plan


Now that you, as a couple, have decided on a dream that’ll be perfect according to both of you, it is time to design an outline that’ll help you out with the entire process. Here you’ll also have to consider all the cost that the Wedding invitations will endure and set up a budget accordingly.

It is important that you start maintaining a file with all the inspirations. You'll have to decide on the things like, how much of customisation you want in the colours, fonts, different patterns and the type of paper which will be used to carry all the beautiful wedding invitation wordings.

Step 3. Look For A Designer


When looking for a designer, I would suggest that you keep aside all the research you have done for personalized wedding invitations and walk in with an open mind. Go ahead and examine their work and discuss your ideas on them.

You’ll need to check here that if they are listening to you intently and if their ideas are compatible with your thinking process. If you liked any of their work from the past, then talk about it. If anytime you feel like their examples and style are not compatible with what you want then it’s better to walk out. Don't rush the process as finding someone who really understands your vision is really important.

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Step 4. Choose A Colour Palette


Remember the file I told you to start maintaining in one of the above steps while doing the research, now it’s time to refine all those inspirations. The wedding colours are something that runs through every strand of your wedding planning.

You’ll need to decide on how you want to incorporate all the different colours. You can choose a coloured paper, a coloured font or even go for colourful motifs. You can also decide on the combination of all the three. Whatever you decide, see to it that all the colours when come together look pleasing. Don’t just assume that the aquamarine font will look equally embellishing on white as it does on cream.

Step 6. Decide On The Design Elements

personalised wedding invitation

Deciding on the design elements or motifs that’ll really make your wedding card unique is really important. Do you want your wedding monogram or any other symbol to be included throughout the celebrations? If, yes then it should be a part of your personalised wedding invitation too.

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To make things really interesting, you can also include some elements in your attire as the motif that goes into your personalised wedding invitation. Imagine having the same floral pattern that’s on your lehenga as a motif on your wedding card, now that’s the power customisation can bring in for you.

Step 7. Discuss The Printing Process

Printing Process of wedding cards

Now that everything’s set and the final design to be printed is ready, you’ll have to decide on the paper quality for your design. A fabulous design falling on the wrong paper can make everything look flat and uninteresting.

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It is important that before getting all the cards printed, you get a sample print that’ll give you the idea of how finished work will look like. You can also choose to print on a recycled paper to help conserve nature.

Step 8. Set Deadlines


I think that it is self-explanatory that how important setting the deadline is when we are talking about the invites. You must be realistic when setting the deadlines and must adhere to your mailing schedule so that your guests get enough time to prepare for their travels. I think that these steps will help you in getting a great looking personalised wedding invitation card. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and start visualising what kind of card you want to introduce the guests to your wedding.

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