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Love Vs Arranged Marriage War Perfectly Explained Through Memes

Love Vs Arranged Marriage War Perfectly Explained Through Memes

Right from the nudging of parents and the nosy relatives for ‘Umar ho gaye shaadi kab karoge’, ‘Achaa rishta aaya hai, bhale log hai’ to your partners endless poking for ‘Chalo shadi karte hai’, getting people married is the ultimate goal of Indian society. You dwell in a country where shaadi is considered as a quintessential part of life and no matter whether you’re a boy or a girl you have to undergo through all the nudging and poking.

Marriage is not just limited to the trivial issues of endless nudging by family it’s more of a battle that needs to be won. Apart from India and Pakistan war and cricket match if anything that can wage a war in a society is marriage, the endless war between love and arranged marriage, lol! Although the country is progressing but something’s never change and one such is the endless war between arrange and love marriage. ‘Mera toh itna life karab hogaya itna life kharab ho gaya mera’, that’s what is the condition of couples no matter whether it’s a loved marriage or an arranged one.  Somewhere down the line at some of point of your life you come face to face with this harsh reality.

Love marriage, toauba toauba it’s still considered as a taboo. For us hailing from generation X arranged marriage, huhhh who does that, it’s an outdated concept! Our generation believes in finding the love of their life and settling down with them. This act, the concept of love marriage is beyond the understanding of our older generations and for them its heights of besharmi! The endless war between love vs arranged marriage has always raised brows, causing the clash of opinion between generation X and the elders. Step aboard as we take you to the world of memes that perfectly explain the war between love vs arranged marriage.

Step on, grab your popcorns, handkerchief and get ready to roll with laughter!

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15 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Story Of Love Vs Arranged Marriage

1. Khudhkhushi….Love Ho Ya Arrange You Suffer In Both

Arrange marriage is khudhkhushi when your family and pesky relatives happily push you off the cliff. Love marriage is khudh ke khushi se khudhkhushi Karna….ahhmm you jump off the cliff on your own sweet will.

2. Marrying Girlfriend

Marrying Girlfriend meme

Arrange marriage is when you marry someone else girlfriend whereas love marriage is when you marry your own girlfriend, Rofl!

3. Snake Bites…..Alert Danger Ahead

snake bite meme

Arrange marriage is when you accidently step on a snake and get bitten. Love marriage is doing naagin dance before a cobra and deliberately proving it to bite, lol!

4. FightsArguments In Marriages Be Like….

Fights, Arguments In Marriages

Arrange marriage is when she apologizes even for your fault. Love marriage is about being sorry even without a reason, accepting the fault…… ahhm ahhm even when it’s not yours.

5.  Birthdays…Dare You Forget IT

Birthdays…Dare You Forget IT

Arrange marriage forgetting your better half’s birthday is common. Love marriage dare you forget it..It calls for world war 3, lol! You can make up for missing out on the birthday in an arrange marriage with flowers and cake. For love marriage forgetting means burning a hole in your pocket as making up for it calls in for expensive gifts…diamonds, jewellery, shopping to be precise.

6. Roti Vs Voti

Roti Vs Voti

Gol Roti… would be ages since you last saw them in love marriage as you get more of burnt roti and try figuring out which country’s map the roti represents, lol! In arranged marriage you get gol soft roti’s becomes a part of your daily meals.

7. Cheap Thrills

expenses in love and arrange marriage

Arranged marriage with all the shaadirasam, jewellery prices proves to be an expensive affair costing thousands of bucks and burns a hole in your pocket. Love marriage with the costing stamp paper, notary, jaimala prove to be a dawn sasta sauda.

8. Sharing Your Space

Arrange marriage is a stranger bombarding your personal life and space, as you have to share your room forcibly with them. Love marriage is sharing your room with your favourite person, makes you feel more at home. After all marrying a known devil is better than marrying an unknown…who seems like an alien entity trying to invade your territory.

9. Chappan Bhog, Lavish Cuisines

love vs arrange marriage food meme

The best pro aspect of arranged marriage is you get treated to chappan bhog, lavish cuisines on daily basis. In love marriage you tend to miss out on maa ke hath kaa khana, you get used to trying new recipes that you regret trying… better say it your made a guinea pig and you do not have the option of saying no.

10. Life Slows Down

Arranged marriage vs love marriage its asking whether suicide is better or murder. Love marriage you can still ride on your favourite sports bike. Arrange marriage your life slows down your bike is more of a grocery carrier, speed is a strict no. Your bike becomes no less than a pat patiya.

11. Family Hangouts

love marriage Family Hangouts

In arranged marriage family hangouts are more like reunion and get together of the relatives. For love marriages it’s a clash of opinions more of a formality. Arranged marriage hangouts is like UNIX black and boring but easy to recover whereas love marriages hangouts are like windows looks beautiful on the other core but when it crashes it’s the very end.

12. Quality time

quality time in love marriage

In love marriage quality time is all about shopping spree, movie dates whereas for arranged marriages it helping your wife with the household chores.

13. SuhaagraatAaye Milan Ke Bela

Suhaagrat meme love vs arrange marriage

In arranged marriages the first night surely gives you butterflies in your stomach and you start feeling queasy so does your sharmile dulhan. Love marriage first night……mmm you already had them and so do not shy away from it, lol!

14.  Belle Beautiful

girls after love vs arrange marriage

Girls this one is for you……in love marriage you still get the chance to pamper yourself, those makeup sessions, getting dressed up. In arrange marriage getting ready is another task added to your do to do list.

15. Angry Birds

couple fight in love marriage

Arrange marriage it’s about equality both take turns to be angry birds, showcase their irritation. Love marriage you witness the transformation from love birds to angry birds where you’re beloved is the boss, lady bheem to be precise, ROFL!

Loved or Arranged? Which one do you support? Liked the post? Share with us your views in the comments below.

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