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Best Ways to Propose a Girl For Marriage: Top 25 Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

Best Ways to Propose a Girl For Marriage: Top 25 Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

Never-denying romantic marriage proposal ideas for every couple: if you go through any one of these she would never say “No”

Men are always confused! You have been in love with your girlfriend. You have been dating her for past years. And you have made your mind that you want to make her your life partner with whom you can spend your whole life. You want to share every emotion of your life, every sadness and every happiness. It is an ecstatic moment for you that you are going to propose her.

But the problem is you don’t know how to propose her in a way that she could remember it for her whole life and say yes for marriage. Don’t worry, we have got some amazing and soulful marriage proposal for you that we mention later below. 

Every girl expects from her man that he should propose her in a way that no one has ever proposed. Yeah, this least she expects, and mind it, you have to fulfill it. And some men are literally confused about it how they should do it this difficult task. 

They spend their entire nights in preparing and practicing the different styles of marriage proposals yet they don’t confirm to any. So to get you out from this difficult situation, we are here telling you never-denying marriage proposal ideas, from which you can take a little help. 

A little advice. Though the best proposal idea can be anything, depends on your partner, what kind of she is. According to her you should plan out everything. 

Best Marriage Proposal Ideas She Would Love

In a Park

marriage proposal ideas In a Park

Your going-to-be life partner is your childhood friend? And you used to play with her in your neighborhood park when at that time you decided that you wanted to marry her. That park is your place where you fell in love with her. Then it is the place where you should propose her.  Decide your time and make your swing when the birds chirping, sun rising, flowers talking and amid all these, you proposing her. 

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In a Ferris Wheel

best marriage proposal ideas in a ferris wheel

Ferris wheel is old time favorite where many have proposed their love to their girlfriends. In many Bollywood and Hollywood movies you must have seen it. Buy her her favorite chocolate flavor or anything she loves to eat, sit with her in a ferris wheel or you can book it whole for you both only and when it gets started circling, like you and her get the feelings of reaching to stars, then say what is in your heart.

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In a Restaurant

propose your girlfriend in a restaurant

Your favorite choice or her favorite choice, both you can think about. When the night looks like it is midnight, we mean find your perfect timing/ weather, and when there is not much chattering in the restaurant and a soulful music is playing, if not then you can say for. Then accumulating courage, bending your knee, propose her for marriage. We guarantee she wouldn’t deny. And your life would shine. A best wedding proposal. 

Invite her to Dinner at Your Home

propose your girlfriend for marriage dinner at your home

If you can cook, we know most men can’t. Yet try to cook for her and invite her for dinner where you have prepared her favorite dish. Then say her for taste. When she likes the dish you have the perfect moment, spill what is in your heart. A personal touch is always much!

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Take her to Movie Watching

How to propose to a girl?

If you both are movie buff and talk about how this movie should be, and instead of this hero or heroine this or that should be there. Then take her to multiplex for a movie and while watching movie, surprise her saying what you have been planning to say for days. Two benefits you’ll have, you watch the movie and your life movie gets start rolling!

Take her to on a Trip Abroad

best proposal idea trip abroad

This is a costly idea but definitely a never-denying marriage proposal. Trip to some romantic place going to work, depends on your bae. If you are going to Paris, just for an example, we are saying, take her to Eiffel tower, all know the best place, and spill your heart beans that have been mixing and ask for her hand. 

Give her a Surprise Party

propose your loved with with a surprise party

Girls always love to do parties. These parties are their favorite time pass where they chit-chat, banter and love-hate. The party you are going to give her, in it on your favorite music or song, dance in arms-in-arms and lips the talks what is in your heart that you want to marry her in your all life parts. 

Sing a Song for her

romantic proposal idea - sing a song

Girls always expect from their partners that they say beautiful words for them whether a song or something else. Pampering they always need that feel them like greets. So if you are going to propose her, then what could be more beautiful way than signing a proposal song for her or your favorite any. You can customize this idea as you find comfortable. Because singing a song is not everyone’s feat. One needs romance in it. 

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“Leap Year” Movie Style

If you have watched this romantic movie “Leap Year” then we think you definitely must have loved it where the protagonist proposed his love on the rocky Ireland Mountains amidst wavy wind where she says yes to her. You can apply the same formula if you want to.  

romantic proposal idea - movie style

This leap year movie dialogue is soul touching:

“May you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death because I couldn't live a day without you. Cheers” 

Be a One Day Night Ghost (Scary Funny Idea)

Be a One Day Night Ghost (Scary Funny Idea)

This is the scary though funny idea if you want to apply. This can bring out a lot of laugh and shout. Drape yourself like a ghost and in the night, get into her house and scare her. When she sees you she definitely gets frightened but when you wear out your ghost makeup and know that you are there, hug you and then you can simply say her “If you don’t want to get frightened then marry me”.  A quirky marriage proposal idea but not for faint heart women, remember boyfriends. 

All Time Favorite Candlelight Dinner on Terrace

romantic proposal idea - candlelight dinner

In so many movies you have seen this where a man with his woman on a terrace giving her a romantic night. It is out of all the buzz of city and noise where the wind is flowing, stars are shining, and the moon giving you the required light that you need to see each other. While savoring the taste of her favorite dish, find the perfect moment when everything is at pace and then you propose her for your life. We think it is the best marriage proposal style. 

Near a Beach

romantic proposal idea near beach

You know what is exciting about walking near a beach when the white doves come to take dip in water, and then evening approaching, it seems everything calm and serene and when you are walking with her hand in hand then you can say the words of your love to her. 

Long Drive in a Car

romantic marriage proposal idea at long drive

Going on a long drive is a soothing experience with your girlfriend. It is like opening portals. You don’t know the destination where you are going, only take the road and just driving. Then we it is the right time that you can propose her for marriage. 

Flying in a Hot Air Balloon

romantic marriage proposal idea at hot air balloon

If your girlfriend loves adventure then take her for a hot air balloon trip, and in the air when you are flying, you can say what you want to say. Though there would not be much bending space for you there!  But you can present your wedding ring to her. What would be more exciting than flyin’ in the mid air and proposing her for wedding!

Her Family And Your Family

romantic marriage proposal idea - with her family and your family

It is a traditional marriage proposal style that goes everywhere. Invite her and her family to your home for dinner or a home party. While talking and walking here and there in the house, you can express your feelings proposing her. While your parents and her parents planning about your wedding. it is the perfect family proposal style for marriage. 

Among Close Friends

best marriage proposal idea - with close friends

Where you feel most comfortable with? Obviously among your close friends. So arrange a party with your close friends and invite her too, among them all, say her that you want to walk forever with her, for whole life. You both will be happy too and your friends will become jubilant when she says yes. 

Visit the Place Where Your Love Story Started

best marriage proposal idea - at your first day meting

Take her to that place where you both first met and started meeting again and again, and then became of each other. It would be a surreal experience when you visit your living love shrine. There when you go with her after a long time, you can propose her. It is one of the best simple marriage proposal ideas that you can try. Otherwise depends on your girlfriend’s mood. 

Your Puppy Pooh Love

best marriage proposal idea - with puppy

If she has the puppy pooh that also likes you then make it partner in your marriage proposal to her. Write a good note expressing your feeling and hang it in its band and say her to go to her. When she sees the note, she will know what your thoughts. 

Be a Poet of her Love

marriage proposal idea - write love poet for her

Girls always like artists whether poets, painters or guitarists. These people are at their heart. So if you are by heart a poet or love to spill words in your free time, then you have got talent in your hand. Write a short poem or as you want to expressing your love and feelings for her in a way that gives the sense of proposing for marriage. It is without cost a simple marriage proposal idea. 

Create Marriage Proposal Graffiti

Create Marriage Proposal Graffiti

Whether in her home or your or any other spot that you think is perfect for graffiti, then create a marriage proposal graffiti, any creative one. If you don’t know how to, you can take the help of professional artist or your any friend that you think can do for you this work. 

Take her to Shopping

marriage proposal idea - shopping center

Yeah, we all know that girls love shopping. They can spend their whole life shopping if they don’t get stopped. So fix a day and take her to shopping whatever she wants to buy and at the end of the day propose her for marriage. But remember, never give her forever shopping promise!

Amid the Starry Night on Cruise

marriage proposal on cruise

Though it is a costly idea but most amazing one. Take her to cruise and when the stars start to twink-twink in the night, say her that you want to make her your life. Propose her for marriage in the glittery starry night when you slowly moving on the cruise. It is like walking on the water! We guarantee you it would be one of the memorable proposal ideas for marriage. 

Surprising Cookie With Your Proposal Note

Surprising Cookie With Your Proposal Note

You must have eaten those surprising cookies in which you find a quote that describe something. It could be anything, quotes on love, beautiful messages and words. So what you need to do is to hire an experience pastry chef and make some customized cookies in which your marriage proposal well said. You should best do it in a restaurant. It is one of the best outdoor proposal ideas for marriage. 

Propose her By Radio Channel

Propose Her By a Radio Channel

Before announcing your marriage proposal to her by a radio show, first say her for listening particular radio show on which you are going to announce your love and asking her for marriage. Because if she didn’t listen that show, yourthis marriage proposal idea would go in vain. This is the genius proposal idea for marriage, we think. Then why waste time!?

Take her to Music Concert

Take Her to Music Concert

If your favorite music band is in the city or any big music concert going to organize then take her there and win her heart by asking her hand for marriage. Your music concert would be more fun. 

Above mentioned are some the best marriage proposal ideas for weddings that you can go through for her. And we think these are never-denying marriage proposal ideas mean when you go through them, she would never say “No”. So which one you are going to use and which best one you have used. If your idea is any better then tell us, we would love to include it in our blog. 

Image Source - || tej_veer_singh

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