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Paan Shops in Kolkata 

We Indians are very well known for our love for food and why not, India is a land of different cultures, religions, and flavors. Be it having dinner with family and friends at home, cafe, restaurant or at a wedding, we end our meal with something sweet and refreshing. The western people have their pastries, and here we have sweets as well as refreshments.

Some well-known examples of Indian sweets are gaajar ka halwa, Gulab jaamun, malpua, rasgullaa and much more. But the best way to end a meal is through a mouth freshener. Sounds too sophisticated? Let us correct it and say, we prefer ending our meals with a paan. 

It won’t be wrong to say, at a wedding in India, guests may skip dessert section but they never leave the paan counter without having a dose of refreshment. Indian food is spicy, oily and full of tangy flavors, hence to balance out the palette, people prefer eating a paan. 

Today we will tell you about various aspects to look into before hiring wedding paan vendors in Kolkata.

Some Paan History 

Eating paan has been a part of Hindu tradition since ages. As per many scholars, back then paan was also known as tambula. And it was said, a person should not start his day without brushing his teeth and eating a tambula to keep his breath fresh. But in the case of females, paan or tambula became famous because of the red color it gave to lips after being eaten. The females started eating it to enhance their beauty.

Whatever may have been the reason, till today, the pupil of all ages enjoying eating a paan. Now we will tell you about some important ingredients which make a paan so tasty and loved by all.

Ingredients of a Paan 

  1. Betel Leaf: Also known as paan ka patta, it is super crunchy and juicy in taste, because these leaves are plucked when young and used immediately. Hence this makes the paan flavor even fresher, and it is also said that the chlorophyll in these leaves helps in curing brain diseases.

  1. Saffron: Many paan shop in Kolkata add saffron a.k.a kesar to the paan. Said to be the most expensive spice in the world, kesar is considered to be the king of spices and flavors. It is also said that Kesar keeps one’s body active and sweet-scented.

  1. Aniseed: Also known as sauf, its sharp flavor takes the overall taste of paan to next level. A lot of people eat aniseed daily after eating lunch and dinner as it is said to strengthen an individual’s digestive system.

  1. Lime Paste: Chuna is spread over the betel leaf to provide an earthy flavor to the paan. Since it is made of calcium, lime paste helps in making the bones strong.

  1. Grated Coconut: Not many paan wala in Kolkata add shredded coconut but it is said to add a delicate sweetness to the paan. It also provides a crunchy texture to the soft taste of paan.

  1. Gulkand: It is the essence of a paan. Basically made of rose leaves and sugar, it provides much-needed sweetness to cut the sharp flavor of paan masala and kathaa. A paan with gulkand is called as a meetha paan (sweet) and without it, is called as a saadha paan (plain).

  1. Kathha: It is a scientifically developed paste whose basic ingredient comes from a tree. Very sharp in flavor, kathha or catechu helps in treating throat related issues.

We hope after reading you know that paan is not only a simple mouth freshener, its way more than that. Its origin dates back to ancient times and every ingredient used to make a paan have its own benefit.

Now your next task is to find and book a paan vendor. For this,, India’s largest online wedding market will help you. Our website has more than 100 of trusted paan vendors, and this will help save your time in searching the market. Visit and book now!

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