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Health Guide: 10 Worst Foods To Avoid On Your Wedding

Health Guide: 10 Worst Foods To Avoid On Your Wedding

Wedding dress check, bridal makeup check, footwear check. Done with the wedding checklist? One thing that the brides forget to add to their wedding checklist is the food check. Worst Foods To Avoid On Your Wedding. A big fat Indian wedding is all about feasting. The Indian weddings with a wide variety of sumptuous food cuisines serve as grand feast. With the array of gastronomic delights, a bride is ought to get tempted and would feel like binge on them. The wedding food which is rich in calorie intake and packed with the goodness of Indian spices consuming them is sure enough to make the bride feel bloated.

Sitting in the hour-long ceremonies with a bloated stomach is an arduous task and it might make you feel queasy. At a wedding, a bride steals the limelight with her swoon-worthy avatar. Being the centre of attraction a bride has to look perfect. Nothing feels worse than falling ill on your special day.Ensure that you look and feel like a million bucks with healthy eating. In the hustle and the excitement of the wedding, a bride would be tempted to munch on the scrumptious snacks.

Binge eating on all the sweet temptations and gastronome of delights is like a faux pas as it can make you fall ill. Although the desire to munch on the goodies would be hard to curb but controlling the desire would ensure that you do not fall ill just on you’re a wedding day. Wondering Worst Foods To Avoid On Your Wedding? Here is a list of the food that you should avoid consuming on your wedding day to prevent nausea, bloating and gas. Check em’ out brides.

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10 Foods to Avoid Before Your Wedding

1. Caffeine


Wedding is a chaotic and stressful time and being the centre of attraction a bride is under immense pressure for looking perfect. It’s a known fact that caffeine helps in reducing stress and makes you feel refreshed. However excess of anything is bad and when it comes of caffeine it causes jitters that activate the central nervous system thus making you sweat. Caffeine activates neurotransmitters, called acetylcholine which in turn affects the glands that make you sweat. You don’t want to ruin your makeup with the profuse sweating which is why you should avoid intake of caffeine on your wedding.

2. Sugar


An insulin spike cannot be a part of the bride’s menu. The temptation of gorging on the sweet delights is irresistible to ignore. The intake of sweet temptations can make you lethargic and drowsy. You would not want to be yawning during the entire wedding ceremony which is why you should avoid having cakes and the wedding sweets. If you cannot curb the urge to have sweets then instead of stuffing on cakes why natural have sweet options like grapes and blueberries.

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3. Cheese


The cheesy platter might look appetizing but it is loaded with hard to digest fats which can result in bloating and nausea. You would not want to appear on your wedding feeling fatigued or with a nauseating feeling. Instead of consuming the hard to digest cheesy food you can have fresh salads.

4. Fried Foods

Fried Foods

At a wedding for starters variety of fried appetizers like fried fritters, pakoras, veg cutlets are available and the maddening aroma of these foods is sure enough to make you feel tempted. The fried foods although might be appetizing to the taste buds but they are high on the calorie and carbs intake. The high on fats fried foods cause bloating and indigestion which is why you should refrain from consuming it. The fried food is high in fat take longer to digest and the excessive amount of salt in them can exacerbate the fluid retention.

5. Spicy Food

Spicy Food

Beat the heat and save the spicy food for later on. Intake of spicy cuisines is not advisable on your wedding day. From the list of Worst Foods To Avoid On Your Wedding the spicy cuisines should be avoided most. Eating spicy food on wedding results in acid reflux, heartburn and acidity. The spicy food can be good for the taste buds but they prove to be harmful the health. You would not want to have your wedding with a burning stomach and a queasy feeling.

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6. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated Drinks

Although carbonated drinks help in food digestion and avoiding gas but the intake of it on a wedding can make you feel bloated. The harmless bubbly drinks can irritate your stomach which is the key reason why you should avoid having it on your wedding day.

7. Cruciferous Veggies

Cruciferous Veggies

 Cruciferous veggies like Broccoli, Cauliflower although are healthy but they cause gas. The cruciferous veggies are high in fibre and if your digestive system is weak then digesting them can be difficult and it can lead to the formation of gas and bloating. Instead of the cruciferous veggies, you can consider having water-rich vegetables like celery, cucumber and asparagus. The diuretic properties of the water-rich vegetables keep your skin hydrated thus giving it a natural glow.

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8. Garlic and Onion

 Garlic and Onion

Garlic and Onion are known for its pungent smell which is why you should avoid consuming them on your wedding. Your breath might smell of pungent if you consume garlic and onion at your wedding. Being the bride you have to mingle with the guests and you cannot gift them with a garlic and onion breath.

9. Alcohol


Cheers, pop goes the bottle! Yes, we know that a wedding is an anticipated moment and it calls for celebration but holds your excitement till the reception. Refrain from having alcohol at the wedding as it can cause stomach bloating and bleaching. Moreover, alcohol can get over you and make you feel dizzy. Instead of alcohol, you can have fresh juices or cocktails made from pure juices.

10. Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Many people are sensitive to dairy products and if you’re one such bride then consumption of dairy goods is a serious no for you. The excessive intake of dairy products causes gas, bloating and cramps which is why it is advisable not to have them before the wedding.

So these were a Worst Foods To Avoid On Your Wedding. Liked the post? Share with us about your thoughts on the post.

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