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7 Types of Foodies You Will Spot At Indian Weddings

7 Types of Foodies You Will Spot At Indian Weddings

For hardcore foodies, Weddings are no less than an extravaganza to quench their thrust and gobble toothsome food items as much as they can.

As soon as the word wedding strikes in their minds, only two things emerge out of gazillion of memories from their subconscious mind: good food and good food.

We Indians are quite obsessed with the notion of having free stuff. Weddings render foodies an alluring opportunity to pack their stomach with a variety of absolutely free food items. It doesn't matter whether they are from the groom's side or bride's side, as long as their plates are piled up with good food, they are happy and contained.

Foodies are of different types, and you don't need hawk's eyes to spot them at Indian weddings. Now, we are going to state different types of foodies that you will definitely bump into weddings. Do let us know in the comment section if you are one of these types.

1. The Snacks Attacker

The Snacks Attacker

For this type of foodies, main course meal is a faraway thing. Their laser focus is always on snacks, and as soon as they hop on to any wedding function, they immediately attack on the snacks section.

The noteworthy thing about this type of foodies is they have an extraordinary ability to track down waiters carrying starters. Snacks like spring rolls, Paneer Pakoda, and Manchurian are the best companions for them.

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2. The Golgappa Lovers

The Golgappa Lovers

How can we forget the most prevalent type of foodies that can be found everywhere in Indian weddings?

They just can't get enough of the tongue-tickling flavor of Golgappas. Even if you put the world best cuisines in front of them, they will go for their first and quite possibly the last love, Golgappas.
The amusing thing about Golgappa lovers is as soon they spot the Golgappa stall in weddings, their eyes brim with utter excitement and their hearts with utmost delight.

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3. The Die-Hard Paneer Lovers

The Die-Hard Paneer Lovers

There are people who likes Panner. Then, there are people who love Paneer to such a great extent it literally runs in their veins. Paneer is the chicken of vegetarians and the undisputed king of all main course menus.

If you spot a person in the wedding whose plate is packed with Panner and having a huge smile on the face, that person must be Paneer lover.

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4. The Fitness-Freak Foodies

 Fitness-Freak Foodies

This is something indigestible, but yes, there are few bizarre people out there who follow diet-plan even when they attend weddings.

They eat as much as any other of the foodie, however, the only difference is their plate encloses only healthy food times. If you want to spot them without much of a hitch, hop on to salad section or Juice corner.

If the wedding doesn't encapsulate healthy snacks or main course delicacies, you can even find them gibbering-jabbering with caterers.

5. The Dessert Lovers

The Dessert Lovers

For this type of foodies, desserts like Gulabjamun, Rasgulla, Ice-cream are the long lost BAE. For dessert lovers, starts or main course meals everything is dessert. They don't mind at all eating different delicacies at a time.

6. The Alcoholics

The Alcoholics

Every wedding has a bunch of people for whom everything comes down to drinks. Out of all live food counters, all they can see is bar or other beverages counters which is the only key to quench their every-growing hunger, or better say thrust.

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7. The Food Gang

The Food Gang

Finally comes the quirkiest one in our list. Almost all the wedding functions enclose a food gang whom you will find farthest from the stage but closest to the buffet section.

One member of the gang takes care of table and chairs so that no one can hop on them. One member takes care of the dessert section, and rest stay busy in bringing food items for everyone. They are one of those rare breeds who barely give a damn about their societal image and would literally do whatever it takes to get the piping hot food items for themselves.

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