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11 Dazzling Wedding Ring Designs for the To-Be-Wed Couples

11 Dazzling Wedding Ring Designs for the To-Be-Wed Couples

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

This is a very true statement quoted by Georgio Armani, the founder of the Italian luxury brand “Armani”. Fashionable things are adored by everybody. We all are very careful while selecting attires for some special occasions or even for our casual wear so that we can look presentable and most importantly be comfortable in what we wear. Wedding season is around and there is so much rush in the market as brides and grooms are decking-up for their big day. But one thing that is given less importance is a wedding ring!!! Yes...we all give so much significance to our apparel or makeup or footwear but the thing that is sometimes neglected is a wedding ring. We do not have much knowledge or information about the different wedding ring designs and thus we buy whatever comes our way.

A wedding ring cannot be demarcated in perfect words but it holds great prominence in a wedding. I can say that it is a small piece of pure emotion. A wedding ring is the first thing that is presented with a proposal or at engagement. It is the thing that is directly allied to your heart so it has to be special...right? But the selection of a perfect ring is not an easy task guys. There are so many things that you have to consider before making a purchase. The most vital aspects of a wedding ring are its style and design. If you ask me, I envisage that a wedding ring must be able to present your bond of love and its design must elucidate your personality. Today I am going to tell you about some startling wedding ring designs that you can cogitate while picking your own. I truly believe that these designs will take your heart and you will surely buy one of these designs for your special

11 Wedding Ring Designs for To-Be-Wed Couples

#1 The Proposal


This is one of my favorite ring designs. I think nothing is superior to simplicity and nothing can define your true love better than this simple eternity band. This is a seamless ring design for a proposal. I love the elegance reflected by the ring and I am sure you are also going to cherish this design.

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#2 The Colour Matter


Life is full of colours so why not a ring? Some people prefer to have colourful ornaments so this design is for them. This strikingly crafted ring with colourful stones is just magnificent. I can’t take my eyes off this pretty ring.

#3 The Triplet


This is a gorgeous wedding ring design with three stones studded at the center to catch immediate attention. The beauty of these sparkling stones is just venerable. I am amazed to see the design…aren't you?

#4 The Open Vein


Look at the beguiling design of this wedding ring. This is a real charm. Open rings are perfect to fit into any finger size. So you don’t have to disquiet even if you put on some weight or lose some!!! The ring is always going to be in your hand and that is the beauty of this piece.

#5 The Glint


Diamonds are loved by every woman and the gleam of the diamonds will make your engagement or proposal day extraordinary. The shine, cut and settings of this “all diamonds” ring are just mesmerizing. You can surprise your fiancé with this appealing ring.

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#6 The Groove


Next in line is this alluring cushion cut ring design which is just awe-aspiring. The cut and design of this ring is its unique proposition. This is a perfect jewel for daily wear as it is not so big and also not too small. However, the size of the ring can be made as per your preferences. But I suggest going for a medium-sized ring in this cut and design as it will look very gorgeous and admiring.

#7 The Carve


Oval-shaped rings are preferred in 2019 by most of the to-be-wed couples because of its simple and sophisticated style. The oval-shaped stone in the center attracts the attention and it looks perfect in the finger. One more reason to opt or this oval-shaped ring is that it will keep you at ease. The beautiful wedding ring design can be an apt choice for your D-Day.

#8 The Rosette


Gold has its own beauty but rose gold is the trend these days. People prefer rose gold colour on their mobile phones even. So when it comes to a suitable wedding ring design, nothing can be more gorgeous than a rose gold colour ring for your partner. The colour can suit any cut and design of the ring. It looks graceful and fashionable at the same time.

#9 The Peerless


I hope you all have seen this simple design ring with only one diamond at the center. The ring design is not new but it has never-ending charisma that instantly captures your mind. The ring looks so beautiful that it is not easy to stop the words of appreciation for it.

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#10 The Emperor


Couples are like kings and queen for each other and to present their love, these crown design rings are a perfect match. Couples nowadays are in love with these exquisitely crafted ring designs.

#11 The Modernizer


You can also design your own wedding rings and craft them into reality. Put your own imagination and bond of love into the design and see the magic. All the modern and trending wedding ring designs are a great example of customization. The edgy designs make will everybody appreciate your selection.

Now that you know about so many wedding ring designs, it the time to select your perfect match. I am sure that you will now easily pick the one that suits your style.

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