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How to Wear Your Mother’s/ Grandmother’s Wedding Attire in Your Wedding?

How to Wear Your Mother’s/ Grandmother’s Wedding Attire in Your Wedding?

A wedding is not just a celebration of commitment and love, it offers you a chance to honor the traditions and history of your family. Many brides nowadays choose to revamp their mother’s wedding attire or grandmother’s wedding attire as a way to include family traditions in their big day. A few even wore the exact outfit their mother wore to honor her sacrifice and love over the years. The cherished dress can give you a sense of connection, history, and sentiments to your D-day, making it more meaningful. From repurposing the dress to wearing it as-is, here are different ways to include the wedding dress of your mother or grandmother on your special day. But before proceeding, check out the value that this dress holds:

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The Value of Your Mother or Grandmother Wedding Attire

Grandmother’s Wedding AttireSource: Hitched & Clicked

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Grandmother’s Wedding AttireSource: Instagram

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Grandmother’s Wedding AttireSource: Instagram

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The wedding attire of your mom or grandma is more than just a dress. In fact, they are sources of generations of love, stories, and memories. Regardless of the outfit type, they carry the promise of a wonderful future and the memories of the past with them. Below is why you should consider incorporating your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding attire in your wedding celebrations: 

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Uniqueness: To bring a unique element to your wedding you can incorporate a family heirloom​. By wearing the wedding attire of your mom, you can reflect your values and traditions and thus, make your big day stand out. 

Sentiments: Wedding dresses have memories and heart-warming stories associated with them. You can add layers of emotions and sentiments by using them.

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Sustainability: Want to go with a sustainable wedding practice? Why not reuse or repurpose a family heirloom and promote eco-friendliness? 

Lasting Memories: Incorporating the wedding dress of your mother or grandmother in your wedding creates lasting memories to cherish for years ahead. 

Honoring Heritage: It is a great tribute to the solid bonds of the traditions and family that have molded your upbringing. 

Creative Methods To Include Your Mother’s Or Grandmother’s Wedding Dress In Your Wedding

Grandmother's Attire in Your Wedding CelebrationsSource: Pintrest

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Grandmother's Attire in Your Wedding CelebrationsSource: Pintrest

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Grandmother's Attire in Your Wedding CelebrationsSource: Pintrest

Now that you know the importance of wearing the wedding attire of your mother or grandmother, let us explore the different ways to include them in your wedding: 

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Source: Pintrest

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As a part of your pre-wedding photoshoot, you can wear their attire. It will help capture the sentimentality and beauty of that dress. Whether you are just posing with the dress or wearing it yourself, including it in your photoshoot will let you create ever-lasting memories down the lane. 

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Something New

Something New Source: pinterest

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Something New Source: pinterest

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You can even repurpose your mother’s wedding outfit or grandmother’s wedding outfit into something new, if you feel that it is outdated but are keen to incorporate it in your wedding attire. Transform it into a dupatta, blouse or a sash that you would like to wear on your special day during your bridal entry. It lets you include the value of the outfit in a more personal, subtle way. 

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Wear The Dress As-Is

Grandmother's AttireSource: pinterest

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The most traditional, classic method to include your grandmother’s or mother’s wedding outfit in your wedding is to wear it as-is. If it does not fit you properly, you can get some alteration done. This way, you will carry on your family tradition and feel the special connection between you and your mother. You can also recreate the same look from their wedding images. It will be a great surprise for them!

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Completely Redesign It

Completely Redesign It Source: instyle

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Completely Redesign It Source:  linyage

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Completely Redesign It Source: diply

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Completely Redesign It Source: businessinsider

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You can use the fabric of your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress to create a new, modern looking outfit. But ensure to ask them whether they are okay with it or not before getting it redesigned. You can revamp the outfit with a different skirt length, neckline, or sleeves. This way, you can redesign the outfit while preserving its traditional, sentimental values. 

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Mix and Match

Mix and Match Source: businessinsider

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Mix and Match Source: businessinsider

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Mix and Match Source: businessinsider

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Love the blouse of the lehenga but the skirt does not work well for you? Use the blouse only and design a new skirt of the lehenga to get a fresh look while keeping the legacy intact. Mixing and matching lets you produce a unique grandmother’s wedding attire that reflects your personality and style. If the whole outfit is not in good condition, you can use parts of it in the new one. You can even modernize the part of the dress you wish to wear with embroidery or other accents. 

Use It in A Pre-Wedding Ceremony

Use It in A Pre-Wedding CeremonySource: pinterest

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Use It in A Pre-Wedding CeremonySource: pinterest

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Before the wedding, there are many pre-wedding ceremonies. You can incorporate your mother’s or grandmother’s dress in any one of them. Wear it in a haldi or mehendi ceremony based on the condition and design of the outfit. You can even transform the attire into an ideal party dress for your reception. 

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Use It As a Dupatta

Use It As a Dupatta Source: pintrest

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Use It As a Dupatta Source: pintrest

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Use It As a Dupatta Source: pintrest

Another popular way to use your family heirloom is to use the dupatta of their outfit. Be it your grandmother’s or mother’s – their timeless fabric can make a wonderful addition to your outfit. Most brides carry double dupatta these days with their wedding attire. So, you can also choose to put your heirloom dupatta with a new one that came with your wedding dress. 

Including your mother’s wedding Lehenga or grand mom’s wedding dress in your wedding is an excellent way to create lasting memories, add some personal touch, and honor traditions. Whether you want to wear the dress in exact as-is look, or repurpose it, the sentimental values of the dress will make your big day more memorable and meaningful. Although it isn’t usual for Indian brides to wear their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress in their own wedding, a heritage weave like Kenjeevaram silk, Banarasi silk, Patan patola, or jamavar can be great options for those who wish to add sentimental values to their wedding look. To add to the heritage dress, you can even adorn yourself with family heirlooms like jewelry of your mother or your grandmother. 

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