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7 Things That You Must Avoid Doing With Your Wedding Ring

7 Things That You Must Avoid Doing With Your Wedding Ring

Once you put on that beautiful engagement ring, chances are you never want to be separated from it for even a moment. But let’s be realistic here! There are certain scenarios when keeping the wedding ring on the finger is not an ideal option.

It may be an attempt to keep it in a good condition or to avoid the risk of losing it, there are always some situations when it’s better to tuck that rock away for a while. The engagement ring is a fine piece of jewellery and must be treated with proper care and consideration.

Things that'll Require you to Tuck Away Your Engagement Ring

Working Out At The Gym

gym workout

Before you go and hit the gym, remember to leave that fine-looking piece of jewellery back home. If you decide to rock your ring when lifting heavy weights at the gym you might end up bending that precious ring or might even hurt yourself. Leaving your ring back home might be uncomfortable but will save you from some bigger troubles.

Playing A Sport

couple playing sports

Ever heard of the term Ring Avulsion? It is when a ring gets caught on an object and gets yanked off. The pressure from this can be damaging for your tendons, finger tissues and bones. So, when going out for any physical activity, like, playing a game of basketball, soccer or tennis with your friends

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Using Cleaning Products

House cleaning

The harsh chemicals present in the household cleaners may cause discolouration of the ring which will damage its appearance. Not only will it affect the ring but will also be the reason for that gemstone on top to develop some serious scratches that will make your ring look dull.

Doing The Dishes

doing dishes

Losing your ring to the drain will be the worst way to lose it. One thing you must remember when taking off your ring before doing the dishes is to keep it in a safe place away from the kitchen slab as it can easily be swept away when cleaning. You might have heard some horrific stories of an expensive ring ending up in garbage disposal and wouldn't want your ring to face the same fate.

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Operating Machinery

operating machinery

The metals used in your wedding ring are good conductors of electricity. This Physics lesson learnt in a hard way, after getting a shock, when working with some live wires will be really painful. If your work requires for handling some machinery it’ll be wise to remove the ring from the fingers and replace it with something that is non-conductive.

At The Beach

couple at beach

Decided on spending some quality time with your partner on a beach? Losing that wedding ring to the sand or water and then end up looking for it the entire time will be the last thing that you'd want. So, give that ring some rest and leave it at home, that'll help you enjoy the time without any worries.

When Sleeping

couple sleeping

Your wedding ring is a fine piece of jewellery and must be treated well. It is a good idea to take it off and keep it aside before hitting the bed. When you are asleep, it’ll be really easy for the ring to get caught up in the sheets or your hairs. This can damage your bedsheet and might also loosen the stone in the ring. If you have the habit of sleeping with your hand tucked beneath you then waking up with the scratches all over the face will be painful and visible to others.

Yep...!!! Tucking the wedding ring away is sometimes a great option but what’s more important is to remember where you kept it. Yes, it’s not only you who forgets where you kept something after just a few moments.

So, it’ll be great to decide on a safe spot in your home and make it a habit to place your ring there whenever you take it off. This way, when that precious ring is not on you, there is only one other place it could be.

Have you faced something like that, when you ended up losing your precious ring? Were you able to recover it? Or, it just got lost in the oblivion? Do share with us your stories, and tell us if you have some creative ways to save that ring from being lost in the comments section down below.

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