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9 Beautiful Timeless Toe Rings Design For Brides

9 Beautiful Timeless Toe Rings Design For Brides

Toe ring is an important part of a bride’s attire; it is an essential attribute of the solah shringar which stand for the 16 steps of beautification that adorn a woman. Toe ring is a feet ornament worn by the women is symbolic of their marital status. In India, in the Hindu culture, a bride is gifted Rings Design For Brides by her parents in a ceremony known as Buchwald as a blessing for a new life. The toe ring when gifted in silver is supposed to bring good fortune and love.

The toe ring is worn on the second toe of both feet. The reason behind wearing the toe ring on the second toe is that a nerve from the second toe connects to the uterus and passes to the heart. Toe ring has a scientific reason behind it as the toe ring is believed to strengthen the uterus, regulating the blood flow to it this keeping it healthy. Though there are umpteen bridal ornaments available but the toe ring holds a special resemblance in the Hindu mythology.

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We know that marriage is once in a lifetime occasion and every bride right from fickling over bridal wear to her hairstyle desires every aspect of her wedding to be perfect. To pamper the brides the jewellery industry has several Rings Design For Brides available and a plethora of options aptly justifies the brides wavering mindset. Are you a soon-to-be bride? Are you in quest of beautiful toe rings? Here is a list of the best toe ring designs that brides have been drooling over time. Check em’ out

9 Latest Toe Rings Design For Brides

1. Silver Diamond studded Toe Ring

Silver Diamond studded Toe Ring

The shiny and lustrous metallic allure of the silver Rings Design For Brides makes it look appealing to the eye. The marvellous look of a toe ring made from sterling silver studded with diamonds makes it the ideal wedding gift for brides. The adjustable design of the toe ring makes it a perfect fit for any toe. In case you’re looking for an attractive toe ring then opt for the sterling silver toe ring.

2. Sunflower Gold Toe Ring

Sunflower Gold Toe Ring

Flowers are girls, second love, as diamonds are her first love as they are forever. If you’re looking for toe ring designs in gold then you can give the sunflower design toe ring a try. The sunflower design gold toe ring is the ideal add-on for a bride having a summer wedding. The sunflower design made from gold and is studded to a silver ring. Sunflower design on the toe ring is said to be symbolic of vitality, loyalty and adoration.

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3. Butterfly Toe Ring

Butterfly Toe Ring

The colourful wings of a butterfly make them beautiful. Butterflies are pretty and a butterfly design toe ring is like a match made in heaven. The adjustable and versatile nature of a butterfly design makes it the perfect chic pick. The butterfly toe ring can be flaunted with both traditional as well as western wear.

4. Gemstone Studded Toe Ring

Gemstone Studded Toe Ring

Do you love the look of jewellery embedded with gemstones? Are you looking for something meaningful to wear? Gift the bride happiness as you give her a toe ring embedded with a gemstone that matches her zodiac sign. Like for those December born Capricorn brides you can gift her turquoise gemstone studded toe ring. If you’re looking for toe Rings Design For Brides in silver to gift the bride than a gemstone designer toe ring serves as the perfect pick. The gemstone toe ring is not just limited to a silver one; it is also available in platinum. If your one of those posh brides seeking luxury then you can pick a platinum gemstone studded toe ring.

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5. Footprint Design Toe Ring

Footprint Design Toe Ring

Looking for a unique gold Rings Design For Brides? Why not opt for a footprint toe ring design? The toe ring is made from 14K gold and looks exceptionally gorgeous. The classy toe ring makes you look fashionable and smart.

6. South Indian Toe Ring

South Indian Toe Ring

Looking for a traditional toe ring to pair with your ethnic wear? Give the traditional south Indian toe ring a try. The silver toe ring with tiny silver patterns embossed on it makes it an exceptional piece. The toe ring is a popular design and is worn usually by the women of the villages. The elegant design makes it perfect for daily wear as well as festive wear. The south Indian toe ring can be flaunted with an ethnic saree to give a traditional look.

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7. CZ Silver Toe Ring

CZ Silver Toe Ring

 Cubic Zircon stones have gained popularity. Sterling silver toe rings embedded with cubic zircon stones have become trendy. The zircon stones give the silver toe ring a shiny and sparkly appearance. The ring is perfect for sporting on marriages, family functions and parties.

8. Swirl Toe Ring

Timeless Toe Rings Design

Are you looking for a chic yet elegant toe ring design? Why not opt for a swirl toe ring? The simple and sophisticated design of the swirl toe ring makes it the perfect accessory for a bride. A swirl toe ring embedded with stones looks chic and trendy. The adjustable fitting of the toe ring makes it a perfect fit for all toe sizes.

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9. Rajasthani Toe Ring

Rajasthani Toe Ring

Have you always been fascinated by the embellished look of the jewellery worn by the then maharanis? Look like a queen on your wedding as you sport a Rajasthani toe ring. The Rings Design For Brides in gold are embossed with miniature intricate designs and are studded with crystals along with a gemstone fixed in the middle to add to its beauty. The Rajasthani toe ring goes well with a lehenga or saree embellished with traditional embroidery.

Liked the post? Which toe ring are you flaunting on your D-Day? Tell us about your choice in the comments below. Also, let us about other toe ring designs that we might have missed.

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