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10 Cute Video Wedding Invite Ideas That Have Our Hearts!

10 Cute Video Wedding Invite Ideas That Have Our Hearts!

The whole internet is discussing about the eco-friendly ways of arranging a wedding. From avoiding plastic décor to adding flora and fauna at the wedding, everybody is trying their best to contribute to our mother nature. Apart from the eco-friendly trends, the hottest topic that came up was thewastage of food at weddings. A lot of NGOs were opened solely with the reason to donate the leftover extra food of the weddings to the orphanages and the people who cannot afford meals per day. A lot of such noble efforts put.

But have you ever wondered, what is the actual way to cut off the waste at a wedding and go for an eco-friendly wedding? It is by cutting down the usage of the paper at a wedding and replacing the paper with something that doesn’t affect the nature much. But if you ask us what can reduce the usage of paper then we would answer it’s the wedding invitations. The wedding invitations that are sent to people consist of three to four pages and it conveys the venue address, wedding date and the time. But if you think deeply this information can be conveyed even by the video wedding invites. 

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What is Video Wedding Invite?

The video wedding invite is the e-invite version of the printed wedding cards or the traditional invites. But they are replacing the traditional printed invites, as they are cheaper, easy to make, and more accessible. These video wedding invites are shared with the friends and families on the social media platforms. They are usually animated and consist of vibrant colours. 

The best part about this video wedding invite is that unlike the traditional printed wedding card is that the information is very easy to pass on. Imagine if you want to make the guests understand the wedding venue properly, then how convenient a video invite can be. The animations can make the data easy to understand.

And to help you with this, we made a list of ten very cute and heart-warming video wedding invites just for you!

1. The Simple Yet Beautiful Proposal Story With Save The Date

2. The Elegant 3D Book With The Couple Photograph

3. Cute Groom And Bride Story Invitation With Useful Information

4. One With The Romantic Quotations And 3D Animation

5. The Colorful Rajasthani Themed Wedding E-Invite

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6. Love Happens Without Warning, A Narrated Love Story

7. A Simple Representation Of The Wedding Invitation

8. Adorable South Indian Video Wedding Invite

9. A Fun Animated Love Story With A Proper Story Line

10. Marwari Wedding Animation With Heavily Embellished Frames

We hope these video wedding invites will help you to send your wedding details to your friends, families and all the guests very beautifully. But don’t forget that we want to motivate more and more people to go for the e-invite because it is a very good effort to replace the paper wedding cards.

 If you liked any of these ideas then don’t forget to experiment with them openly. And if you really have to keep the wedding cards then keep it for all the intimate people, like the elders of the people. With this note, we end our blog, hope these videos will inspire you right! And if so, then don’t forget to share our blog with your significant other and motivate him or her to do the same too. You can also comment some more fun and cute ideas in the section below, it’s always fun to hear from you!

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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