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Say No To Food WasteSay No To Food Waste! 4 Options to Donate Leftover Food from Your Wedding

Say No To Food WasteSay No To Food Waste! 4 Options to Donate Leftover Food from Your Wedding

It will not be wrong to say that our Indian weddings are lavish AF! From super gorgeous decors to scrumptious food, couples spend their lives’ savings to make the big day super-duper special. But do you think the amount of food and the options available can be consumed by every guest at the wedding?

The topmost thing in wedding guests’ mind is food. If we bifurcate an average Indian wedding food in different categories then it’ll be drinks, floaters (which servers carry in hand), starter stalls (like pasta counter, pizza, patashi etc), main course buffet and the dessert station.

You would like to go through all the food options at least once, right? But an average individual’s hunger is completely sated by the time he/she goes through starters, drinks, and floaters. As a result, the entire main course buffet and dessert goes untouched, which leads to an increase in food waste in India.

Having said that, a wedding is a couples’ big day, and they want to share this happiness with everyone. What to do then? The answer is in the form of a donation of leftover food to the needy people. Wouldn’t it make you happy that because of this small decision, a child won’t go to sleep on an empty stomach? And trust us, their blessings will the best wedding gift you could’ve asked for.

We proudly present 4 NGOs who are helping couples by serving excess food from the wedding functions to the needy ones

Mumbai Roti Bank

This young NGO based in Mumbai came into existence in the year 2017 only and has established itself as one of the leading hunger eradication organization. Their main aim is to pick up excess food from weddings, cafes, restaurants and other various events around Mumbai, then serve its various groups of people like abandoned old people, orphaned children etc. Get in touch with them and give your support to the motto ‘no food waste’.

Feeding India

Operating in more than 65 cities across India, this NGO came into existence when its Founder visited a friend’s wedding and saw heaps of freshly cooked food being dumped. Become a hunger hero by getting in touch with them to donate any excess food left at your wedding.


If you are getting married in Jaipur, then call the Anna Doots (yes, their people are called as doots). They will come when the function gets over, check the quality of food and pack it up in their clean utensils. If the food is collected during daytime then its served immediately to the needy, otherwise, it is kept overnight in cold storage and served the next day. Join them and give your support to the principle of don’t waste food!

No Food Waste

avoid food wastage

This NGO operates in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Their work is also on similar lines as other not for profit food distribution organizations. And they’ve saved more than INR 3 crores worth of food by feeding an average of 900 people every day. If your wedding is going to happen soon, then do not forget to call them up.

So from now on, in addition to sharing food waste quotes on social media accounts, team up with the above listed NGOs and become a hunger eradication hero!

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