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10 Awesome Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording And Templates From Around The Web

10 Awesome Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording And Templates From Around The Web

Walking down the aisle for taking the vows for eternity seems like a fairytale come true for the lovebirds. But irrespective of whether it’s a love affair or an arranged extravaganza, the sheer thought of a marriage is sure to give you jitters. There is a plenty lot of stuff to do before tying the knots of love and that also includes a bachelorette party.

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” – Dave Meurer

Bachelorette party is the time when you can have the last fling before wearing the ring. For the bachelors the very thought of a bachelors party can turn their stomachs into knots. The mere thought of getting hitched can give you goose bumps. The few days and weeks before a wedding are exhilarating and tiresome. Before soaking in wedding vibes the bride and groom need a break. Bachelorette party gives you the chance to enjoy the last days of singlehood with friends.

brides and grooms bachelorette party

Dearest brides and grooms-to-be! Now that wedding day closes in and the preparations done it’s time to head off with your gang for the bachelorette party. Remember the Bollywood flick ‘Zindagi na milegi dubara’ which revolves around the theme of a bachelor’s party. Are you amongst those who got enchanted by the charm of movie? Did the movie give rise to your bff goals? The movie never fails to bewilder us with its charm.  Bachelorette is not just about indulging in pre-wedding madness but also about enjoying the last few days of your singlehood with your friends. Before embarking on the journey of togetherness with your soul mates, bid adieu to your bachelorhood in a fun filled break. Plunge into a memorable bachelorette trip or party with your pals to celebrate your bachelorhood and complete your #bffgoals.

From exotic locations with breathtaking sceneries to private house parties a lot of options are available for making your bachelorette special. Be it a destination bachelorette or a club hangout there would plenty of people that you would want to invite to your day of fun affair. There would be people who would want to wish goodluck to the couple before their big day. As a bachelorette party holds a special place in a couple’s life so the invite needs to be equally enchanting enough to leave your guests excited about the celebration. You might feel queasy or overwhelmed while sending out the bachelorette invites. If you’re in search for bachelorette party invitations templates and wordings then worry not lovebirds as we have got you covered. Here are a few bachelorette party invitation wording and template ideas that we have garnered from across the corners of the internet.

Guidelines To Bachelorette Party Invitation Wordings

Bachelorette is about celebrating your bachelorhood with your close kith and kins. It is about letting your hair down and enjoying those golden moments to the fullest. Bachelorette parties invite needs to sassy and classy to engulf your invitees in the party vibes. Setting aside the vital information such as the date or the honoree’s name, the wordings of the invite needs to be witty and humorous. If you’re confused about your selection of words then here a guideline the necessary details that you need for customization of your bachelorette party invitation wording.

Honoree’s Name

Forgetting to jot down the name of the bachelorette on the invite is faux paux. Ensure that guest of honors name is present on the cover and the center of the invite. Also check that their name is spelt right.


A crucial detail of the invite is the venue of the bachelorette party. Make reaching the bachelorette venue a cake walk for your guests by adding the name and address of the venue along with a map of the location. 

Date & Time

An essential detail of the invite is the date and time of the party. Ensure that the date and time of the bachelorette is mentioned correctly. You would not want the guests to reach the venue at a wrong date and time and get annoyed. Double check the invite details before distributing it.


If a friend of yours or your uncle or aunt is hosting the bachelorette don’t forget to add their name and contact details. Being the bride or groom you do not want to bug yourself with phone calls about the bachelorette party queries.


Make sure to include the names of all the helping in organizing the bachelorette party. Be polite by thanking the people for making your last day of bachelorhood special by including their names in the RSVP sector.

Dress Code

If you’re having a themed bachelor’s party then ensures that your bachelorette party invite wordings include the dress code also in additional details.


Beautify your invite with the addition of a strong quote. A powerful and meaningful marriage quote or couple quote gives a reminder to your guests about your special day.


Modern invites are incomplete without witty and humorous quotes. A humorous one liner punch makes the invite a light hearted one. Excite your invitees about your bachelors with a funny puny.

Pop Up Picture

If your seeking for something unique that would add a charming effect to your card then why not add a pop up picture of the couple on the card. Pop up invitees are in trend these days. Remind your guests about the bachelorette by adding a pop up picture on the card.

10 Sassy Bachelorette Party Invitation Templates And Words

The wedding season is in and you can find a bride and groom grooving to the tunes of music in a club. Showing off their best dance moves and crazy sides the couple is seen having the time of their life. The idea of bachelor’s party has completely been revolutionized. Earlier it was a bachelor’s party for a groom and a bridal shower for the bride. But nowadays the bride and groom have their bachelors together. A single bachelorette has its own perks. The couple gets to interact with each others close kiths and kins under the same roof and also it is budget friendly. 

The concept of a bachelor’s party originated in the west where it was considered that a bride and groom should be allowed to enjoy the last few days of their singlehood according to their choice before they tie the nuptial knot. Gradually the custom of a bachelor’s party was also accepted in India as well. Modern day brides and groom cannot think of a wedding without a bachelor’s party.

 The modern day invite are witty and humorous. From catchy one liner punches, mystical quotes to and unique template design the market is flooded with bachelorette party invitation ideas. Selecting the perfect quote and the ideal invite template is a tedious task. A customized design with the template in a choice of color with a quote of choice is all that one needs to catch the attention of the invitees. Having said it all here are 10 sassy bachelorette party invitation ideas and wordings that are sure to sweep your invitees off their feet.

1. Summer Sauna

For all the brides-to-be this theme is meant for your bridal shower. If diamonds are a girl’s first love then makeup are their second love. For those hosting summer sauna bridal shower a spa template with whimsical nail polish invite works well. For a spa theme bridal shower and this theme can never go wrong.

Honoree’s Name Is Going To Be Wed
She Is Soon To Be Dressed In Red!
Her Big Day Is Near
Ladies Meet To Shower Her With Some Love And Cheer!
Join Us At Bride’s Bachelorette Party

Day | Date |Time
Rsvp At Host’s Name By Date At Contact

Summer Sauna - Bachelorette Party invitation wordings

2. Cocktail Motif card

The grooms-to-be looking for an enticing invite template for your bachelorette can opt for a cocktail motif card. The template with punchy pops in choice of colors would make your invitees admit ‘I Do’ at your bachelorette party.

A Dash Of Love And Couple Of Kisses
That’s What Bride’s Name Needs Before Becoming Groom’s  Name MRS.!
While Waiting For Their Special Hour
Lets Drench The Couple In A Cocktail Shower!
Let’s Say Cheers With A Glass Of Beer
As Couple Bids Goodbye To Their Bachelors Year!
Join Us To Celebrate Couple’s Bachelorette Party

At Day | Date | Time
RSVP To Host’s Name:

Cocktail Motif card  - Bachelorette Party invitations wording

3. Vintage Feels

If you’re seeking for something that would traverse your guest in the old world charm then a vintage template works for you. Who could say no to this charming unique invitation!

Ladies Saddle Yourself
To Join The Last Day Of Singlehood Ride Of The Bride
Coz Our Gangs Pride Is Soon To Groom’s Name Wife!
Join Us For Bride’s Name Bridal Shower

At Venue:
Day | Date | Time:
Rsvp To Name By Date:

Vintage Feels - Bachelorette Party invitation template

4. Shimmery Gold Motif

Having an evening soiree? A shiny gold motif on a black background with lets party humorous one liners is the perfect template for getting your guests to put on their dancing shoes and get in tune with the vibe.

A Little Of Hoe
And A Little Of Hay
It’s Time To Say Hurrah
Coz We Are Nearing Our Man’s Groom’s Name D-Day!
Honoring The Groom To-Be We Invite You For
Grooms Night Out

Day | Date | Time
RSVP To Name At Contact

Shimmery gold motif - Bachelorette Party invitation wordings

5. Photo Card

If you’re looking for super cool bachelorette party invitation ideas that would add a personal touch to your invite then opt for a photo card. Inclusion of photos of the bride or groom and some of their cherished friends is sure to make your guests nostalgic.

Before Couple’s Name Become Mr. & Mrs.
Lets Shower Upon Them Gifts And Best Wishes!
Join Us For At The Bachelorette Party For Some Food And Wine
To Travel Back With Back In Memories Of The Good Time!

Day| Date| Time

photo card - Bachelorette Party invitation wordings

6. Nautical Invite

Having a bachelorette on a cruise? A cruise party with booze and gala night with friends seems so fancy. A nautical invite sets the mood so right on sail before you wear the veil!

It’s Time For A Booze
And Let You Crazy Side On Loose
As You Join The Couple On A Cruise For Their Last Sail Before The Veil!

Meet At The Venue At Time – RSVP To Email By Date

Nautical Bachelorette Party invitation wordings

7. Beachy Blues

Bachelors on beach! Sounds fun right! A dash of humor, peppy caricatures and intriguing one liner punches makes your beach wedding invite unique.

Cascading And Caressing The Shells On Sand
A Warm Embrace Between The Sea And Land
As Bffs Walk One Last Time Hand In Hand!
Join Us For Honoree’s Name Bachelorette Party

Day |Date| Time
RSVP To Name At Email

beachy blues - Bachelorette Party invitation wordings

8. Glittering rings

Give your bachelorette invite a fun twist by replacing the traditional invite with an engagement shaped invite. A ring cutout appears classy and trendy in comparison to the normal square ring.

Mark Your Calendars With The Date 
And Don’t Get Late!
As The Bachelorette Party Date Is On The Near 
Choose What Your Going To Wear 
To Join The Couple In Their Last Fling Before They Wear The Wedding Ring!

Day |Date| Time
RSVP To Name At Contact

glittering rings - Bachelorette Party invitation wordings and template

9. Sophisticated Garden

Whether you’re having a spring fling or summer wedding a garden theme works out the best. A gorgeous garden invite with daffodils, sunflowers and roses looks eye catchy and also is sure to beckon the hearts of your guests.

Join Us To Spread Some Cheer
As We Gather For A Glass Of Beer
To Celebrate The Bride’s Last Days Of Bachelorhood Year
At Her Bachelorette Party

Day| Date|Time
RSVP To Name By Date At Contact

sophisticated garden - Bachelorette Party invitation wordings

10. Naughty Nights

If you’re planning for a slightly raunchy party then this is your template. Show off your notorious side and set the naughty tone of your invite right with this theme.

As Honoree’s Name D-Day Nears
It’s Time For Her Bachelorhood Days To Disappear
She Is Tossing Out Her Tees In Cotton
And Making Room For Lace
Don’t Miss Out The Chance Of Seeing Her Brightly Lit Face!
Join Us For Bride’s Name Bachelorette Party

At Venue
Day| Date|Time
RSVP To Name By Date At Contact

naughty nights - Bachelorette Party invitation wordings

Have you chosen your bachelorette party invitation template yet? Have you got any other bachelorette  invitation ideas? Tell us in the comments below your chosen template design and wordings. Also let us know if we have missed out on any other invite idea. We would love to hear it from you.

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