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7 Enchanting Rustic Wedding Invitations Template Perfect For A Vintage Wedding

7 Enchanting Rustic Wedding Invitations Template Perfect For A Vintage Wedding

Are you tired of looking at the traditional wedding invitations? Looking for uniqueness, a design that would match up with the grandeur of your wedding and tell the saga of your fairy-tale? Once in the middle of an ordinary life love gave us a fairytale. After the endless swiping on the dating apps finally you have found your prince charming, your soul mate and are planning to tie the knots of love with them. Have you always been fascinated by the fairytales? You are Wedding planning to have one of your fairytale vintage weddings. You must be then looking for rustic wedding invitations template that is perfect for a vintage wedding. Allure in the old world charm and transport your invitees back to the golden era as you opt for a vintage wedding invitation. Here are a few enchanting rustic vintage wedding invitation ideas that you need to check.

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7 Majestic Rustic Wedding Invitations Template

1. Rustic Doilies Invitation

Remember the golden times when the white embroidered doilies used to be part of the table décor. Back the cute little doilies were considered as an important décor item. No vintage wedding can be deemed to be complete without the doilies. Why not add the charm of the doilies to the wedding invitation? A wedding invitation card wrapped up in a doilie envelope looks elegant yet rustic. The rustic doilies invitation looks appealing to the eyes.

Rustic Doilies Invitation

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2. Paper Scroll Invite

Give a royally ever to your fairytale wedding by opting for a paper scroll invitation. Remember back in the times of kings and queens when important messages used to be sent through the paper scroll. Bring back the charm of the royal era as you opt for a paper scroll invitation. If you’re looking for rustic wedding invitations template then a paper scroll aptly serves the purpose. Add oomph to the invite by opting for an invite in velvet casing.

Paper Scroll Invite

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3. Burlap String Invite

If you loved the vintage era for its simplistic charm then you can opt for the burlap string invite. The burlap string with burlap border invite looks simple, sophisticated and appealing to the eyes. If simplicity is your thing then the burlap string invite is the apt choice for you.

Burlap String Invite

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4. Vintage Art Invite

The vintage art had something about them which made them look appealing. Loved the vintage art that derived inspiration from daily life? A rustic wedding invite with a vintage envelope engraved with paisley designs and the inside having elaborate vintage art. You can have modern rustic wedding invitations with the card embellished with modern rustic designs like that of the bride and groom quirky artwork.

Vintage Art Invite

5. Floral Invite

The timeless beauty and sheer elegance of the flowers never seem to fade away. Flowers remain an all-time favourite Wedding décor element. Nothing expresses the beauty of Indian traditions better than flowers. Floral wedding invitations look stunning and opulent with their simplicity. You can have gorgeous paper flowers adorning the top of the card or the card envelope or box. The vibrant hues of the floral cards surely make it a true work of art.


6. Wooden Invites

Wooden works are a true representation of rustic décor. A wedding invite engraved on a wooden frame and hand-painted with vibrant hues gives a homey feeling to the invitation card . The rustic wooden invite looks elegant and is durable enough to serve as a memoir that lasts for a long time. The wooden invite surely to add oomph to your vintage wedding.


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7. Country Style Invite

What is the first thing that clicks your mind when we say vintage or rustic? Well, probably a countryside image clicks our mind as the movie flicks, books, daily soap operas they all have always associated rustic and vintage with it. You can consider having a country style themed wedding invitations cards which gives an impression of both a rustic and vintage theme. The country-style invites are made on brown background that resembles the wooden planks and you can consider adding elements such as beer mug, fairy lights to give a rustic vibe.

Country Style Invite

Which rustic wedding invitation template are you bookmarking? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.

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