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10 Thrilling Traditional Indian Wedding Games To Spice Up The Fun Factor On Your D Day

10 Thrilling Traditional Indian Wedding Games To Spice Up The Fun Factor On Your D Day

Is your or your cousins, friend’s wedding round the corner? Are you gearing up for to be part of a big fat Indian wedding? Then it’s crucial to know about the various fun filled Traditional Indian Wedding Games to amp up the d-day entertainment. Turn your sportive mood on and get rolling to let the games begin!

 Had a big fat Indian wedding just been a myriad of rituals and ceremonies then it would have been difficult for the bride and groom to cope up with the wedding stress. This is the reason why Traditional Indian Wedding Games are a necessity. Indian weddings are bedecked with fun games that break the ice between the couple and also are a breather to life.

 Right from welcoming of the bride to teasing of the newlyweds, the wedding games is what induces oodles of fun in the weddings and lightens up the stressful atmosphere. India is land of diversity wherein the wedding rituals and ceremonies differ from place to place. Similarly the wedding game with the sole purpose of entertainment also has regional variations. So here is a glimpse into some of the best Indian wedding games that are traditional yet fun.

Traditions Coupled With Fun: 10 Funny Indian Wedding Games

Bengali Wedding

1. Rosogolla Competition

traditional rasgulla eating competition indian wedding games

For all the Bhojoner Roshok Bengalis this game is an absolute sweet delight. In the wedding game the bride and the groom’s families compete against each other to gorge on rosogolla’s. The party which can devour the maximum number of rosogulla’s is declared as the winner and wins gift token money or outfits. Mmm..nom nom the sweet  eating fiesta is surely to make your mouth to water!

2. Shell and Rice Game

pic via - instagram/mtstudiokolkata/

The wedding game is usually played at Bashi Biye and is a tricky one though. In the game the newlyweds sit together with the other family members and are presented with 5 tiny earthen pots filled with turmeric, rice and shells. The couple takes turns alternatively to spill the contents in the pots and rearrange them.  The sole aim of the game is to find out who can neatly organize the family better. In the Traditional Indian Wedding Games the bride and groom compete against each other to win the game and the winner is said to be the better at organizing the family better. The winner is given a gift token of money or wedding wear.

3. Topor VS Mukut War

topor and mukut traditional bengali wedding game

Just like other Bengali wedding games this one too involves the participation of the bride and groom. In the game a big bowl of water is taken and the water is moved in a circular motion. Following this the tips of the groom’s topor and bride’s mukut is broken and is placed softly in the water. It is said that whichever one i.e. the topor and mukut follows the other is said lead in the marital life. The winner is rewarded with gifts and money by their relatives.

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Gujarati Wedding

1. Aeki Beki

Aeki beki gujrati wedding game

Aeki Beki is a fun filled Gujarati ritual of finding the coin by the newlyweds. The ceremonial game is an intimate affair and is played after the grah pravish ceremony. The Traditional Indian Wedding Games is similar to fish the ring with a difference that in the bowl filled with milk, water, sindoor and vermillion a ring is placed along with coins and the couple is supposed to find the ring. The one who fishes out the ring and collects maximum coins is declared as the winner and is said to have dominance in the married life.

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2.  Griha Pravesh

traditional gujarati wedding grih pravesh

 A ceremonial game that lays the foundation of a healthy relation between the Bhabhi and Nanad. In the game the sisters of the groom block the path of the couple. They pretend to be helpful and ask the bride to seek the blessings of the family deity who is hidden inside a covered heap before she enters the house. The bride obliges to the request only to discover that the hooded figure she is bowing to is a pile of old footwear cleverly hidden by the cloth. The ceremony of worshipping the shoes also breaks the ice between the bride and her in laws making her to feel at home.

3. Gift Collection

gift collection in Indian wedding traditional game

The wedding game is all about the bride accepting the gifts showered upon her by her in-laws. In the game the bride has to collect as many gifts as her dupatta can hold and has to carry them around for a while. The game is symbolizes that the bride is ingenious and resourceful.

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Marwari Wedding

1. Jua Khilai

jua khilai Indian wedding traditional game

A fun filled gaming session sees the participation of the bride and groom. The ceremony breaks the ice between the bride and her in-laws and makes her to feel at home.

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South Indian Wedding

1. Okhli

okhli south Indian wedding traditional game

A popular south Indian game that is similar to the game of fish the ring with a slight variation. The twist of the Traditional Indian Wedding Games is that instead of milk and flower petals the bride has to fish the ring out from cold colored water and instead of the 7 chances she only gets three to find the ring. Unlike other weddings where the ritual is carried out by the bride and groom Okhli is carried out by the bride and her brother.

2. Koachitu Purathu

Koachitu Purathu south Indian wedding traditional game

 A very quirky wedding ritual in which the bride gets a chance to interact and familiarize herself with the grooms friends and cousins. The ceremony also brings the bride and groom closer to each other. In the ritual the groom goes to the corner of the wedding hall and pretends to be angry with the bride. He then further goes to sleep in the lap of his friends and covers himself with ‘Angavastaram’. His jewellery is taken away by his friends and cousins and they distribute it evenly amongst themselves.

The relatives and friends of the couple then act to criticize the couple for their actions. Later on the bride, her friends and relatives try to convince the groom to return home and offer him daily essentials  like toothbrush, comb, mirror and juice. The bride hands the essentials one by one to the groom and also collects back the jewellery of the groom and decks him up it. She also ties the ‘Angavastararm’ to her saree and takes the groom back. Seems like the south Indians are way to obsessed with their grooms which is why they make him run away from the wedding(Kashi Yatra) and angry, lol!

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3. Find the finger

finger finding traditional Indian wedding game

We all used to play the game during our childhood but seems like south Indian took it way to seriously to make it part of the wedding ritual, lol!  Although the game comes with a twist, in it the bride groups her fingers and asks the groom to find her ring finger and she has the liberty to shuffle her fingers to confuse the groom. The groom has to spot the ring finger and if he fails at it then he has to go through a punishment given by the bride. The game although is intended for fun but puts to test the decision making ability of the groom.

So these are a few fun filled interesting wedding games that is played at the Indian weddings. Do you know of any other traditional wedding game that is played at the wedding? Liked the post? Share with us in the comments below about your views on the post.

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