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The Great Indian Rich Thalis For Your Wedding

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The Great Indian Rich Thalis For Your Wedding

What is amazing about India? Its differences are, and with so many differences it is united. And we all cherish this differed unity. Different culture and values have grown here and still growing. A child, who grows in India experiences variety in everything. So we have variety in everything and this variety can also be seen in food also. Different variety of cuisine you can eat here, just go in a hotel and a restaurant, and order it what you want.

What you eat, matters and where you eat, it also matters. Because what you have eaten, if it tastes tangy and tasty, you will definitely be praising it, the food and place also.

So in a wedding, when you are going to organize one, always pay special attention to food. Your wedding menu should always be best; whatever variety of dishes you are going to have. When guests go to eat, they find the luxury in the dishes. And customization in dishes is always an awesome idea.

Hence for your wedding we are presenting to you different food Thalis from various Indian states. They are tasty, sweet and tangy and it feels that when you see them, you just want to devour them.


The Rich Indian Thalis

Chhattisgarh Thali

Chhattisgarh thali for wedding

Pic via desifiesta.com

Assamese Thali

Assamese Thali For Wedding

Pic via the hindu

Maharashtrian Thali

Maharashtrian Thali

Pic via spiceaffairs.in

Kathiyawadi Thali

Kathiyawadi Thali

Pic via desifiesta.com

Meghalaya Thali

Meghalaya Thali For Wedding

Pic via wellordie.com

Bhojpuri Thali

bhojpuri Thali For Wedding

Goa Ki Thali

Goa Ki Thali


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South Indian Thali

South Indian Thali

Haryanvi Thali

Haryanvi Thali For Wedding

Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali For Wedding


These are the rich Thalis from India and also perfect for your wedding menu. You can also select an item from each Thali and make your own. It is the vast Khana-Khajana of India that you can think about to serve in your wedding. Now no worries. We have given you an idea about a wedding Thali. You don’t need to ask your relatives and friends about what to include and what not to include in the wedding menu.

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