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29+ Thoughts Which Goes Through A Bride’s Mind On Her Wedding Day

29+ Thoughts Which Goes Through A Bride’s Mind On Her Wedding Day

Anyone who thinks that a wedding is all about fun, stop it right there! It may be fun to the distant relatives or little kids, but for every bride-to-be, it is a nerve-wracking ride filled with a lot of emotions. One day she is happy for the beginning of a new chapter in her life, the other day she is sad about leaving her parents and nervous about moving into her husband’s home.

But if you are going to marry soon and worried about the plethora of thoughts moving through your mind, then relax, you are not alone. Almost every bride feels the same. And to help you give an idea, we have compiled a list of 31 crazy-weird thoughts which every Bride’s Mind On Her Wedding Day.

31 Emotional, Happy & Crazy Thoughts Of Every Bride-To-Be

1. Oh god! I am feeling so sleepy. When I’ll get to sleep next properly?

Yes, the wedding jitters will keep you up the whole night. Be prepared.

2. Mummy, kaha ho? I want to sit and be with you. Don’t know when I will get the time next.

All of a sudden when you will feel that everything is moving so fast. It will be during that moment you would just want to be with your mother.

3. Today is my last day in this room, in this house. No, no, no I do not want to cry again.

No matter how modern a bride may become and think to cry at vidai is uncool. It is not easy for her to leave home.

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4. Mummy ne yeh kaunsi saree pehni hai? I selected the other one for her. God! She never pays attention to herself.

LOL. When the bride and her mother reverse the roles.

5. Hey, the decoration looks really good. I am so relieved now.

After all, it is your wedding and everything has to be the best.

6. God! My cheeks are hurting like crazy. I can’t smile anymore.

Yes, be prepared for this.

7. Do I have to touch everyone’s feet? This is so confusing and my lehenga is so heavy!

Well, blessings are important. Keep going.

8. He is mine!

When you will walk towards the love of your life, your soul-mate.

9. I will always respect my mother and father-in-law like I do for my parents.

When you will see there smiling faces and showering love over you.

10. He is looking so handsome in the sherwani.

Ahem, ahem. Is it him or the sherwani?

11. There is so much delicious food but I can’t eat. Oh man, now I am feeling even more hungry!

You can’t simply leave the stage. Everyone is watching you.

12. I want to dance too. Please, someone, drag me to the dance floor, I am bored of standing on the side.

But you have to be shy and elegant.

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13. Hope everything goes smoothly without any problem.

Watched too many Bollywood films, did we?

14. I just want to get out of this lehenga. It is heavy but it looks so pretty on me.

Yes, it looks pretty. But you can’t wear it forever, right?

15. Hell! I tasted and finalized each item on the menu. When will I get to eat it?

Have patience kyuki sabar ka phal meetha (bole to pizza, pasta ya chowmein) hota hai.

16. Shit, I am running so late. My parlor lady will surely chomp of my head this time.

The story of every bride-to-be.

17. Damn these heels and the heavy lehenga. My entire body is aching.

Welcome to the life of a bride.

18. I just hope the makeup and hairstyle are done perfectly. I do not want any blunders today.

Like we said, the story of every bride.

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19. I think it is the first time in my life that I am feeling fluttering sensations in the stomach.

Just like Bollywood movies right?

20. Everyone’s looking so good! I wish I could take a picture with them all.

It is your wedding and everyone has done it all, just for you.

21. Wow, so many faces that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Well no matter the time and distance, everyone loves you.

22. I hope we get to take a short nap before the reception - I really could use a bit of rest!

Trust us, your hubby is feeling as sleepy as you.

23. I hope I look good in the pictures. I can’t have bad photographs.

After all, the wedding album is the most important thing.

24. I think I forgot something.

You will keep thinking this till the wedding festivities are over.

25. I will miss home. Will I be able to survive without them?

Do not worry, your hubby and in-laws will love you like CRAZY!

26. I hope I haven’t twisted any mantras and chants into something unholy which will do bad to us in return. Oh god!!

No worries. You are the bride, aapko sab kuch maaf hai.

27. Hey, pheras are fun...but this smoke is irritating. I hope the makeup doesn’t get spoiled.

Relax! The makeup artist has done her job pretty well and you look worth a zillion bucks.

28. What if I have to pee in the middle of the rituals?

Simply tone down on the amount of water during rituals.

29. Where are all my idiot friends? How dare they click photographs and have fun without me?

Now please do not start shouting on them, from the stage. LOL

30. Did I pack all my stuff properly? I should check now!

Even if you forgot something, chill, it is just lying back home. You can get it anytime.

31. I am so excited for my honeymoon.

Do not forget to have loads of fun as well.

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If you too had some crazy thoughts on the wedding day which we have missed, please comment below and share them with us.

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