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A paan is the most eaten meal refreshment item in India. In almost every India wedding, you may find the separate section of the paan. According to the traditions, paan is of paramount importance in the wedding rituals and is considered as the sign of freshness and prosperity. Right from the beginning of the marriage to its end, you can find the use of betel leaves in various rituals. Also, it is good to consume the paan after having the meal as it is excellent for the digestion. 

The best thing about paan is, not only elders love to eat it but also kids are quite fond of eating delectable paan. However, with the evolution of Indian weddings, the  variety and flavors of the paan has also evolved tremendously. Nowadays, you can easily find paan shots in the North Indian weddings which is actually quite popular among the youngsters. Are you looking for wedding paan vendors in Hyderabad who can serve mouth-watering paans to your guests? We are the right platform for you.

At shaadidukaan, you can find a great selection of top-rated and renowned paan vendors who can serve a variety of amazing paans at your wedding and mesmerize your guests. Apart from the wedding ceremonies, our registered vendors can also render their services to the myriad of other events and make them memorable. Book the right paan wala in Hyderabad and amaze your guests by serving them in unconventional and stylish ways. 

The Age-Old Tradition & The Significance of Chewing Paan 

Traditionally, a paan is consumed for two major reasons. First, it is a great source of digesting the food. Second, it is an excellent mouth freshener. When it comes to including the paan in a wedding, it is of two types: tobacco and tobacco-free paan. The tobacco paan is the key choice of the elder male members of the family. While the tobacco-free paan is popular among the ladies and the children because of it’s sweet taste.

The quality of the betel leaves plays a quintessential role in sprucing up the paan taste. While the Banrasi betel leaf has a robust and solid flavor, Meetha patta is much sweeter in taste. Moreover, researchers have proved that betel leaves encompass components that can massively reduce blood sugar levels, thus best for treating diabetes. Chewing the betel leaves on the intermittent basis reduce the chances of oral cancer manifold times. Moreover, you can use the betel leaves as a bandage to heal the body wounds. 

What to Discuss with The Paan Vendors Before You Book Them for The Wedding Function

  1. Budget – One of the most daunting tasks in a wedding is to keep check of the budget. When you have a myriad of tasks to manage, you can’t afford to spend a huge chunk of the money on a single vendor alone. Before you book the pan vendors, ask them, can they provide their services within the given budget? 
  2. Variety – Nowadays, pan comes in a great selection of flavors, styles, and sizes. The recently created paan shot is one fine example of that. Ask paan vendors, can they provide the paan in various flavors and styles? If yes, then are they open for the negotiation?
  3. Do They Use Fresh Betel Leafs or The Preserved Ones – Some paan vendors use fresh betel leaves for paan preparation, while others use the preserved betel leaves. Even though both are good to prepare the paan but fresh betel leafs created paans taste better and good for health as well. Ensure from the paan shop in Hyderabad, does he uses the fresh betel leaves for the paan preparation? Give preference to the vendor who uses only fresh betel leaves.

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