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Elegant Long & Short Wedding Hairstyles For Cool Brides

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Elegant Long & Short Wedding Hairstyles For Cool Brides

Everything has been talked about for brides; how should they dress on their wedding day, about makeup, what types of dresses and outfits they should wear including shoes, jewellery and many more. But does anything get skipped to cover up? Yeah, yeah…brides, your wedding hairstyles. It is not a thing to underestimate. How do you lock your hairs, in what hair style matters, whether you like loose bun, messy fishtail hairstyle or low pony tail. It doesn’t matter whether your hairs are short or long. There are wedding hairstyles for long hairs and also wedding hairstyles for short hairs.

So Get Inspired By These Cool Wedding Hairstyles For Short And Long Hair We Gonna Tell You

A Top Knot

A Top Knot - Wedding Hairstyle For Bride

Don’t you think it is the classic pick for cool brides? You just have to pull it off gracefully and Bang! When you walk the aisle in your wedding, everyone would be talking about your hairstyle. This cool hairstyle for cool brides.

Criss Cross Flower Accented Bun

Criss Cross Flower Accented Bun - hairstyle For Medium Hair

It is not your eating bun! It’s your hairstyle bun.  A simple and sleek wedding bun looks good on brides and comfortable too. It can easily be covered up and worn under your bit long Ghungat. Neatly done and some pairs of flowers can be added to enhance the look.

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Side Parted Ringlet Bun

Side Parted Ringlet Bun - Wedding Hair Style For Long Hair

Not in center but at a side with curly little rings, this kind of bun gives a regal look. It can be decorated with motifs of your choice whether a beautiful natural leaf designs or artificial ones. You will look totally chic in it.

Bumped Up Curls

Bumped Up Curls - Bride Hair Style For Long Hair

Although not every hairstyle looks best on every face. It is according to your face structure that decides what hair style suits you. A simple bumpit can totally transform your look. You will look awesomely gorgeous in this hairstyle. Those brides who have broad face structure, the curly hairstyle with bumpit suits best to them.

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Side Swept Formal Updo Hairstyle

Side Swept Formal Updo Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair

Long hair or short hair, however long your hair, this side swept formal updo bridal hairstyle can never go wrong for you on your wedding day. This hair style gives you clean and edgy look. Some hairs falling on your face make you feel like a queen. There are other types of variations you can do with this hairstyle. The length of your hair is definitely going to affect the hairstyle.

Medium Wavy Updo Hairstlye

Medium Wavy Updo Hairstyle For Medium Hairs

Some girls have natural wavy hair of medium and long length. This hairstyle mostly looks good on those girls who have long face or medium long. In this hairstyle, bun should be tied neatly at the back and half of your hairs fall along on face. You gracefully look stylish. When hairs fall on your face when you walk, it looks like hairs kissing your cheek!

Messy Low Bun

Messy Low Bun - cool bride hairstyle for short hair

If you are frank with everyone in your household and your Saas ‘n’ Sasur even do not mind if you don’t have Ghungat on your face. And apart from all if you have a conish face, this messy low bun hairstyle is for you on your wedding day, sleekly parted and styled down the middle of your neck. What do you say about the hairstyle!? And don’t get bothered by Saas ‘n’ Sasur line.

Curly Tendrils Updo

Curly Tendrils Updo - Wedding Hair styles for long hair

Those girls are blessed who have natural curly hairs. The curly tendrils updo hairstyle suits you best if you want to have a dramatic entry in your wedding. Your going-to-be husband may lose his way when he will see you in this hairstyle! So girls curl up!

Loose Romantic Plait

Loose Romantic Plait - Best Wedding Hair Style

This hairstyle is for long hair girls. It is simple, elegant and gorgeously beautiful. In the middle it is little bit curly and at the end a simple knot gives the look and style. A ring of flowers can also be wrapped around at the end in the place of knot. Mostly south Indian brides don this hairstyle. If you have long hairs you can too.

These are the elegant wedding hairstyles for short and long hair for your wedding that you can try. Don any one that best suits to you and represent your taste, style and inner self. But don’t wear just any style. Always remember that it is according to your face structure you have to choose a hairstyle. You know it intuitively which hair style suites to you. We have seen many brides who look beautiful from top to toe but when eyes go to their hairstyle, oh! You can get confused and lost. Don’t think you Indian brides that you cover up your hair in your Ghungat. Plait up, bun up or curl up; just style your hairs as you want girls on your wedding!

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