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Flower Power: 7 Elite Floral Kalire Designs to keep You in Line with the Trend

Flower Power: 7 Elite Floral Kalire Designs to keep You in Line with the Trend

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. The journey of togetherness that lasts for a lifetime begins with a wedding. Indian weddings are known for their rituals, traditions and splendour. The cultural diversity of India adds on to the beauty of its wedding. Talking about cultures, a Punjabi wedding is deemed to be a loud one full of pomp and splendor. If you’re having a Punjabi wedding, then you must know about the importance of a Chooda and Kalire ceremony. The kaleere ceremony is perhaps one of the most charismatic rituals of a wedding. The Kalire is deemed to be one of the most vital bridal accessories.

Kaleere designs have undergone through a lot transformation over the ages. Irrespective of the transformation, floral Kalire is one of the most traditional designs. Kaleere embedded with flowers, beads and shells is said to signify happiness and prosperity. Flowers are classic and their charm never dies.  Tired of those heavy dangling metal Kaleere that are so uncomfortable and tend to tangle often? Have your heart set on those classic light weighted floral kalire! Are you looking for unique floral kaleere designs that will set you apart from the league? you are at right place.

7 Elite Floral Kalire Designs that will Turn the Heads towards You

1. White Rose Blooms

floral kaleere designs

Former Miss India USA, Natasha brought back the traditional flower Kalire back into trend, by opting for white rose’s kaleere during her wedding. Her stunning kaleere made with white roses of all sizes in varying lengths made her the center of attraction and gave her look a bohemian vibe. The charm of roses never fades away. White rose kalire is simple yet mesmerizing. Show off your #bridegoals style with this creative Kaleera design.

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2. Mixed Flower Kaleere

Kaleere Designs for bride

If you’re looking for a design that blends seamlessly with the color palette of your contemporary bridal lehenga, then a white rose with mixed flowers kaleere is your answer. White is known as the color of purity goes well with all hues. A kaire design of mix of white roses and mogra looks dainty and elegant on any bridal outfit. The sweet fragrance of mogra and roses is sure to make the bride to feel like a queen on her big day.

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3. Exotic Orchids

Exotic Orchids

Who said Orchids are only meant for decorating vases? Orchids known for their classy look can be incorporated in kaleere designs for the ultimate sophisticated look. If you’re one of those brides attracted to the minimalist look, then orchid kalire are meant for you. Kaleere with large white and red orchids strung together adds a touch of minimalism to your look.

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4. Faux Flowers

faux flowers kaleere designs

If you want to preserve your kalire as a memoir of your special day or merely as a possible heirloom for future generation, then go for faux flower kaleere. Fresh flowers wilt away but artificial flowers stay forever. For a more realistic look, choose faux flowers made from high quality materials. Faux flower kaleere designs, no doubt serves as a cherished bridal memento.

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5. Paper Kalire

floral kalire designs

If an all flower Kaleere is difficult for you to handle or is something that you cannot abide by, but for your love for the flowers cannot give up on the idea then go for paper flower. Yes you read it right! Paper flowers of vibrant hues strung together and mixed with metallic kalire retains the vintage charm of traditional kaleere.

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6. Classic Kaleere

classic kaleere designs

Kaleere and Choodas date back to 1900s and find their origin in the lanes of Punjab, wherein a Punjabi bride’s attire was considered incomplete without these. Initially kaleere was made only with flowers, beads and shells. Time changed thing and flowers for replaced by metals. Revive back the charisma of floral kaleere designs as you opt for a classic kaleere design. Go for a kaleere design strung with flowers, beads and shells. This classic design adds a sense of timelessness to your bridal attire and also never fails to bewilder the guests with its allure.

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7. Coconut Kalire

floral kalire designs

Driving its significance in the pages of history, it is said that the coconut kalire concept was begun to ensure that the bride does not stay hungry or thirsty on her way back to her husband’s house. The uncles of the bride would gift her coconut on strings attached to her bangles and as history might have it, behold the coconut kaleere was born. Add more fun to your day with the embellishment of coconuts to your kaleere. Make your coconut kaleere colorful as you deck it up with flowers of your choice.

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So these are our recommendations for the best floral kalire designs that make your bridal look unique. Tell us in the comments below if you have any further ideas for floral kalire designs. Also let us know if we have missed out any other point about kalire designs.

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