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Mouthwatering Sweets from Southern India that Leave Your Guests in Awe

Mouthwatering Sweets from Southern India that Leave Your Guests in Awe

Don’t you drool over those luscious dosas, idlis, vadas accompanied with coconut chutney and spicy veggie-filled Sambars from South Indian Cuisine? But have you ever tried any South Indian sweet dish? If not, you don’t have to worry at all. We are here to introduce you with some heavenly delicious South Indian sweets that you must try in your next South Indian Wedding. 

Some Delicious South Indian Sweets


Steamed dumplings prepared with rice flour dough stuffed with jaggery syrup and grated coconut, Kozhukattai is very popular among the south Indian festive sweets. It’s a variation of Maharashtra’s famous and most loved dessert Modak. To enhance the taste and flavor of the dumplings, cardamom, ghee and dry fruits are added to the filling. In Tamil Nadu, this dish is mainly prepared on the occasion of a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of God Ganesha named, Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chavithi or Vinayaka Chaturthi. These sweets are popularly served at weddings as a symbol of brawny health.

Kozhukattai delicious south indian sweets

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Mysore Pak

Southern India’s most popular sweet ‘Mysore Pak’ is made from a generous amount of desi ghee, sugar syrup, gram flour and a touch of cardamom. Originally called Mysuru Paaka, this dish can be served at cold and hot. Because of its texture, it seems a bit similar to fudge, definitely a gift to Fudge Lovers. Traditionally prepared on special occasions and festivals, Mysore Pak is also popular among many parts of India. It can stay fresh in a cool and dry place, but it must be consumed within a month. This delicious dish was originated in Mysore.


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Payasam, an easy and most loved dessert is a South Indian version of North Indian dish ’Kheer’. Earlier Payasam was made using jaggery, milk and a pinch of cardamom with dry fruits in traditional areas of Southern India because they considered jaggery to be the purest form of sweeteners, but these days people are using different variants as per their choice. During the auspicious occasion of ‘Onam’ in Kerala, it gets a special space in the traditional thali and being loved by almost all the people of South India.


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Poornam Boorelu or Poornalu

Boorelu is prepared from rice flour, jaggery mixed with Bengal gram paste, grated coconut and a little cardamom powder to enhance the flavor of the dessert. These deep-fried sweet balls are one of the most popular dishes mainly prepared in Andhra Pradesh. Boorelu is also considered as a symbol of joy and festivity in South India.


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Rich in protein and the most nutritious ladoos Maladu also known as “Maa Ladoo” are made from roasted gram dal or roasted chana dal. Considered to be a healthy sweet Maladu is a popular and easy to cook south Indian dessert and is a quick delight for your sweet cravings.


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Rava Kesari

South India’s favorite Rava Kesari is a sweet that hardly needs an occasion to be served. This dish melts in your mouth and its creamy flavor leaves you filled with wonder. Adding Rava Kesari in your wedding sweet dish list will never make you regret your decision. It’s a variant of famous ‘Sooji ka Halwa’ made from milk, semolina, sugar and a generous amount of pure ghee.


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Unni Appam

South Indian version of the famous ‘Gulab Jamun’, Unni Appam is known as Karolappam is made from rice, jaggery, banana, roasted sesame seeds, roasted coconut pieces, sugar, generous amount of ghee and cardamom. They are small balls fried in oil and can be a great snack for the evening. In Malayalam Language, Appam also called ‘Queen of Kerala’ means rice cake and Unni means small.

Unni Appam


Badusha is similar to the traditional dessert Balushahi originated from the Indian Subcontinent. In terms of ingredients, this sibling of Balushahi is similar to the glazed doughnuts, but differs in taste and texture. Badusha is deep-fried and dabbled into the thick sugar syrup to enhance its sweetness. Made from Maida flour, these are delicious with a slightly flaky texture from outside and moist and tender on the inside.


 Tirunelveli Halwa

Loved by young and old alike Tirunelveli Halwa also known as Godhumai Halwa is a powerhouse of flavors. Tirunelveli Halwa is the most treasured sweet of Tamil Nadu, which can be considered unique because of its method of preparation. It is cooked using the water from the river Thamirabharani. It’s a red wheat halwa that promises to offer a different and tempting flavor.

Tirunelveli Halwa

So now, you guys know how to satisfy your sweet tooth! These are all the best South Indian sweet dishes that you can serve in your wedding. There are other varieties of it that you can search. Whatever dish you are going to serve, just invite us because we also want to taste!

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