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Quiet And Cool Malayali Weddings: No Mehandi, No Sangeet Ceremony but Delicious Vegetarian Food

Quiet And Cool Malayali Weddings: No Mehandi, No Sangeet Ceremony but Delicious Vegetarian Food

What is special about India? Don’t tell what you have read in books and watched in movies. Tell what you have felt here living in this beautiful and colorful country. Whether you are a native of it or just come from any foreign country and living the dream of experiencing India. You must tell us the real feelings that have beautifully waded your heart and you have said yourselves what a fantastic this country is!

On an informal point, we think India is the country of celebrations. Because lots of people live here, do jobs here, they are from various communities, and yet mingling together for years, sharing and caring for one another.

There is a lot to talk about this country, and it would take years to cover everything. Today we are going to take you on a journey of Malayali weddings. Though we already have taken you on different journeys of various other states’ weddings. This time it is about Malayali weddings. And they are really interesting. 

A Bit Different Rituals of Malayali Weddings

They Do Weddings in the Morning

Malyali Weddings Rituals

In our side, North India, we do our weddings in the night whereas in the Southside, Malayalis, they do their weddings in the morning. And there is a reason behind it. It is not just as they want to. They consider themselves Dravidians, descendants of Sun God, and the time after Sun rising is considered auspicious. They think so. That’s why they do their weddings in the morning.

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Not That Much Pomp ‘n’ Show

Simple Malyali wedding

A going-to-be wedding couple in our side thinks about their wedding making it grandeur and lavish while it is not in Malayali weddings. They are simple and sober and do their weddings peacefully solemnly. There is no Sangeet and Mehandi ceremonies there like DhoomDhadaka in Punjabi weddings. What you like about Malayali weddings is the peaceful, calm and serene atmosphere. 

When the bride comes, she comes with her friends, sisters, and aunts. And those who come with the bride, they come holding lamps in their hands. The same way is followed by the groom. It is a traditional way of bringing bride and groom.

No Priest Case

Malyali wedding rituals

There is no requirement of a priest or pundit in Malayali weddings unless it is taking place in a temple. And there is no setup of fire or Homma also. Nowadays’ weddings take place on a decorated stage. So rather than other weddings, these weddings culminate quickly, and not so many chantings of mantras by a pundit as in our North Indian weddings. But these days, it is a mixture of wedding rituals where North Indians are adopting South Indians’ and vice versa. It is just about taking good things or rituals from other culture.

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Bride Wears Gold, Gold, and Gold on the Wedding

South Indian bridal jwellery

Whether the bride of this city or bride of other city or any country, they definitely wear some amount of gold. But in Malayali weddings, a bride wears lots of amount of gold and get dressed in the traditional dress “KasavuSettuSaree.” And groom on the other side wears “Mundu”, a kind of Lungi and shirt. So when you see any bride in South India with lots amount of gold, then you must understand that she is a Malayali Bride.

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Savory Tasty Food

South Indian food menu for wedding

The food in the South Indian weddings is pure gold, totally vegetarian and awesome in taste. Here are some interesting things about South Indian weddings food menu:

•    The food is served on a Plantain leaf and according to the tradition, its tapering end should point to the left of seated guests.

Sambar South Indian dish

•    When the feast beings, it begins with the serving of Parippu, a kind of liquid curry made of ghee and gram. And in the second course, it is Sambar.

•    Another dish which is known as Avial, is a mixture of green chilies, vegetables, and coconut paste. With it, there are other side dishes also as Thoran and Olan. Besides this, the lickerings include Pachchadi, Khichadi, Upperi, Ginger pickle and Pappadam.

Payasam South Indian sweet dish

•    When the time comes of desserts, it is served in the middle of the meal. The favorite dish is Payasam, which is made of a mixture of coconut milk, cashew nuts, raisins, sweet brown molasses including bit spices.

•    When the whole meal ends, Kaalan, a kind of buttermilk is served at the end of the feast.

We think that Malayalis follow a strict course of action for their weddings and feast. What should be served at what time, and with what other dishes is paid a lot of attention perhaps. And they are culturally rich and strict also in following traditions and rituals. 

These are some interesting rituals of Malayali weddings, which are simple, sober, serene and calm. And you can do the wedding without a pundit. So quickly it culminates than other states’ weddings, and food is purely delicious and savory that even you lick your fingers after the culmination of wedding feast.

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If any other important things we are missing, you can tell us, or whether the experience of witnessing any Malayali wedding. You can tell anything related to it. We are waiting and we definitely would feature it in our blog if we like it.

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