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Wedding Rituals From Around The Corners of The World: Which One is Yours?

Wedding Rituals From Around The Corners of The World: Which One is Yours?

Sanskrit mantras chanting, bantering, talking, laughing, ceremonies getting performed, dancing, guests are eating, enjoying. This is all the atmosphere of an Indian wedding where if this doesn’t happen that I have in the above lines, then a wedding is not a wedding. It is like a huge fair of families, guests, and relatives. Every one of the family comes and get together at one place and do lots of enjoyment and fund. 

Without these all, an Indian wedding is not a wedding, just a show that no one would want to be part of. When two families come together in a wedding, they become part of each other accepting each other with all flaws and goods. So a wedding is a celebration of a union. 

In every wedding that takes place around the different corners of worlds, there are different rituals that signify them, and some are specific that represent them. So we are going to tell you about such wedding rituals that are fun and enjoying if you have become a part of it. If not then you can read about them here in our blog. Buckle up guys and gals!

India: Joota Chhupai

Every groom has gone through this ritual where his shoes definitely must have been hidden by bride’s girls gang, and he in trying to get them again has to pay a handsome amount of cash to his sisters-in-law. This is a kind of ritual that takes place in almost every Indian wedding. 

India: Joota Chhupai

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And it is not that easy to take and hide the shoes of groom because his gang also guard them during the whole wedding. It is a two-sided fun merriment fight. Groom’s friends want to save him from giving cash amount of money to sisters-in-law and friends while on the other hand, bride’s gang want to steal. 

So this fight continues till the end of the wedding, and win only those who have the groom’s shoes. You must have seen it in many Bollywood movies. 

Germany: Log Cutting

In every country’s wedding, there are some types of wedding rituals that seem a little odd but they signify something important about wedding couples. Such as Log cutting is in Germany, where log represents impediments, problems, and hurdles that can come in a couple’s life. So to get rid of it, wedded couple needs to cut it in two parts with a saw which represents the unity of couple, strength, and coordination that they are going to implement in their wedding life. With family members accumulated at one place, rejoicing, enjoying, and encouraging couple for cutting the log, it is the scene to watch.  

Germany: Log Cutting

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Poland: Money Dance

This ritual takes place at the end of the wedding or at the time of reception. In this ritual, those present at the wedding, male guests pin money to bride’s gown those who wish to dance a little with her, and on the other hand, females pin money to groom to dance with him. It is done till the end of the ritual, and the money that gets accumulated is used for building bride and groom’s house or for their honeymoon expenses. 

Poland: Money Dance

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Southern USA: Burying The Bourbon

Southern USA is known for its bizarre and odd rituals for weddings. Such one is Burying the Bourbon which is done a few days before the wedding, and on the place where the bourbon is burned, at the time of reception, it is dug out and shared with everyone present at the reception. This ritual is for evading sudden rain on the day of the wedding. 

Southern USA: Burying The Bourbon

Philippines: Releasing Doves

Releasing doves on the day of wedding is considered sacred in almost every Philippines wedding. It is the symbol of merriment, unending love, purity, fortune, prosperity, peace, faith and what not. So when a wedded couple releases doves on their wedding day from the cage; they are thought to bring all these fortunes to them. On the other hand, there is another reason that dove birds mate for life. It signifies evergreen happy married relationship that a couple can hope for. 

Philippines: Releasing Doves

These are a little bit descriptions of wedding rituals from around the world. We think that you like it and take interest in reading these all. There are many odd, bizarre, quirky and perhaps out of the mind wedding rituals but they signify something important about each wedding culture. So enjoy reading about them, like it and share it. Besides all that, if you want to share something other wedding rituals, you can share with us in the comments below. While soaking the rain, enjoy reading this.   

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