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How To Plan Ultimate LGBTQ Proposal To Save Your Day Today!

How To Plan Ultimate LGBTQ Proposal To Save Your Day Today!

Knees bent, hand extended and the rose handed over.

You look deep into the eyes of your lover and the hot oxytocin flushes in your body.

 The coy redness spreads all over your face and what lies in front of your love is nothing but a question, waiting to be answered.   

What surprises you is the subtle surprise you witness in your love’s eyes. Those eyes flick with joy and passion at the same time.

Ah, what a beautiful sight!

Every proposal revolves around this beautiful course of the proposal. But the way the message is relayed makes the whole difference.

We know when confessions are tied with passion then planning goes for a toss! But do not forget that this is a lifetime event and it has all the reason to be special.

It is true that cupid hits everybody equally and strongly! The call of love is unavoidable indeed and should be dealt with carefully.

This is our tribute to the Pride Month and the LGBTQ rights. And obviously to all the lovely LGBTQ couples who are planning to seal the deal with a sweet proposal.

Some Iconic Proposal Ideas for Him and Her!


Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel proposal idea

A pleasant wind, the night sky and the Bokeh lights beneath can give the best vibe for that special proposal!


lgbtq camping

Nothing can be more special than spending time together alone, in a faraway place and then proposing in woods.

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lgbtq concert

If you both are music enthusiasts then this would be the option for you! You can propose him in his favorite artist’s concert.


lgbtq dinner date

Sounds cliché? But for your foodie boyfriend, your proposal over a dinner date can be everything!

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Treasure Hunt

lgbtq treasure hunt

Prepare a small treasure hunt in your home and keep the bounty a proposal ring or a red rose.



lhbtq poem proposal

Nothing is better than a beautiful handwritten poem recited as a proposal!

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lgbtq vacation proposal

Plan a very homely vacation where you can propose your girlfriend, amidst beautiful hills or breezy beach.

Endless Roses

endless roses

Give 50 roses to your girl through strangers and come with the remaining 50 roses yourself and confess!

Where You Met

proposal where you meet first time

Propose her at the very place where you met for the first time and keep everything identical to the first meet.

Home Cooked Meal

lgbtq home cooked meal

Nobody will value the food cooked by you more than her. Cook a grand three meal dinner for her and propose her at the end.



lgbtq ring proposal

This goes without saying that a ring can be the best gift for a proposal.

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lgbtq trip proposal

The best thing after your proposal can be a trip! So plan a trip with your partner.


chocolate love proposal

Not the cliché chocolates but the handmade chocolates for your partner.


pendant proposal lgbtq

Another jewelry choice can be a couple pendants, same one for you both.


lgbtq proposal with clothes

Not any other clothes but gift your partner a wedding attire to surprise them!

But don’t forget, your sentiments matter more for your partner than the cheesy and corny settings. So, don’t forget to express yourself well, as it is a lifetime proposal.

And every word you will rely to your love will hold the significance of different levels. So make it count, it should not be grand but simple and straight from the heart.

We hope the proposal and gift ideas are useful for you. But we also hope you can propose your lover with ease and tie the knot soon!

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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