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7 Whimsical Wedding Pranks To Pull On The Bride, Groom, and Their Families

7 Whimsical Wedding Pranks To Pull On The Bride, Groom, and Their Families

The most perfect of wedding ceremonies seem lacklustre if there are no funny incidents or fun elements in them. Often, you will find couples striving hard to make every aspect of their wedding picture perfect. However, marriages don't always have to be perfect and nerve-racking. Let us ask you a question. Don't you enjoy doing a prank on your buddies on April fool's day? If the answer is yes, imagine what a good wedding prank will do in a humdrum wedding function. If you want to create some unforgettable and jolting memories in the wedding function, you can play wedding pranks in the right spirit to turn the most special moments for the bride and groom super exciting.

Take note of these 7 epic and whimsical wedding pranks we have collated for you to pull out on the groom, bride, and their family members. We highly suggest you to keep the spirit right whiling pulling out the pranks. Let's get started with our list of epic wedding pranks.

Wedding Pranks to Pull on The Bride, Groom, and Family Members

1. Wedding Objection Prank

wedding objection prank made for fun

One of the quirkiest and funny wedding pranks is the wedding objection prank. This prank may infuriate a lot of people in the wedding but, if done in a planned manner, this prank will add an unimaginable amount of fun and delight to the whole function.

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To pull out wedding objection prank successfully, you need to hire a man/woman who will act as the fake girlfriend/boyfriend of the bride or groom and let them object the wedding out of the blue. The whole scenario will be worth recording so everyone can laugh madly later.

2. Bride Runaway Prank

bride runaway prank in indian wedding

You need to convince and rope in the bride as well as bridesmaids to pull on this prank successfully on the groom. The best time to make this prank happen is right before the ring ceremony.

When the groom hops on the stage, tell bridesmaids to spread the news that the bride is missing and they couldn't find her anywhere. This news will give heart-stopping moments to everyone at the wedding. Once you find the situation going out of the control, let the cat out of the bag and tell everyone about this hilarious wedding prank.

Don't forget to capture the groom's expressions!

3. Lost Wedding Ring Prank

lost wedding ring prank

This whimsical wedding prank can be pulled best by groomsmen. During the ring ceremony, when the groom asks for the wedding ring, act like you don't have the ring or the groom doesn't give you the ring. Exaggerate the whole situation and throw all the blame on the groom for not taking care of the wedding ring.

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This prank will fill the groom with the utmost rage. When everyone gives up the hope to find the ring, pull out the ring out of your pocket and give it to the groom. Make sure to capture the expressions of every family member present in the ceremony.

4. Hire a Celebrity Look-Alike

celebrity look alike prank in indian wedding

Hiring a celebrity look-alike is one of the most playful ways to fool your guests and create a wave of excitement at the wedding function.

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When guests will see a celebrity look-alike, they will surely go berserk and beg you to let them click the photographs with the celebrity. Once they are convinced, give them a huge shock by telling them they have been tricked by you.

5. The Pregnant Woman Prank

pregnant women prank in wedding

The pregnant woman prank will run down shivers in the groom's body for sure. Pull on this prank when the groom and bride commence the Varmala ceremony. The moment the groom picks a Varmala to put on the bride's neck, have a pregnant lady to stand up and object the wedding.

Make her say, the groom and she had a long relationship in the past, and she is carrying his child in her womb.

6. Drunk Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

drunk groomsmen prank in wedding

The bridesmaids and groomsmen can turn the wedding function a living nightmare for the bride and groom by pretending like they are heavily drunk. Ask them to arrive at the wedding ceremony behaving like they are outrageously drunk and swinging here and there uncontrollably.

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Their drunk acting will surely make the calmest person super nervous. Isn't it sound vicious?

7. Surprise Mob Dance

mob dance prank

Make everyone flabbergast in the wedding function (including the bride and groom) planning a surprise mob dance. The blistering performance of the mob dance will excite everyone to the fullest and turn the dull wedding party into a thrilling affair.

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Among all these wedding options, tell us which one is your favorite by dropping your comments below. We would love to know your opinion!

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