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8 Best Ways to Recognize Wedding Crashers & Wedding Safety Tips if You don’t Want Your Wedding Get Ruined by Them

8 Best Ways to Recognize Wedding Crashers & Wedding Safety Tips if You don’t Want Your Wedding Get Ruined by Them

If there is a wedding going to be at home next week, it is the most fun. It can be of your cousin brother, sister or any far and near relative. And when the news spread in the family, all get excited, and why they wouldn’t?! Because it is the wedding, and you all are going to be on a shopping spree.

In one word a wedding is- fun, delicious food, friends and relatives’ gathering, dancing, drinking- are all equal to an event that you never want to miss. That is how a wedding is in India. But your all wedding masti plans and sangeet night ideas, and other enjoyment plans could get ruined by Wedding Crashers.

Yes, wedding crashers can crash your whole wedding and you perhaps never know about them. It is often a seen thing. 70 out of 100 weddings are crashed by wedding crashers. And you even don’t have an idea about it that next to you they are eating from your plate!

There are different types of species of them. Some crashers just want to have fun like they come to dance and come to eat and then go without ruining your wedding.  And some wedding crashers can really ruin the wedding like stealing your money, jewelry, and other stuff.

So whatever type of species of wedding crasher is going to sneak into your wedding, you just need to save your wedding from them, especially from those who steal money and jewelry. There are at least 60-70 percent of reported wedding crashed cases from where jewelry and cash money get stolen every year.

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Don’t worry. We are going to tell you how you can recognize wedding crashers and how to stop them from bumping into your wedding

Talking to Older People: they are the wedding crasher and stealers. So it could be that they might be talking to some older people in the wedding for establishing their identity. Older people are an easy target because they can’t really guess them who they are because of their weak memory. They only surround them and when they find a chance to do their work they do and go.


From the Bride’s or Groom’s Sides: they often change their side by asking you first from which side you are whether from bride or groom. They are the tricky people and always play in talks and they often change their story as they meet new people in the wedding according to the talks others are saying. So if you notice such tricksters in the wedding, grab them.

recognize wedding-crasher

recognize wedding stealers

Well Dressed & Well Groomed: whenever they go into any wedding, they always go well dressed and well groomed provided no one can doubt them. They do all the formalities of greeting the guests and show themselves like they are one of you. If you notice someone stranger while well dressed and you are having an inch of doubt about them, go and ask them who they are. There is nothing wrong in asking. Because most of the time wedding crashers take the benefit of this people’s mistake.

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find wedding crasher

The Veil Entrance: you often wonder how they enter into your wedding while many of your relatives and friends outside standing. They enter when the baraat enters the venue when the crowd of people coming to the wedding. They take the benefit of distraction and not eyeing you. So during the baraat coming, try to recognize every face.

fake storytellers

Authenticate Fake Storytellers:   when you ask them, somehow if you notice them, who they are? They always say they are groom’s college friends or bride’s friends or their friends’ brother and sisters. They always try to fake-make related story and avoid questioning. They change the topic and talk on other subjects like politics, office talks and other rational topics.

The Educated Ones: don’t think that wedding crashers are not educated, might be very well versed in languages. Hearing how well they talk, you really avoid asking questions about them. It is not the game of only illiterate. They can be well educated too. You think if they so then whey do it? It could be that perhaps they like to do it. They feel fun in doing that or perhaps they want to be rich early that’s why they keep stealing. The reasons can be anything. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t ask them who they are hearing only their tone or language.

stealers in Indian wedding

Come with a Group or Alone: those who want to steal, they come in a group, and those who only want to eat, they are not in any group. Though there is no guarantee of this. It can be in either way. So you need to be extra cautionary during the wedding.

identify wedding crasher

Not for Ceremonies There: They are not attending your ceremonies. You don’t find them where ceremonies are going. Whether they are eating or behind your jewelry bags and money where they are kept.  They are always paying close attention to your treasure. So when you notice anyone who seems not familiar to you, ask them how the ceremony was, and they say cool and awesome. They try to exaggerate things. It is the indication for to you to show them go out of the wedding.

How to Save your Wedding from Wedding Crasher and Stealers:

spot wedding crasher

Set Up Cameras: if your wedding is going to be large gathering then it will be in your best interest then you should set up camera provided in case of any jewelry stealing or cash, they can be recognized.

ask who they are

Not Familiar to You, Ask them Who They are: you recognized any unfamiliar faces then ask them who they are. To whom they relate to and from where they have come. Ask questions that you think can break them apart or reveal their truth. They could be anything.

entry by card

Entry by Card Only or Setup any Other Entrance Identity: you must set up entry into wedding by card-only or any other identity-setup provided they can’t enter into your wedding. This is the must thing that you can do.

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So the ways we have told you how you can recognize the wedding crashers and stealers. There is no harm from those crashers who only come to enjoy the wedding and eat. The real harm from those who steal jewelry and cash. Hence you must keep the jewelry and cash at a safe and secure place or to someone whom you trust. Don’t leave the cash bag or jewelry bag anywhere unattended in the wedding. We also have told you how your wedding can get saved from any crashers.

If you have any other tip or real experience that you want to share with us then you are welcome. We want to include that tip in our blog post if found worthy. Enjoy your wedding and save it from crashers!

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