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10 Amazing (Mehandi Designs) For Bride And Bridesmaid

10 Amazing (Mehandi Designs) For Bride And Bridesmaid

Mehandi is temporary design or tattoo that designed on the women’s hand mostly. The Mehandi design enables women to play various designs and various styles without the pain. Traditional attire is incomplete without the Mehandi for Indians. It is not a cosmetic, it is jewelry for a bride that enhance their beauty for their wedding day. The hands and the legs with a graceful Mehandi design bring a special attention. Even, Indian has a separate pre-wedding ceremony only for Mehandi. Have you ever imagine why Mehandi is such important in wedding? It is wedding ritual for Indians to carry the Mehandi’s hand in the wedding. So it is important to choose the correct Mehandi pattern not only by bride but other women too for the wedding day. Here it some traditional design of Mehandi that you can grab for your special day. The designs of Mehandi have become more decorative and intricate with time when people getting more and more creative. For a professional work, hire a Mehandi artist in Jaipur that does all work from Mehandi setup to Mehandi color.

1. The Floral Pattern

Floral Mehandi Designs

The flowers are common sight motif for every event. If you talk about the wedding day, flower patterns are well suited with the wedding traditional attires. The flower design with the tiny leaf enhances the bride’s beauty. Cover up the space of long fingers and palm with the tiny leaf patterns. Elaborate the Mehandi design with various sizes of vines and petals. The floral design looks delicate and fascinating.

2. The Royal Architecture

Royal Mehandi Design

The royal architecture design resembles the Mughal place. Mehandi Artists in Jaipur helps you to achieve this ancient design. The major focus of this type of Mehandi is the chequered and split pattern. The royal architecture design is eye-catching design and suited for the bride’s hands. Mehandi design with royal architecture is completed with the flowers and vines in the fingers.

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3. The Raja and Rani

Raja Rani Mehandi Designs

The raja and rani symbolize the bride and the groom. Search best Mehandi artist near me or you that show cast their art on the bride’s hands. This is a very common Mehandi motif. Basically, The Raja and Rani Design are based on two faces that are designed on both hand palms.

4. The Peacock Motifs

Peacock Mehandi Designs

The elegant and delicate peacock design is famous for Indian bridal stuff, where it is bindi, where it is lehenga, where it is jewelry then why not adds it to Mehandi design. A peacock design with feathers can be really impressive. This is one of most favorite Mehandi motif for women. Even the common peacock design looks stunning, then what about peacock with floral pattern. It gets amazing for all occasion.

5. The Paisley Print

Paisley Print Mehandi Designs 2018

The paisley print is a timeless classic. The Mehandi design focus on curved. Mango design is most common in Paisley print. The small curved on the fingers and large curved design on the palm enhance the beauty of Paisley print.

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6. The Chequered Pattern

The Chequered Pattern of Mehandi

The Chequered Pattern in Mehandi is a great way to pop your Mehandi design. It can break the monotony of general intricate patterns. The chequered design is fine art of Mehandi, so you required a Mehandi Artist. Before hiring your Mehandi artist, first clear all common things about Mehandi artist.

7. The Asymmetric

The Asymmetric Mehandi Designs

Asymmetric is a trend now in attires and accessories. Then Mehandi design does not need to be symmetric. The Asymmetric Mehandi design varies different patterns on the fingers and palms. Neither the design of fingers nor the design of wrist matches. The vine designer and flower patterns are all over the hands with Asymmetric patterns.

8. The Blank Fingertips

Black Fingertips Mehandi Designs

When your Mehandi artist leaves your fingertips blank, this is blank fingertips pattern. This style of Mehandi simply the design complexity and make the unique one. As we know, the fingertips remain blank, means it time to beautify the nails. If you fix “The Blank Fingertips design” for the wedding day, do not forget manicure and pedicure seating in the nearby beauty parlour in Jaipur.

9. The Colored Mehandi Design

Colored Mehandi Designs

The colorful Mehandi design is new in the Mehandi world. Nowadays, newly brides and would be brides prefer to go with the colorful Mehandi design. The traditional Mehandi design gets common, so try out the new and unique way. The colorful Mehandi pattern includes the glitters and stones to décor the hands. Not even on hands, women prefer this style to décor the other body part too like the neck, the legs, etc. Means Colorful Mehandi can also be used for tattoo creation. The look and flaunt deign with colorful Mehandi makes you unique from others on your wedding day.

10. The Elephant Motif

Elehpent Designs

The Elephant motif in the Mehandi is most common in Indian Mehandi design. The elegant elephant faces or complete elephant will be added to the bride or bridesmaid’s hands. The elephant motif is completed by the flower vines and petals.


For Indian, Mehandi signifies the love and marriage. Mehandi is term as the auspicious ceremony in the wedding. And the bride is so concerned about their wedding Mehandi. If you have the question regarding for Mehandi design, which design is best for Wedding, etc then the above article clarify all your questions. Find your best Mehandi motif if you are planning a traditional wedding. Completely your stunning look in traditional attire with the best traditional design.

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