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Wedding Bliss: 10 Famous Foods In Jaipur That Are Perfect Add Ons To Your Wedding Menu

Wedding Bliss: 10 Famous Foods In Jaipur That Are Perfect Add Ons To Your Wedding Menu

Weddings are a joyous occasion and when it comes to big fat Indian wedding they are all about good food, fun, and dance. The grandeur of a wedding is judged from not just its décor but also from the wide array of gastronomic spreads served at the wedding. Gone are the days when the wedding food was limited to a three-course meal. With the changing taste of the people, the wedding industry has revolutionized the concept of food served at the wedding.

Modern wedding has customized menus that include a selection of both international and national cuisine. Serving fusion foods at weddings has become a trendsetter at modern weddings. 

A hyping trend that is of late gaining much popularity is the concept of serving city special dishes at weddings. Are you getting hitched in the pink city of India? Then you would want to add famous foods in Jaipur to your wedding menu. Seek inspiration for which dish to pick for your wedding menu? Well, then this blog is meant for you. Here we would take you on a food trail introducing you to the popular lip-smacking cuisines of Jaipur. Read on to find out more about it.

10 Drool-worthy Foods In Jaipur That Are The Right Fit For Your Wedding Menu.

Jaipur is a foodie’s paradise and it has several cafes and restaurants that serve an array of delightful gastronomic delights. The surreal blend of aromatic spices paired with the tantalizing flavors is what makes the food in Jaipur a treat for the taste buds. For your wedding have you booked the best wedding caterers in Jaipur? Unable to decide your selection of wedding food menu? Need help with curating the wedding menu? Worry not then as you have arrived at the right place. Scroll down to discover the famous cuisines of the pink city.

1. Dal Baati Churma

When in Rajasthan one simply cannot miss out on this lip-smacking dish. The famous signature cuisine is similar to U.P’s Litti Chokha with the exception of having dal and churma served along with it. Baati is fluffy baked rounded bread that is dipped in the lentil soup packed with aromatic spices known as dal. Adding on to its charm a sugary-sweet dish known as Churma is commonly served with it. Dal baati churma is one of the most famous foods in Jaipur.

Famous Foods In Jaipur

Best place to have Dal Baati Churma: Thali House, Spice Court, Santosh Bhojanalya, Masala Chowk

2. Pyaaz Kachori

A popular food from the streets of Jaipur that originated in Jodhpur. A plate of piping hot pyaaz kachori served with Dhaniye ke chatni is all that a local Jaipurite can ask for breakfast. The kachori is filled with lentils and the key ingredient onions that are chopped to perfection and mixed with spices to give a fiery flavor to the mixture. The kachori is then deep-fried in oil to yield its crispy and crunchy flavor. The kachori can be easily found at any namkeen store of Jaipur.

foods of Jaipur

Best place to have Pyaaz Kachori: Rawat Misthan Bhandar

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3. Gattey Ke Sabji

A sabzi made of boiled chickpea balls simmered in a mixture of yogurt and spices. Gattey ke sabzi is one of the Famous of Jaipur that serves as a perfect accompaniment to rice and chapatti.

best wedding caterers in Jaipur

Best place to have Gattey Ke Sabji: Suvarna Mahal

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4. Mirchi Bada

For all those spice lovers this one is meant for you. Mirchi vada is the award-winning dish of Jaipur that is made of green chilies wrapped in a mixture of spiced potatoes and dipped in a batter of chickpea flour and is deep-fried.

Wedding Food menu

Best Place to have Mirchi Bada: Sodhani Sweets

5. Ghewar

For all those sweet lovers Ghewar is a must-try dish. Ghewar is amongst the most traditional foods of Jaipur that is usually prepared during Teej. Various varieties of Ghewar are available in the market such as Kesar, Rabri and Malai Ghevar.

Foods In Jaipur

Best Place to have Ghevar: Laxmi Misthan Bhandar, Rawat Misthan Bhandar, Sodhani Sweets

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6. Mawa Kachori

Have a sweet tooth then you must give the famous Mava kachori. The Mawa kachori is an exotic dessert of Rajasthan. Packed with the goodness of Mawa and nuts this dish would serve as a treat for your guest. So if you're having a Rajasthani themed wedding then while booking wedding caterers in Jaipur ask them to include this festive dessert in your menu.

Famous Foods In Jaipur

Best place to have Mawa kachori: Rawat Misthan Bhandar

7. Laal Maas

Are you a hardcore nonvegetarian? Then you simply cannot miss out on the famous Laal Maas of Jaipur. Laal Maas is a red meat dish where the mutton is marinated in flavorsome spices and is slow-cooked on fire. Treat your guests with the goodness of red meat as you serve this dish at your wedding.

foods of Jaipur

Best Place to have Laal Maas: Grand Uniara hotel, Handi

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8. Ker Sangri

 A traditional dish that dates back to the years when Rajasthan was hit by drought. Ker is a vegetable that is grown in the hot conditions of Rajasthan. Mixed with spices Ker sangria serves as the perfect accompaniment to Rotis.

Wedding Food  Ideas

Best place to have Ker Sangri: Spice court, Virasat heritage restaurant

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9. Keema bati

A unique Rajasthani dish, Keema Bati proves to be a delight for spiced meat lovers. Packed with the goodness of fresh green chilies and spices the dish is deep-fried and served with fresh coriander sauce. Keema bati is amongst the famous nonveg foods in Jaipur.

Wedding Food menu

Best Place to have Keema Bati: Spice Court

10. Rajasthani Kadi

Kadi is a dish that is prepared in the northern parts of India. Rajasthani Kadi is known for its authentic flavors.The crispiness of the pakodas in the kadi is what adds on to its taste. The tantalizing flavors of the kadi make it the perfect fit meals. The kadi goes well with both rice and roti.

Famous Foods In Jaipur

Best place to have Rajasthani Kadi: RJ 14, Thali house

 So these are a few famous foods in Jaipur that you can consider adding to your wedding menu. Which one got you drooling? Share with us your choice in the comments below.

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