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Divine Vastu Tips for Newlywed Couples To Live a Joyous and Opulent Life

Divine Vastu Tips for Newlywed Couples To Live a Joyous and Opulent Life

Wedding functions in India are considered as one of the most sacred and riveting occasions. They are completely packed with a myriad of frolic moments, rituals, emotional outbursts, and unforgettable memories. Couples do whatever it takes to make the most auspicious day of their life absolutely stupefying and captivating. After the wedding, every couple wants to live a life full of mirth and merriment. However, at some weddings, things don't turn to be the way couples expected. There are ample reasons behind the sudden induction of problems in a newlywed couples life. Check some Divine Vastu Tips for Newlywed Couples To Live a Joyous.

The biggest one is Vastu Dosh. Some of the key symptoms of Vastu Dosh are the continuous financial downfall, dwindling health, increasing debt, and unable to conceive off-springs. To ensure your live a riveting life after the marriage, you have to make sure there is no Vastu Doshas in your house. For all the married and soon-to-be married couples, we have chalked out time-tested and proven Vastu tips that will help you to exterminate the problems in nuptial and bring the abundance of peace and happiness.

Bookamrk the Vastu Tips Which You can Follow without Breaking a Sweat!

1. Place Your Wedding Picture on The Eastern Wall in Bedroom

If you eagerly want to hang the scintillating moments of your wedding in your bedroom then place those pictures on the eastern wall. You must be wondering what's the reason behind that? The east direction is the direction of love, sex, romance, and high energy. When you place the pictures in the east direction, it will augment the love chemistry between the couple and establish the peace in nuptial life.

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2.  No Cross Beam Over The Bed

Always ensure there should not be any beam over the head in your bedroom. A beam over the bed embarks the flow of negative energy in life and also has ill-effect on the couple health.

3. Add Fresh Flowers in House to Consolidate Your Relationship

Instead of utilizing the artificial flowers for augmenting your home decor, try to induce fresh flowers at various sections of the house to make the atmosphere pleasant and aromatic. Flowers exemplifies two things: Vivaciousness and happiness. The aroma and freshness of flowers will eradicate the bad odor and negative vibes from the house.

4. Don't Put Any Religious Pictures in Bedroom

Earlier, most of the couples used to think that hanging religious pictures in the bedroom will amplify the happiness and magnificence in their life. However, the truth is the polar opposite. Vastu tips tells that religious pictures in the bedroom induce the spiritual vibes which left little or no space of romance and non-platonic activities. Make sure you don't have a single religious picture in the bedroom at least from 2-3 years in your married life.

5. Keep Head-Side of the Bed in Southern Direction

To avoid the unwanted tussle between you and your partner, keep the head-side of the bed in the south direction. Use the bed sheet of colors like pink, orange, blue, and yellow. At any cost, avoid the colors like the black, dark red, grey, dark brown, and lush cream color. Mirrors shouldn't be placed in front of the bed. The rays emerge from the mirror affects the health of the couple.

6. Utilize Wooden Bed

Luxurious beds are available in varied materials and a gargantuan price range. However, in order to bring happiness and augment financial condition in your nuptial life, you should go for the wooden bed only. It is said that metal beds emanate cold energy in heaps, while wooden beds radiate warm bundles of warm energy. A wooden bed warm energy will consolidate the bond between both of you and bring frisky vibes in life.

7. Paint House Walls with Light Colors

Make sure to keep the colors of your house walls light. Colors like rose pink, light blue, light green, and cream radiate the cheerful vibes and keep everyone's mood light all the time. Avoid the lush dark colors like red and violet in the bedroom.

8. Don't Put Dustbin and Heavy Machinery in North-East Direction

Putting the dustbin and heavy machinery in north-east direction causes the Vastu Dosh in the house. These things aggrandize the vicious vibes and dwindle your progress in all walks of life. Avoid  putting dustbin in that direction. We hope you find these Vastu tips valuable and worth utilizing. If you know Vastu tips other than the above-mentioned one, feel free to share with us!

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